What Is An Ergonomic Workspace And Its Benefits

what is an ergonomic workspace

Almost everyone spends the largest part of their day in a sitting position. This sedentary lifestyle leads to several ailments. Sitting for long periods of time puts a lot more strain on your body than you may know. Unfortunately, you often only feel these effects when it is too late. Prolonged sitting not only leads … Read more

Long-Lasting Gaming Chairs

long lasting gaming chairs

  The gaming industry has come a long way after the first game was released in 1958. Fast forward sixty years later, the gaming industry is making $152 billion each year. The graphics, storyline, and consoles for games are becoming more advanced, realistic, and entertaining. You could literally spend hours playing and never get bored, which most … Read more

7 Major Considerations When Buying a Console Gaming Chair

console gaming chair

About 67% of U.S. citizens consider themselves gamers, and 43% of those prefer gaming with consoles. If you’re an avid gamer, you know how important it is to find an excellent console gaming chair. While you’re gaming, you’re a lot more active than if you were watching TV, yet you don’t require as much of the same … Read more

Gaming Chair Size Guide

  Sifting through the multitude of chair models from so many manufacturers can be a real headache. And on top of that, there are so many gaming chair sizes. But size matters most. This gaming chair size guide helps you to choose the right size gaming chair so that you sit in comfort with the … Read more

Best at Home Office Chairs

home office chairs

Is your office chair barely cutting it? If you’ve got an aching back and hips by the end of the day, but your kids interrupt you if you sit anywhere else, then your work at home situation needs to change. It may be time to shop for office chairs. Here are several factors to consider when … Read more

Dorm Furniture on a Budget

gaming chairs as dorm chairs

Are you looking to outfit your dorm room with the best furniture? You’ve come to the right place. With a little effort, you can find comfy and quality dorm chairs that will be perfect for studying or relaxing without breaking your budget. A supportive and stylish chair is where you’ll want to hole up at the end … Read more

Gaming Chair Cover And Upholstery

faux leather chair

Daily work at the desk or extensive esports sessions require high-quality furniture in order to guarantee productivity and performance and to avoid health problems caused by excessive sitting. Modern gaming chairs differ in quality and the materials from which they are made. The material affects the ergonomic properties of the chair as well as the … Read more

Gaming Chair Warranty And Customer Service

gaming chair warranty

The lifespan of a gaming chair, just like most other items, depends on the quality of the materials used and careful manufacturing. Cheap budget gaming chairs will most most likely not last as long as high-quality, expensive premium chairs assuming similar use and time spent sitting in it. So sooner or later every chair will … Read more

Gaming Chair Spare Parts And Accessories

gaming chair repair

Even the most durable and best gaming chair will break down at some point. Often it is easy to replace parts such as the wheel castors, the armrest, or the gas lift spring. As long as it is just small faults like that, a chair does not have to be replaced. With a little skill, … Read more

How Long Does A Gaming Chair Last

old abandoned chair

No gaming chair lasts forever, be it a cheap or an expensive chair, it will wear out and break. But it is fair to say that a premium chair from a reputable manufacturer will outlast a cheap chair. Careful handling as instructed, occasional maintenance, regular inspections, and repair of minor faults, can increase the lifespan … Read more