RESPAWN-110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

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RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair, Reclining Ergonomic Chair with Footrest, in Blue (RSP-110-BLU)-Generation 1.0

The Respawn 110 Gaming Chair, a practical and comfortable chair for gamers that not only looks very stylish, it is also one of the best-selling seats out there.  This very affordable racing-style seat has all the important features you need to sit comfortably through even the longest gaming session. The chair is available in high-quality synthetic leather in a wide range of colors so that everyone has a seat that enhances every gamer’s fun zone.

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair With Footrest

If you are an avid gamer and love to spend time sitting before your gaming device, playing high-end games, you know one thing. Playing video games is not harmful; in fact, it can sharpen your reflexes and eye-hand coordination. But sitting for prolonged hours is not only destroying your health but causes bad posture issues.

Investing in a good-quality gaming chair can enhance your gaming experience and keeps your back and body in the right shape. A gamer already spends a bag of cash for hardware, how can someone on a budget afford to have this kind of luxury?  The Respawn 110 Gaming Chair, it got all the bells and whistles you want. Let’s look at the details of this Respawn chair


Chairs Size Standard/Slim
Recommended Max Weight 275lbs
Recommended Height 5’5″ to 5’9″
Chair Cover Material PU Leather
Foam Type High Density 
Base Nylon
Armrests Padded, non-adjustable
Adjustable Back Angle 155°
Extras Footrest
Warranty Length Limited 2 Years

RESPAWN 110 Chair, Pink


What strikes you at first glance is that the Respawn 110 racing style reclining gaming chair with footrest looks so similar to the Elecwish gaming chair. The Elecwish was one of the first models to come out with a footrest. It was super popular and still is, but lately Respawn is ahead of the game

The high ergonomic backrest of the respawn chair not only gives the back first-class support but also supports the head in a relaxed position. The neck and shoulder muscles are relieved, which prevents tension. The Respawn 110 gaming chair lumbar pillow provides lower back support and slightly pushes your hip forward into a natural position.

The chair offers many customized settings to fit more than one position. You can change the settings as per your desired position like you can raise or lower the seat pan. The backrest can be reclined from a vertical 90 degrees to 155 degrees, it can be locked in any position within that range. The seat has no rocking feature.

Chair Size and Weight Rating

The average height of American men is just under 6 feet with an average weight of almost 200 pounds. The chair’s backrest and seat pans dimensions are designed with someone of average build in mind.

The construction of the Respawn 110 gaming chair is solid; it sits on a reinforced nylon base. Rated to support occupants of 275 pounds, that’s the maximum the chair can hold, but if you weigh more than 200 to 220 pounds, you may find the chair uncomfortable.

155-degree recline

The Respawn gaming chair reclines a full 155 degrees, you can lean back and lay down. You will say, other chairs always offer a reclining feature too, what is the big deal with Respawn gaming chairs? True, but most other chairs only recline with the backrest. Respawn 110 gaming chair is designed to have both arms move backward with it. Both armrests are not fixed with the seat, they move with the backrest; you can put your arms on it and get some rest while lying down.

Fully padded armrests

The chair’s armrests are fully padded giving the chair a substantial-good look and feel while adding comfort to your elbows. They are not height adjustable but move back and forth when the chair is reclined.

A Reclining gaming chair with footrest

When your arms are fully relaxed, the legs may feel left out. The brand has paid special attention to your leg rest and features an extendable footrest. The footrest extends out completely and holds up your feet and legs just fine. When not in use the footrest is folded and stored under the seat.

footrest folded away gaming chair footrest

It’s quite a convenient feature, which may be of little use if you’re working at the desk or are in the midst of a heave gaming battle, but when you are taking a break, it’s a good way to relax. Bedded this way on the Respawn 110 racing style reclining gaming chair with footrest, you can even doze off for a little power nap. See more popular gaming chairs with footrest here.

Synthetic Leather Covers

The upholstery of the chair is made of soft, pleasant artificial leather, Polyurethane (PU) to be precise. The material has many advantages, PU leather resists stains and dirt and gives a smooth feeling in touch.

