noblechairs EPIC Series Gaming Chairs

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noblechairs epic seriesnoblechairs is a German company that designs office and gaming chairs. The company has been on the market since 2015 and has made a name for itself for particularly high-quality gaming chairs. The product line of noblechairs includes 3 different models of chairs. These are the noblechairs EPIC series, the ICON series, and the HERO series. All are 3 models are available in either genuine leather or PU synthetic leather versions in various colors and in special edition designs that take up popular video game themes.

noblechairs EPIC Series Gaming Chair

The EPIC was the first chair model that was launched by noble chairs. Great emphasis was placed on the use of the best materials and meticulous workmanship, and ingenious ergonomic design. The result is a really impressive and comfortable gaming chair that has a classy and executive appearance that can also impress in an office. noblechair’s debut works the “Epic” is intended to reflect the company’s claim to, particularly high-quality gaming chairs.

Epic Specifications

Chairs SizeStandard/Large
Recommended Weight265 lbs
Recommended Height5’5″ to 6’2″
Chair Cover MaterialPU Leather or
Genuine Leather
Foam TypeCold Cured High Density 
BaseCast Aluminum
Adjustable Back Angle135°
ExtrasHead & Lumbar Pilow
Warranty Length 2 Years

Features of noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair

  • Multi-function ergonomic design
  • High-quality materials
  • Particularly precise workmanship
  • Lumbar & neck pillow made of soft microfiber fabric
  • Backrest reclinable and lockable up to 135 °
  • Seat tiltable up to 11 °
  • Armrests adjustable in 4 directions (4D)
  • High-density foam padding
  • Capacity: 260 pounds
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

Leather or Faux Leather Covers

The chair is available with covers made of PU artificial leather as well as a slightly more expensive premium version where the covers are made of genuine leather. While real leather certainly has some advantages in terms of durability, breathability, and luxurious appearance, maybe some users are not very enthusiastic about it because it is an animal product. Nevertheless, both materials come in various color combinations and styles. But the epic has more to offer than good looks which are sure to attract attention, let us have a look at the sophisticated features and excellent workmanship with which the chair scores points too.


The chairs cover in combination with the high-density cold-pressed foam padding feels quite firm at first and one might think that the chair is a bit too hard to sit on. This shows that the chair is not necessarily intended for users who are too lightweight. Nevertheless, after a period of getting used to it, the seat will be considered comfortable. It sure remains comfortable and for years to come.

Ergonomic Design

A good office chair is supposed to provide comfortable sitting while adapting perfectly to the body and individual sitting habits. Ergonomic insights and technical solutions must support healthy sitting postures and should allow the chair to be optimally adjusted to the individual chair occupant.

Reclinable High Backrest with neck and lumbar support

The multi-adjustable noblechairs Epic gaming chair can be adjusted quickly to your liking. The reclinable and lockable backrest can be tilted back to 135 degrees. A rocking function tilts the seat back up to 11 degrees, this presses the back into the backrest and can support the posture. Both the height adjustment and the inclination function are very easy and smooth to operate.

Individually adjustable support pillows for the neck and lumbar area, complement the ergonomic design. The comfort they provide is not to be missed during long periods of sitting as the relief and support to the back is well noticeable.


4D armrests, height-adjustable and horizontally adjustable, allow the arms always to rest well and be ergonomically positioned in relation to the desk.

Frame, Dimensions, and Weight Capacity

Under the covers and the cold foam padding, the inner life of the chair consists of a strong and sturdy steel frame that allows the chair to withstand the harsh conditions of daily use.

The base is made of solid aluminum and guarantees optimal support and stability. The running surface of the 5 nylon rollers is PU coated and move quietly and smoothly on hard floors or carpets.

Height adjustment of the seat is done via a Safety class 4 gas lift.

The Epic series gaming chair is recommended for gamers with a maximum weight of 260 pounds. It supports occupants of average to large build well.



  • Well designed quality chair
  • Quality upholstery, whether it is faux or genuine leather, it is comfortable, breathable, tear-resistant
  • High-density cold-pressed foam provides a firm seating
  • Backrest reclining and locking function up to 135 degrees
  • Robust height adjustment system for on-the-fly correction
  • Stable casters with good traction
  • Steel frame supports up to 260 lbs
  • Firm seat padding takes time getting used to
  • Not for small people
  • Not for lightweight people

Verdict of noblechairs EPIC Series Gaming Chair

The price though may seem high to some, but by comparing the chair with similar models and looking at the details and features you will surely agree that the price is fair.

A solid chair of high-quality material and an unprecedented level of precision in processing has its price. The long life of the leather upholstery and the durability of the padding in combination with the comfortable seating comfort makes no compromises.

Whether you opt for the PU synthetic leather or the genuine leather version, your back will be thankful for a good chair which not only impresses visually but will serve you for many years.


Without question, the EPIC is a great high-quality chair. Made of first-class materials that are neatly processed, the chair makes a classy impression, be it with a high-quality PU synthetic leather cover or fine genuine leather cover.

The high-density cold foam padding is firm but comfortable, robust, and breathable and is designed for long hours of sitting.  The Epic has an 11-degree rocking mechanism, a class 4 gas pressure spring that allows height adjustment from 18 to 23 inches, the backrest is tiltable down to 135 degrees, 4D armrests for individual customization.

A comfortable great chair for occupants not exceeding 6 foot 4 inches and weighing no more than around 250 pounds. If you are even taller and heavier, you probably need a larger chair then take a look here.


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