Gaming Chair Warranty And Customer Service

gaming chair warranty

The lifespan of a gaming chair, just like most other items, depends on the quality of the materials used and careful manufacturing. Cheap budget gaming chairs will most most likely not last as long as high-quality, expensive premium chairs assuming similar use and time spent sitting in it. So sooner or later every chair will … Read more

Gaming Chair For Console Players

V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair Review

A Gaming chair for console players is different from a regular desk gaming chair because console players expect different features from their chairs and not bound to a gaming desk. Consoles Gaming chairs are often bulky in appearance and design and stand either directly on the floor with a rocking chair type base or the … Read more

Gaming Chair Spare Parts And Accessories

gaming chair repair

Even the most durable and best gaming chair will break down at some point. Often it is only easy to replace parts such as the wheel castors, and armrest or the gas lift spring.  As long as it just small faults like that, a chair does not have to be replaced. With a little skill, … Read more

How Long Does A Gaming Chair Last

old abandoned chair

No gaming chair lasts forever, be it a cheap or an expensive chair, it will wear out and break. But it is fair to say that a premium chair from a reputable manufacturer will outlast a cheap chair. Careful handling as instructed, occasional maintenance, regular inspections, and repair of minor faults, can increase the lifespan … Read more

Gaming Chair Size Guide

  Sifting through the multitude of chair models from so many manufacturers can be a real headache. And on top of that, there are so many gaming chair sizes. But size matters most. This gaming chair size guide helps you to choose the right size gaming chair so that you sit in comfort with the … Read more

Why Does My Gaming Chair Squeak

gaming chair squeaking

A noisy squeaky gaming chair is not only extremely annoying but can drive you crazy and weaken the concentration when gaming. If there are creaking or squeaking noises with every movement, you want to quickly find out why does my gaming chair squeak so that you can do something about the annoying noise. Why Does … Read more

Massage Gaming Chairs

massage gaming chairs

Thanks to its ergonomic design, a good gaming chair ensures an optimal sitting position and enables long gaming sessions. An advantage that not only gamers appreciate, as you can see from the fact that good gaming chairs are increasingly being used in many other areas of application. But even if you already have the most … Read more

Kids Desk Chairs

kids chairs

Children are active have a natural urge to play and exercise. Sitting still for a long time is not what children want. Moving about and playing is essential for mental and physical development. But kids start to sit early, in kindergarten, in school, and at home when doing homework for school, in front of the … Read more

Are Bean Bags Good for Gaming?

gaming bean bag chairs

Sitting comfortably is the most important thing when gaming, otherwise it is only half as much fun. A cheap and simple alternative for console players who do not want to lounge on the sofa or have no space for a console chair, while playing your favorite game are gaming bean bags. In this post, we’ll … Read more

How Much Does A Gaming Chair Cost?

how much is a gaming chair

When it comes to setting up a proper gaming station, often the gaming chair is one of the least thought of pieces of gaming equipment. Monitors, processors, graphic cards, and other hardware are first on the list. A cheap chair must do. At least until one starts to have problems with the back. But if … Read more