Elecwish Gaming Chair

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elecwish gaming chair
The main purpose of gaming chairs is to provide comfortable sitting for video game fans while keeping the negative effects of long sitting on the back as low as possible. In addition, a good gaming chair should also look really cool without costing the world.

The ELECWISH gaming chair fits exactly this requirement; the purchase price is low, the design and the colors are great and you sit comfortably on it.

Admittedly the Elecwish gaming chair is not packed with a ton of fancy features, no 4D adjustable armrests, no rocking mechanism but the chair has a fold-out footrest, the backrest tilts down almost horizontally, it has a wide seat pan and a wide backrest comes with a neck and lumbar pillow, so everything is there that you actually need.

Elecwish Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs have been around for quite a few years now. Several brands were there right from the start, one of them is Elecwish, a Chinese company that produces household goods and furniture. They were one of the first to bring an affordable gaming chair onto the market. The company must have done something right – the particular model chair has been around for a couple of years now, and it is still a bestseller.


Chairs SizeMedium
Recommended Max Weight300lbs
Recommended Height5’5″ to 6’1″
Chair Cover MaterialPU Leather
Foam TypeFoam padding
BaseReinforced Nylon
ArmrestsNot adjustable
Adjustable Back Angle150°
ExtrasRetractable Footrest
Warranty LengthLimited 1 Years

Appearance and Design

At first glance, the chair looks big and massive, seems like plenty of sitting space for big people. Well, it should, after all, it is advertised as large and is rated with a maximum user weight of up to 300 pounds.

In terms of design, the chair basically looks like all other racing-style gaming chairs. However, the upholstery stands out a bit, the padding seems to be quite generous on both the seat and the backrest. The armrests too, look quite different from the standard design found on most other chairs.

The chair is available with synthetic leather covers (polyurethane) in several color combinations. The black-purple design looks great. All in all, the chair makes a good first impression from a purely visual point of view. Let’s see what the Elecwish gaming chair review reveals in a detailed inspection of the individual components and features

Build Quality and Material

Every product as a whole is only as good as the quality and workmanship of the individual components it consists of.


The covers of the seat and the backrest are made of synthetic leather. The material, the surface feel very soft and pleasant to the touch. I cut out a small piece. The synthetic carrier material is coated with a polyurethane layer on the outside (visible side), while the inside has a thin foam coating. This probably serves to reinforce the right thin padding material. The seat and backrest as well as the armrests are equipped with it. Let’s see how the material is when you sit on it for a long time, in terms of breathability and sweating.


The chair is generously upholstered, a bit thicker than you normally see on many chairs. When you sit in the chair you immediately feel that the material is rather soft, that is, the density of the foam padding is on the low side thus the indention reflection is also not as high as in more firm paddings. But you sit comfortably in it, without any hardness, and also no unpleasant pressure points on the inside of the legs (where you come into contact with the front edge of the chair) and under the buttocks.
What is noticeable when you sit down and move in the chair is a creak and noise, the appearance of touching that the chair moves slightly in itself and gently rubs the upholstery at the contact points.


The seat is actually comfortable, quite wide and deep. For some people, the foam padding might be a little soft, especially if one is a little heavier a bit more firmness would be a plus. I don’t have any major problems with my 200 pounds, but I notice that I’m sinking in deeper than in my noblechairs Epic, which I am currently using. The Elecwish is used by my wife, she finds the chair really comfortable, while she sits at the laptop and does office work. work.

Rocking chair mechanism

The Elecwich gaming chair does not have a rocking mechanism, swinging in the chair back and forth is not possible. It’s not a feature that you absolutely need, but it would certainly add a bit of convenience if you are just taking a break from desk work or gaming and lean back to talk or just chill.

Height adjustment

There is not much to say about height adjustment. It works fine, as usual with the help of a gas lift which is operated with a lever on the right side. In the lowest position, I measured 16.5 inches of seat height (edge), in the highest position about 19.6 inches.


The backrest is also quite wide and high, the upholstery is comfortable. The shoulder-height side wings push the upper body into the middle of the chair, which is useful for a good upright posture, but they are also designed just right so that even a broad user does not feel restricted.

Lumbar and Neck Pillow

The neck pillow is filled with polyester fibers, it is comfortable and soft. It is fastened with a strap. Make sure that you place it to the correct height, when it is too high, your head will be pushed forward which can lead to tension.

The lumbar pillow is filled with memory foam. It is also fastened with straps across the backrest and can be adjusted in height. If it is correctly adjusted then it is very comfortable. It exerts a slight pressure on the lower back and thereby tilts the hips slightly forward.

Backrest tilt/reclining mechanism

The backrest angle can be adjusted for the most comfortable sitting position. The back tilt goes as far as 155 degrees, then the backrest is almost horizontal, ideal for taking a nap. In combination with the footrest, this is really comfortable. Great for relaxing, listening to music, watching a movie, or just chilling.


