Gaming Chair Size Guide

Browsing through the multitude of chair models from so many manufacturers can be a real headache. And on top of that, there are so many gaming chair sizes. But size matters most. This gaming chair size guide helps you to choose the right size gaming chair so that you sit in comfort with the best possible support for your posture.

Select Your Height

under 5’6
<170 cm

5’6 – 6’2
170 -190 cm

over 6’2
>190 cm

Considerations regarding gaming chair sizes

One of the most important factors in choosing the perfect gaming PC chair is taking the body type into account. Height, weight, and how someone is built varies greatly from person to person. The chair must be selected according to the individual body measurements. It like buying a shoe, it needs to fit properly, otherwise, you won’t be comfy in it. So if you are 5 feet 5, you gonna get lost in a chair that is built for someone who is 6 foot 3 and weighs 300 pounds.

Taking into account body size and weight when choosing a gaming chair naturally affects also a whole range of design features. Chairs for big and tall need to be much sturdier and more solidly build than chairs for petite people. You can see where the high price differences can come from.

A chair base made of nylon plastic may be sufficient for lightweight gamers, while the base of a chair for big and tall people should be made of metal. The inner frame must be of extra heavy gauge steel so that it can withstand the extra stress when the game turns into a heated battle.

The thickness of the cushioning and the upholstery should also not be neglected. High-quality chairs have high-density foam padding, which enables a comfortable sitting while evenly distributing the pressure on the buttocks and back without sinking into them. The weight of the seated person must also be taken into account here.

The different designs which are necessary to do justice to the different body sizes are of course reflected in the price. A chair meant for occupants of low weight and a petite physique is manufactured at a much lower cost than chairs designed for big and tall esports enthusiasts.

You should also make sure that the Gaming chair and its individual components are safety-tested and certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission ( This ensures that you only purchase quality goods that meet the safety requirements for consumer products.