AndaSeat Gaming Chairs

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The name Andaseat stands for top-notch gaming chairs of first-class workmanship. AndaSeat looks at what gamers and esports athletes need, and then designs customizes and manufactures stylish and ergonomic chairs that provide extreme comfort. This philosophy has made Andaseat one of the world’s leading suppliers of esports chairs within a few years.ndaSeat Gaming Chairs

When it comes to high-quality, yet great-looking, fancy gaming chairs, Andasseat is right at the top of the list. Anda Seat offers comfortable chairs with a high design standard in premium workmanship. The different product categories with different features, sizes, and weight dimensions. allow every user to find the optimal chair.

AndaSeat Series And Sizes And Special Editions

Andaseat has a whole range of different chair series and special edition themed chairs in its program. All chairs are based on three series in construction sizes M L and XL. Chair features, specifications, and chair dimensions are mostly the same. However, there are a few exceptions in some of the special editions in regards to the width, depth, height and padding, and upholstery thickness.

All size recommendations are guide values. Ultimately, it depends on the individual physique on which chair is the most comfortable. If in doubt, it is always advisable to take the next largest chair.

For very exact comparisons of the chair dimensions, use the
Size compare tool on the Andaseat website.

Chair SizeMLXL
Max Recommended
Weight (Rocking)
240 lbs (110kg)280 lbs (130kg)~ 330 lbs (150kg)
Max Recommended
Weight (Static)
330 lbs (150kg)370 lbs (170kg)~400 – 440 lbs  (200kg)
Max  Recommended
Users Height
5’9 ” (180cm)6’5 ” (200cm)6’8 ” (210cm)
Chair ModelsJungle


Pretty in Pink

Soft Kitty


Iron Man

Dark Demon

Navi Edition






Captain American

AndaSeat M Gaming Chair Series

The M Series is recommended for users with an approximate maximum height of 5’9 “and a body weight that should be less than 330 lbs.

AndaSeat has put a lot of know-how and engineering skills into the development of the backrest and the seat. The result is the Andaseast AD + design, which maximizes the ergonomics for the chair workplace and thus significantly optimizes the seating health for gamers and office workers. The reclining back tilts between 90 and 160 degrees, is adjustable according to body weight to facilitate muscle tension relief, and locks at any angle.

The seat is padded with a thick high-density cold-cured foam that adapts to the body shape of the occupant. Y the backrest inclines from 90 to 160 degrees to individually adapt the chair to your needs. The removable cushions for the neck and lumbar area are filled with memory foam to provide comfortable support and prevent tension.

As with all Andaseat chairs, the highly adjustable armrests also provide particularly intensive comfort. The 4D armrests are movable left and right, forwards and backward, up and down, and rotatable. The surface is coated with PU – it supports the forearm to reduce the pressure on the wrists and muscles.  This flexibility allows you to relax your back and shoulders, relieving wrist and muscle strain.

The AD S+ framework is made of a 100% 2mm-thick steel frame with a 22mm diameter covered by a lifetime warranty.

A 5-star aluminum wheelbase makes this chair sturdy and provides a solid long-lasting base for the large 60mm casters. These superstrong aluminum wheels are reinforced with gussets and ribs for increased stability, and the tread has PU covering to let you roll smoothly and silently on any floor.

Jungle 2 Series With Footrest

Anda Seat Jungle Black 2 comes in a subtle executive design and looks great in any gaming room or office with its black color. The ergonomic design, all the high-quality materials, and the comfort features ensure comfortable seating throughout the day.

There are two different models in the Jungle series. The Jungle 2 has a retractable footrest, whereas the base version comes without a footrest.

The Jungle series is one of the smallest chairs from Andaseat and is ideal for users whose height is under 6 feet and who weigh less than 220 pounds.

AndaSeat L Gaming Chair Series

The L-Series is designed with a maximum load capacity of 374 lbs and is designed for occupants with a maximum height of approximately 6’5 ”.

The padding consists of a high-density foam to adapt to the shape of the user. With a density of 60 kg per cubic meter, the compression-molded Re-DenseAD + foam padding is particularly durable and offers the best ergonomic support and a high level of comfort.

