When The Best Gaming Chair Won’t Cut It

Esports has evolved into the most popular pastime and has fans of all ages nowadays. Video games may be a useful tool contrary to widely held beliefs. They help build social networks, mental skills, and commercial gigs. However, various health problems stem from the seat pan hosting you at all hours. Parents and public health … Read more

Best Chair Height For Gaming In Comfort

Lots of gaming chair companies compete and sell all sorts of chairs in different sizes and heights. Most come in standard dimensions, but there are also chairs for shorter and taller people. The height of a gaming chair is critical for ergonomic and comfortable sitting. Choosing the best height gaming chair can be tricky, but … Read more

How To Fix Wobbly Gaming Chair

loose bolts wobbly gaming chair

When your gaming chair starts to wobble, it’s a clear sign that something is broken and needs to be repaired or replaced to prevent further damage. The cause for a wobbly gaming chair is usually found in the load-bearing parts that are heavily stressed in daily use. These parts are joined to others so that … Read more

Does Your Gaming Chair Need Armrests?

do chairs need armrests

Do you need armrests on office chairs or not – that is the question. And it’s not any trivia question but the most controversial dilemma of ergonomic assessments. So, just let’s look into what armrests are all about and whether you need armrests on a chair. Does A Gaming Chair Or Office Chair Need Armrests? … Read more

What Are The Holes In Gaming Chairs For?

What Are The Holes In Gaming Chairs For

Most gaming chairs have two holes high up in the backrest. This has always given rise to the wildest speculations about their purpose and many users are wondering rightly what the holes in gaming chairs are for. What Are the Holes in the Backrest of a Gaming Chair for? To answer the actual question right … Read more

How Strict Are Weight Limits And Recommendations?

chair weight limits

Gaming chairs have a weight specification in the manufacturer’s datasheet for a maximum load as well as information about the recommended body weight limits of the user. The recommended weight load and the maximum load weight are two important purchase aspects. On the one hand, the buyer has to know what load the gaming chair … Read more

Do Gaming Or Office Chairs Ruin Hardwood Floors And Laminate?

Hardwood and laminate floors are quite popular in today’s workplaces and homes. Hardwood and laminate are both long-lasting materials, which not only look good but are also easy to clean. However, they are not scratch-resistant. Thus, people are wary about utilizing gaming chairs on hardwood and laminate flooring. They’re curious if the gaming chair damages … Read more

How Environmentally Friendly Are Gaming Chairs?

Not so long ago, everything we used to buy would last almost a lifetime. Everything was durable, whether we talk about electronics, transportation (vehicles), homes, or furniture. You would have noticed that sofas, dining tables, beds, or other types of furniture would last decades, and generations after generation could use them. However, do you ever … Read more

How Safe Are Gaming Chairs?

In order for a gaming chair to be stable and withstand daily loads and stress, certain minimum manufacturing standards must be met. But how is this checked and how safe are gaming chairs. Can they collapse or even explode? When it comes to considering whether gaming chairs are safe or not, this is often the … Read more

Gaming Chair Safety Certificates

gaming chair safety certificate

What standards must gaming chairs comply with? A good gaming chair from a reputable manufacturer will comply with legislation and standards that govern both the safety and the quality of the product. Making sure the chair you buy has the correct accreditations goes a long way to ensure you are purchasing a product that is … Read more