The chair is available in a great range of good-looking color combinations so that everyone can find their preferred taste and the chair will complement the rest of your room design.

The covers are supported by high-density foam padding, that is soft and responsive to seating. But firm enough to get back to its standard shape once you get up. The chair is manufactured to render the finest ergonomic comfort experience.

RESPAWN 110 Chair, Green


Respawn has faith in the product and stands by its craftsmanship and offers a limited lifetime warranty against any defects. You will have a replacement if any part integrated to it breaks, a representative will help you to resolve the issue.


Well, there is no chair on which one cannot criticize a few things. However, the Respawn 110 is really affordable so you shouldn’t be too picky. What one could criticize would be that the armrests are not adjustable



  • Back tilt 90 to 155 degrees
  • Padded armrests that go with the backrest
  • Extendable footrest to relieve pressure and elevate pained feet
  • Limited lifetime warranty in case of breakdown
  • Ergonomic design
  • PU leather
  • No rocking feature
  • Armrest not adjustable

Summary Respawn 110 racing style reclining gaming chair with footrest

In my opinion, the Respawn 110 gaming chair checks all the right boxes with segmented padding, padded armrest, extendable footrest, headrest, and many other amazing features and falls right on the criteria of a budget gaming chair.

The chair fits the needs of gamers that play occasionally for a couple of hours and want a cool-looking, but comfy chair in their gaming room. With all its color options there is certainly one that fits your room.

I think it is a good budget gaming chair that provides the comfort needed for gaming and casual sitting.

The chair is ideal for users with average body weight and height. If you are taller or heavier, you should look around for another chair.

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair, Reclining Ergonomic Chair with Footrest, in Blue (RSP-110-BLU)-Generation 1.0
  • GAMIFIED SEATING: A racecar-style gaming chair that provides luxury and comfort, whether it's used for intense gaming sessions and climbing to the top of the leaderboards, or long work days.
  • ERGONOMIC COMFORT: With segmented padded designed to give highly contoured support when and where you need it most, this ergonomic chair is also equipped with an extendable footrest for position reinforcement. Adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows, as well as padded armrests provide all-around comfort.
  • PREMIUM MAKE: Upholstered in bold, contrasting colors but maintains a professional look, this gamer chair can also be used as an office chair. Gaming chair includes a 275 pound weight capacity for long-lasting use.
  • 4D ADJUSTABILITY: Find your optimal position by raising or lowering your chair and reclining between 90 - 155 degrees with infinite locking positions. Soft, padded armrests pivot with the chair as it reclines. Full 360 degrees of swivel rotation enable dynamic movement.
  • WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK: An award-nominated brand, RESPAWN is committed to your satisfaction and covers this video game chair with the RESPAWN 5-Year Limited Warranty, and dedicated, year-round representative support.

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Respawn RSP 110 Assembly Instructions

The assembly of the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair is super easy and straightforward. You don’t need any extra tools, everything you need is included and you can assemble the chair in just 10 to 15 minutes.

  • The first step is to unpack all gaming chair parts first, lay them down neatly, and check against the parts list to make sure that nothing is missing.
  • Start with the base, insert the 5 castors into the base until they click into place. This is easy and does not require a lot of force and tools.
  • Turn the base around and insert the gas pressure spring in the center of the base. The narrow side points upwards.
  • Slide the gas lift cover over the gas spring to protect it from dust and dirt.
  • Next comes the high control/tilt mechanism. This is attached to the underside of the seat with 4 screws. Make sure that it is mounted the right way round.
  • When it is screwed tight, place the seat on the gas pressure spring. Nothing is screwed on here either, the gas lift simply slides into the gas lift mounts.
  • Then attach the backrest to the seat. Slide the connecting plate of the backrest into the bracket of the seat mechanism, line up the screw holes and screw the assembly down, but not yet tighten it.
  • First, you want to attach the armrests. These are screwed to the side of the backrest and the seat.
  • Then back to the backrest/seat bracket, now tighten the screws.
  • All that’s left to do,  is to place the neck and lumbar support pillow, and the assembly of the respawn 110 is done.