Superior back, lumbar, and weight support is backed up by AndaSeat’s TitanSteel AD+ framework made of 100% steel for lifetime use.

This model series too, comes with stable and robust 65mm PU-coated casters that allow effortless movement on all floors. The PU-coated running surface not only guarantees quiet rolling, but it also prevents hard laminate or parquet surfaces from being scratched.

T- Compact For Game and For Work

Among the chairs in the L series, I would particularly like to mention the T-Compact. Unlike the other models in the series, the T-Compact comes with a Linen Fabric Upholstery. This is particularly interesting for users who prefer fabric covers in chairs. The Anda Seat T-Compact meets the highest ergonomic requirements and is an excellent choice if you are looking for a good chair to set up your home office.

This high-quality gaming chair has multiple adjustment options, which ensures an even more comfortable sitting. Together with the pleasant sitting climate that the linen fabric cover provides, every working day goes by in no time at all. You won’t even want to get up anymore.

AndaSeat XL Gaming Chair Series

The AndaSeat XL Gaming Chair Series is quite large and is aimed more at users who need large, stable chairs. With a recommended maximum weight of up to 440lbs and a recommended height of up to 6’8 “, the chair is suitable for most big and tall gamers.

The AndaSeat XL series of chairs has all the great features of the M series and L series—such as the AD+ design, AD+ reclining back, AD+ memory foam pillows, 4D armrests and TitanSteel XL-sized framework, with added structural support for extreme tension relief.

As with the M and L series, all mechanical components in the XL series are physically tested by SGS for strength, resistance, and stability.

Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Series Premium Gaming Chair

The Anda Seat Kaiser 2 gaming chair is the flagship and has everything that Anda Seat can put in a high-tech chair. An absolute top model that convinces every esports fan with first-class workmanship and features. Thanks to the ample dimensions and the high backrest, this Kaiser 2 is suitable for gamers with a height of up to 6 feet 8 inches and a weight of around 400 pounds.

With the many individual adjustment options, the chair ensures a pleasant and super comfortable sitting and lets you immerse yourself in video game worlds for hours without you noticing how the hours go by. The price may seem a little stiff but don’t let that put you off. Once you’ve sat down, you’ll notice the difference it makes, sitting in an extremely high-quality Andaseat.

What’s Special About Andaseat?

AndaSeat’s mission is to make the most comfortable chairs and be the wisest choice for your gaming chair needs. They have used years of research and study in ergonomics to produce only what feels most comfortable. By cutting out the middleman and never engaging in OEM, AndaSeat remains in full control of each process and component—you get the full customized package, from hardware and assembling, to packaging. Their unique direct-to-customer approach through real-time inbound feedback for specifically customized demand ensures customer needs and concerns are immediately heard. The AndaSeat motto of “design ergonomically, manufacture directly, and think thoughtfully” guarantees customer satisfaction and comfort while you game or work for long hours.

The wide variety of the different models from Anda Seat allows you to find exactly the right chair that fits your needs. Some special co-brand series’ have been released to facilitate a fun sitting experience with vibrant, eye-catching and colorful designs, such as the Marvel series released in partnership with Disney in 2020 or the Pretty in Pink series designed for lovers of fashion who seek a bit of cuteness in their gaming chair experience.

They are innovative engineers, with years of skill in ergonomic design. Inspired by the latest tech on ergonomics and solid structures building, AndaSeat built its own specialized laboratories to run multiple tests. Decades of research and efforts by AndaSeat developers have led to the invention of AD+ Design, which inspires a unique customer feel by taking gaming to the next level. Their AD+ Design improves posture, releasing the weight burden from your back and delivering comfort over long, hard gaming or working sessions.

Design and Workmanship

Anda-seat employs an AD+ design system that has been developed over ten years. This system applies the science of ergonomics for a workspace environment with the intention of maximizing healthy seating hours for the user.

