Best Chair Height For Gaming In Comfort

Lots of gaming chair companies compete and sell all sorts of chairs in different sizes and heights. Most come in standard dimensions, but there are also chairs for shorter and taller people. The height of a gaming chair is critical for ergonomic and comfortable sitting.

Choosing the best height gaming chair can be tricky, but even when you have chosen the right one, you might not be properly using it. Like any other chair, a gaming chair is simple to use as you sit on it, but it is essential to know what the ideal height is. This article will look at the perfect height gaming chairs should be used and why to use them this way.

best height of a gaming chair


Best chair height for gaming

Whether it’s a gaming chair, an office chair, or an ordinary chair at the dining table – to sit comfortably the chair must have the seat at the perfect height. This is the vertical distance from the floor to the surface of the seat.

And how far the seat is off the floor is determined by the length of the chair legs. In a gaming chair, this is the length of the central gas spring that’s usually adjustable within a few inches.

Average gaming chair height

The average gaming chair has a seat height of approximately 18 inches (46 centimeters).

Most gaming chairs can be adjusted about 1 to 2 inches above or below this average height, so depending on your height you can adjust the chair so your knees are at a 90-degree angle for comfortable sitting.

Gaming chair Backrest height

backrest gaming chair

Modern gaming chairs usually have a fairly high backrest with an attached headrest. The total length should roughly correspond to the length of your back and head so that your back and head can rest comfortably and be relieved.

If it is too high for you, the chair will force you into an awkward position and you will not be able to sit comfortably, resulting in tension and back pain.

If the backrest is too short, your shoulder and head will protrude over the backrest and will not find any support either, which can also lead to back problems.

Another point related to the backrest that you need to pay attention to is the width of the backrest. Many gaming chairs have side wings. If the backrest is too narrow, you won’t be able to lean properly, the side wings will push your shoulders forward and your back will be hunched over. Pay attention to the optimal width of the backrest that fits your back width.

Why is your gaming chair not the right height for you?

A standard desk chair or gaming chair consists of several structural components and parts, which are usually made in standard sizes. This has the advantage for the manufacturers of chair parts that their products are compatible and can be used by any chair manufacturer across the industry. Yes, the chair manufacturers buy most of the parts and assemble them into their own label chairs. That’s why most chairs are designed for the average-sized person.

If you are taller or shorter than average, then you need a chair that can also be adjusted outside of this average height range.

Gaming chair height extension

If the gaming chair is not the right height, you may have to replace the gas lift, which is actually a fairly simple step.

The gas springs are available in different sizes, i.e. there are shorter or longer ones with different strokes. So it’s quite easy to find the corresponding one depending on how long your legs are, and how high you sit optimally.

Why is seat height important in a gaming chair?

Sitting at the correct seat height contributes significantly to ergonomic sitting, that is, we allow our body and limbs an optimal range of motion to reach our computer peripherals with as little effort and stress.

If you’re sitting in such a truly ergonomic sitting position in a properly adjusted chair and practice dynamic sitting, the benefits won’t go unnoticed. Whether you’re working in the office, studying at home, or gaming, your concentration and performance will be increased.

Ideal gaming chair height

The height of the gaming chair varies from person to person, and there are a few other factors to consider when looking at the ideal height for a chair when gaming.

Best Chair Height For Gaming

The main thing you need to know is what needs to be your head position and your posture when gaming. Your head position needs to be straight, so you don’t have to tilt your head up or down. This ensures that your neck is under minimal stress and you don’t feel pain in your neck due to poor positioning. The other important thing to consider is your posture. When gaming, you need to be seated at a height that allows you to sit straight and see the screen with your head not tilted.

Information we need to know.

So what do you need to know to ensure that your head and posture are perfect? The three most important factors are,

  • The size of the chair
  • Your height
  • Height of the desk on which your screen is.

Gaming chairs come in different sizes, and choosing the right size according to your height is probably the most essential step in ensuring that your chair is comfortable for you. If you have the chair that is best suited to your body, then the gaming chair’s height can be slightly adjusted so you are at eye level with your screen.

A chair too big or too small for you will not allow you to make use of the lumbar and neck support features that a chair might have. For example, if you are too short, your head won’t reach the top of the chair, and you won’t be able to rest it on the neck support. A chair that is too big will also feel uncomfortable in other ways as it will feel too big for you, and your legs might dangle from the chair at specific heights.

What to look for in a gaming chair

Knowing what to look for in a gaming chair before buying is critical. These factors are essential to consider before you know what height you need so you know you have the best product available.

  • Ergonomics

This refers to the considerations for your health in the design of the product. Ideally, a gaming chair needs to be designed in a way that reduces the pain you feel in your back, and the chair should help you maintain good posture.

  • Quality of the product

it is a very important thing to consider as you always want the best product for what you are paying. Cheap knock-offs will not only waste your money, but they are also not very effective. The quality of the product includes the materials being used, and materials like cheap covers for your chairs will wear out really quickly and ruin your chair.

  • Height and weight compatibility

You always need a product that suits your body, and chairs are the same. When buying a chair, you need to ensure that the chair is well suited for someone of your height and weight, as a chair that is too big or too small will not be as effective.

  • What type of chair do you need?

This refers to how you game, which is critical to consider because chairs designed for something like PC gaming differ from those intended for consoles. The differences in design can mean that one won’t be effective for the other, and you need the product that suits how you play your games.

Different uses of a gaming chair

The primary reason people buy gaming chairs is to sit in comfort when playing video games. But you don’t just want to sit comfortably when playing video games, you also want to sit comfortably in your home office at your desk, or at your handicraft table when you pursue your hobbies, a good gaming chair can be of great benefit.  A gaming chair is designed ergonomically to support you, so it can be used for almost any task that requires you to sit in one place for a long time.

Out of all other uses, the most popular one would be for someone who works in an office or in front of a computer for a long time. Long sessions of working in front of a screen are proven to be hard on a person’s back, and making use of a gaming chair can protect one’s back and also provide neck support to people. Other than people working in front of screens, gaming chairs are also beneficial to people who sit a long time at a table for any reason.

For example, people who play chess tournaments or go to a chess academy also sit in one place for a long time as chess matches can be long and grueling. Gaming chairs can be very helpful for this as playing chess for a long time is similar to playing video games.

From casual tell-tale games to competitive multiplayer games, people play many different types of video games for a wide variety of reasons. For some people, gaming sessions can last a long time, and sitting in one place for a long time can take its toll on a person and negatively impact their health. People who play games for extended periods might be sitting in ways that can hurt their back and have long-term effects on their posture. Luckily for them, gaming chairs offer a solution as they are designed specifically for gamers who sit in front of a screen for extended periods.