ELECWISH Racing Video Gaming Chair

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ELECWISH Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair, PU Leather High Back Office Racing Chairs with Widen Thicken Seat and Retractable Footrest and Lumbar Support, Large, Blue

Like many other budget gaming chair manufacturers, ELECWISH is a Chinese producer that has established itself fairly quickly in the market through very competitive prices. These affordable China chairs do not have to be bad, as the Chinese have made extraordinary technical advances in recent years, have state-of-the-art production equipment, and are able to achieve favorable prices through producing in high volume.

Anyway, ELECWISH  has hit the nail on the head with their products otherwise they would not have sold so many chairs in such a short time. We will have a closer look at the ELECWISH Racing Video Gaming Chair.

ELECWISH Racing Video Gaming Chair

The main purpose of gaming chairs is to allow comfortable seating for video game fans while keeping the negative effects of long sitting on the back as low as possible. In addition, a good gaming chair should of course also look really cool without costing the world.

The gaming chairs from ELECWISH fit exactly in this requirement; the purchase price is low, the design and the colors are great and you sit comfortably on it.


ELECWISH Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair, PU Leather High Back Office Racing Chairs with Widen Thicken Seat and Retractable Footrest and Lumbar Support, Large, Blue

Ergonomic gaming chair:

The ELECWISH Video Gaming Chair is designed as a bucket racing style chair and combines comfortable seating with the benefits of ergonomic chair design. Multiple features and adjustment options allow the chair to accommodate the user’s personal sitting preference.

Backrest tilt

The Elecwish video gaming chair comes with a generous backrest reclining feature. The back tilt mechanism adjusts from  90 to 170 degrees, allowing you to take a nap in the horizontal. Useful during long office days or while chilling watching a movie.

The ergonomic gaming chair is made of high-quality PU faux leather, with a high backrest and fairly wide seating.

Head and Lumbar cushion

The neck and lumbar cushions are adjustable for additional comfort. When not needed they can easily be removed.

Covers and Upholstery

High quality durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean synthetic PU leather has been used for the upholstery of the chairs.  The high-density padding is 4.8 inches thick and provides comfortable sitting for long hours.

The chair is available in a wide variety of colors so that every user will definitely find the desired color scheme to complement the ambiance of your room or office. The chair looks good as a professional office chair or in your home office too.

Padded Armrest

Comfortable padded armrests are an important part of a chair. The armrests of the ELECWISH Video Gaming Chair are unlike as in most chairs statically attached to the seat pan but are hinged to the seat pan and backrest. This has the effect that if you tilt the backrest to the back, then the armrests adapt accordingly.

Adjustable height

You can adjust the height of the chair with the help of a gas lift.  The SGS-3 lift has a rated carrying capacity is 330 pounds and is  BIFMA approved.

ELECWISH Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair, PU Leather High Back Office Racing Chairs with Widen Thicken Seat and Retractable Footrest and Lumbar Support, Large, Blue

Footrest support:

The star of this chair is the retractable Footrest, a feature often only found in more expensive gaming chairs that come at a price a budget user would never afford. The extended footrest support is quite helpful. When pulled out it allows you to rest your feet on it and stretch. Very comfy during breaks or when resting.

Foldable 5-starbase with casters

The base also adds non-slip rolling casters. The casters are smooth, help you roam around while sitting on the chair. Have no need to get up and do a thing that can be done by gliding on the floor safely. The casters are safe for your wooden floor, would leave no marks or stretches.


  • Good neck and back support with extra cushions
  • Retractable footrest
  • Padded armrests are adjustable and comfortable
  • Ergonomic chair with thick padding
  • Various reclining angle 0-170-degrees
  • Can hold-up weight up to 330 pounds


  • Not as durable as more expensive chairs

An affordable Gaming chair with the bells and whistles

The ELECWISH gaming chair hits the right chord for casual as well as avid gamers. The chair provides ergonomic comfort, customization, individual adjustability, and proper support for a favorable back posture, all at a budget price range.

The chair has all the features: 170-degree backrest recline, head and lumbar cushion, gas lift heights adjustable, a 330 pounds weight capacity, padded armrest, pull-out footrest… In a nutshell, the gaming chair checks all the boxes right and falls right on the criterion of a full-fledged gaming chair.

Keep in mind this is a very affordable budget gaming chair, so do not expect it to last 10 years of heavy daily use.

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