Covers and Upholstery

DuraXtraAD+ leather is used on all the high-end AndaSeat chairs. This is made with PVC leather that offers smooth scratch and stain-resistant seating. Materials all appear on a validated MSDS to eliminate any chance of using harmful elements in the design. AndaSeat makes use of a Re-DenseAD+ technology that is applied to upgrade the foam density in order to enhance the longevity and prevent sagging of the seat over time, a perfect combination of strength and resilience. Produced without heat application, the foam is molded to hold its shape for its lifetime.


All chairs are equipped with memory foam pillows that are sensitive to pressure and temperature. The foam molds to the shape of the users’ body to support all sitting postures.

Backrest Recline

All chairs manufactured by AndaSeat recline up to 160 degrees with angle lock capabilities at every position, offering an array of seating options.

The spring tension of the multifunction rocking/tilt mechanism can be adjusted to the user’s body weight, increasing or decreasing the force required to rock the chair back and forth. This creates an effortless, secure, and sturdy chair without discomfort on the muscles.


All Chairs are designed with 4D adjustable armrests: move left/right, up/down, forward/backward, and rotate. This enables you to adjust the exact angle for you, helping you protect your carpal tunnel and prevent pressure build-up in the shoulders, with a PU-covered surface to provide firm elbow support.


The TitanSteelAD+ framework is made out of steel. The frame is bent from one piece rather than multiple pieces welded together, taking a truly unique approach to eliminating weak points, and ensuring the frame lasts a lifetime. The steel piping is 22 mm in diameter with a seamless steel thickness of 2 mm.


The base of the chairs is made of aluminum, the brand has developed something that is supposedly extra strong in terms of stability and durability – they call it Oc-TopsAd +, but I couldn’t find out exactly what that stands for.


Casters consist of an internal bracket that is made of high-end steel to provide durability, claiming to be the strongest casters ever, with a PU covering to offer smooth gliding and resistance to foreign objects. The sizes may vary from small to an extra king-size.

Brand Overview

Andaseat was founded in 2007, at the beginning the company mainly supplied seating solutions for the sports industry and events in China (China National Football Team, China Volleyball League, etc.) as well as manufacturing racing car seats. In 2013 AndaSeat branched out to the production of gaming chairs to fill the demand of the rapidly growing new markets in the gaming and esports industry. Their motto is “design ergonomically, manufacture directly and think thoughtfully”, always using the best materials to build the greatest product for superior comfort. Today, affordable but highly comfortable AndaSeat chairs are sold in over 30 countries around the world.

In 2019 AndaSeat solidified its place within the US market as it expanded into North America, providing the longest warranty period and most competitive prices in the industry. June 2020 saw AndaSeat becoming the exclusive sponsor of FNC with the release of the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition—a high-end gaming chair for big and tall users with excellent adjustability for posture.

Today, through years of research and innovation, AndaSeat has redefined ergonomic chairs to only make “what [they] feel the most comfortable”. They have grown to be a world-leading Esports chair brand recommended by players in over 30 countries, with branches in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Consumer And Industry Recognition

By combining their expertise accumulated from the manufacture of racing seats and the competitive advantage attained from years of operating within the OEM industry, AndaSeat strives to produce the most comfortable gaming chairs at the most affordable prices.

Their products are thoroughly inspected, tested, and verified with an SGS certification. Throughout their history, AndaSeat chairs have won numerous awards, including the Ars Technica Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Award 2020 for the FNATIC edition; the Den of Geek award for Best Tech Gifts for Holiday in 2020 for their Iron Man Edition; and the Best Gaming Chair Award 2021 from Tech Advisor for their FNATIC edition.

Esports Involvement and Partnerships

In 2017 AndaSeat sponsored the King Pro League’s first champion in China, as well as WeFun and YTG. As of 2018, they are the official, exclusive chair sponsor of the China National Football Team and National Volleyball League. They also sponsor major Esports teams such as Fnatic, LGD, AHQ Esports, Victorious Gaming and Victory Five.

Andaseat is dedicated to providing professional sitting solutions to anyone who sits long hours every day. They work not only with Esports teams, creators and people also enquire to be a part of the brand and gain a comfortable seating experience. They currently accept applications for sponsorship from all sorts of creators and influencers.