The armrests are not adjustable. They are screwed to the seat and the backrest, the height of the well-padded support surface is just right for people of average size.

Comfortable padded armrests are an important part of a chair. The armrests of the ELECWISH Video Gaming Chair are unlike as in most chairs statically attached to the seat pan but are hinged to the seat pan and backrest. This has the effect that when reclining the backrest, then the armrests adapt accordingly.


gaming chair footrest

Elecwish was one of the first to bring a gaming chair with a footrest out. The fold-out footrest is very practical when you have reclined the backrest all the way down and want to put your legs up.  When sitting at your desk, the footrest is of little use, but when folded away, it is out of the way and won’t bother you.

The mechanism is quite simple, a metal rod on which the footrest slides out into place or disappears under the seat. The flange where the rod is mounted on the underside of the seat is made of plastic. I think you have to be careful not to push down to hard as this could be a weak point.


The chair’s base is made of plastic, which makes one wonder, oh, is that really sturdy and durable enough. I think so. It is a braced honeycomb structure made of really thick material. The part is really very heavy and makes a solid impression. The mounting socket in which the gas spring is inserted is reinforced with a metal sleeve. This is not the case with the sleeve in which the caster stem lock into.

The chair casters that come with the package are universal castors for all floors, the running surface is coated with soft polyurethane. They roll smoothly and quietly on a laminate floor, as they do on a thick carpet, I can’t say.

Sitting Komfort and Ergonomics

After looking at all the parts, a fundamental part of every Elecwish gaming chair review is actually trying them in real use. So we tried the chair sitting at the desk for office work and occasional gaming fun, at the handicraft table, as well as chilling out and watching movies occasionally.

As far as the seating comfort is concerned, there is nothing to complain about – as long as you keep the low price in mind. The chair offers sufficient comfort for people of normal height who can also be a little more corpulent. The padding of the seat is a little softer than you might expect but for people who are not that heavy, it is ideal. The synthetic leather covers feel soft and smooth and are easy to clean with a damp cloth should it be necessary.

Ergonomic design – there are definitely better chairs. Here the chair loses points because of the fixed mounting, no rocking/tilt mechanism, this is a feature to enhance ergonomic dynamic sitting.

The chair crunches a bit when you move in it. This is caused by the upholstery rubbing against the armrests. But that is the case in almost all chairs you just have to live with it.


  • Looks Great
  • Retractable footrest
  • Well padded armrests
  • Really good value
  • Very easy to assemble


  • Armrests are not adjustable in height and are a bit shaky when wiggling them sideways
  • Not the most ergonomic chair
  • Faux leather is not perforated more for breathability

An Affordable Gaming Chair That Has All You Need

The ELECWISH gaming chair hits the right chord for casual as well as avid gamers. The chair provides comfort, customization, individual adjustability, and proper support for a favorable back posture, all at a budget price range.

The chair has all the features: 170-degree backrest recline, head and lumbar cushion, gas lift heights adjustable, a 300 pounds weight capacity, padded armrest, pull-out footrest…  However, the chair is not suitable for users who are big and tall, even if the 300-pound max weight is already quite high. There are better chairs for large users.

In a nutshell, the gaming chair checks all the boxes right and falls right on the criterion of a full-fledged gaming chair.

Keep in mind this is a very affordable budget gaming chair, so do not expect it to last 10 years of heavy daily use.

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Elecwish sells a wide range of homeware to decorate your home and garden.

You may also check out the Elecwish website, for good deals on this chair as well as on a variety of other office chairs.

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Elecwish Gaming Chair Assembly 

At the end of this Elecwish gaming chair review, a brief overview with a couple of tips on how to assemble the chair quickly and without problems. As is usually the case, such a chair comes in parts in a large box that has to be assembled. The Elecwish gaming chair assembly is not rocket science, it is less than 10 steps and takes barely 15 minutes.

It is best to unpack and lay everything out on the floor and first compare with the packing list whether everything is there.

The best way to start with this model is with the wheelbase. This is folded up, so fold it out and put the chair castors in the corresponding sleeve.

In the next step, insert the gas lift into the center hole of the wheelbase. Put the plastic protective sleeve over it now, otherwise, it will be forgotten later

Next, you should turn the seat over and mount the height control mechanism. To do this, simply put it on the seat, align on the pre-drilled holes, stick the bolts in and tighten.

Now put the seat with the assembled mechanism on the gas spring

Now is the time to screw the large metal plate onto the backrest. Make sure that it is mounted the right way around.

When the part is assembled there is a bit of fiddling. A second person can be of help here. you have to hold the backrest so that the metal plate fits into the flange of the chair mechanics and align it with the threaded holes. then insert the bolts and screw them tight.

Almost finished, now only the armrests are missing. these are each screwed on with 2 bolts. One goes into the designated hole in the seat, the other into the corresponding screw hole in the side of the backrest.

Done. Now it’s time to sit down and try out the chair.