Cheap Gaming Chairs Under 50 Dollars?

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gaming chairs under 50

Not everyone has a ton of cash to spare to buy an expensive gaming chair. So if things are a bit tight then you might have to try to find a good, economical gaming chair that doesn’t tear a big hole in your wallet. But it won’t be easy to find cheap gaming chairs under 50 dollars that are worth it?

Are There Cheap Gaming Chairs Under 50 Dollars?

Well, there are not even some basic office chairs in that price range, so don’t bother trying to find new gaming chairs under 50 dollars, there are none.

If you really want to spend so little money on a chair, then you should consider buying a second-hand one on eBay. But even there and in this price range, it is difficult to find a good chair that still looks reasonably decent and has no defects.

What About Gaming Chairs Under 100 Dollars?

Even under $100, it’s hard to find a good gaming chair. If you’re lucky you might find a special offer, of a usually more expensive model that has its price slashed for a while, or for a clearance sale, then you’re lucky and should buy without thinking too long about it.

If you’re looking to spend less than $100 you might want to consider buying a used chair. Check on eBay there are always good offers if you’re lucky you can score a good deal there.

The other option would be to get away from the compulsion that it has to be a gaming chair. Just go to a large furniture store near you, there are always cheap offers of simple office chairs. They don’t look as cool or fancy as a gaming chair, but they do the job.

And Gaming Chairs Under 200 Dollars?

Now we are talking! The minimum you’ll have to spend for a real gaming chair is between $100-$200. There are many decent chairs in this price range that are worth the money

They come without too many frills and the functional features are reduced to what’s really needed. Nevertheless, the models in this price range are among the best-selling and are ideal for anyone who spends leisure time in front of the computer playing video games.

If you are a pro gamer, you would definitely consider the top-of-the-line esports seats. Much more ergonomic design has gone into high-end chairs, they are more comfortable to sit in all day and, above all, are more stable and last longer, and can withstand greater loads.

good looking gaming chair

Looking for the most affordable models? Here’s what’s to consider

Be aware that when you buy a low-cost gaming chair you are not getting any fancy features that can be found in higher-priced seats. Comfortable chairs come without bells and whistles, are simply constructed to serve their purpose. Advanced ergonomics, synchronized tilt and rocking function, built-in speakers, or the like can hardly be expected in low-cost chairs under $ 100.

Height and weight of the user

When buying a new gamer chair, whether inexpensive or expensive, the top priority should be that the chair is the right size to fit the user. Especially very affordable low-budget chairs for gamers are rather small so that even a person of average size cannot always sit comfortably in them. Gaming chairs that are designed for higher weight requirements usually cost more. More material is used here because the chairs are bigger and have to be built stronger. So if you are tall and heavy, you might find it difficult to find the right model amongst the most economical models.

Gas lift spring

The gas lift is the connection between the base and the seat. It enables height adjustability, here it is important to ensure that the chair can be raised so far that the knee can be at a right angle. You should make sure that the gas lift has a BIFMA certification. The gas lift is a heavily loaded part, it has to raise and lower the chair and absorb bumps. It will inevitably wear out at some point and must be replaced.

The chair base

The chair base of low-cost chairs is often made of plastic, which is often not even solid plastic. It has spaces with a honeycomb structure. Plastics can crack or break over time and this reduces the general stability of the base. The base should be strong, the casters are mounted on the base and the gas spring rests on it giving the whole setup a firm footing. A chair base made of aluminum, steel, or reinforced compound plastic is more stable.

Chair casters

The casters of a gaming chair are crucial for comfortable use. They are categorized in casters for hard and soft floors. The larger the rollers are, the easier it is to roll them across the floor. Many good models are equipped with hybrid castors that are equally suitable for hard and soft floors. In the case of budget chairs, simple plastic rollers are often built in that wear out quickly. Fortunately, casters are easy to replace

The padding

The padding of most gaming armchairs is made of polyurethane cold foam, it has names such as high-density foam or cold-pressed comfort foam. The key factor is the density of the foam. The higher it is, the harder the padding. Lower density is softer and one sinks more into it. Which is best depends on the weight of the occupant. Higher body weight needs firmer padding otherwise the occupant sinks too deeply into the chair, which reduces seating comfort. Low-density foam/soft padding will sit through faster. This means that the upholstery loses its cushioning effect, which makes the padding of the seat feel hard and uncomfortable.

The covers

Fabric, synthetic leather, and real leather are used to cover the upholstery and to give the chair a great look. Leather is expensive so fabric or synthetic leather remains for budget chairs.

Fabric covers are inexpensive, skin-friendly, and easy to clean. The fabric also has the advantage that it is very breathable, and those who tend to sweat are better off with a fabric cover.

Synthetic leather is also more economical and hardly needs any maintenance. The disadvantage to real leather or fabric is the breathability. It is easier to sweat, especially in summer. Low-quality artificial leather tends to crack or crack. Flaking can also occur, with the plastic top layer becoming detached from the carrier material.

The backrest recline function

To provide good ergonomic sitting, the backrest of a gamer seat must be reclinable without changing the position of the seat pan, an important feature for dynamic sitting.

High-end chairs have built-in lumbar support in the backrest, while budget gamer chairs have a removable lumbar cushion. This supports the curvature of the lower back and helps to prevent slouching. A headrest and neck pillow allows you to lean on comfortably and provide support.

The tilt mechanism

Almost every computer chair has a rocking/tilting mechanism that allows the user to lean the seat and backrest backward simultaneously. So you can lean back comfortably to relax. The better tilt mechanisms are equipped with a rotary knob with which the resistance can be adjusted. In this way, users can adjust the resistance of the tilt mechanism to their body weight.

The chairs at the top of the most affordable list usually have a single point tilt mechanism, here the inclination of the seat pan and backrest changes at the same time, the angle between the two remains constant.

Gaming chairs in the upper price range often have a more complex synchronous tilt mechanism in which the ratio of the backrest to the seat changes when you lean back, which provides additional comfort.

The armrest

For ergonomic sitting, gaming chairs should have height-adjustable armrests, this is considered 1D. If you can rotate the armrests, they are 2D. There are also 3D – adjust right/left and 4D armrests which can also be adjusted forward and backward.

In addition to adjustability, pay attention to how the armrests are padded. Gamer chairs of the lower price range often have bare plastic armrests that are not very comfortable. High-quality models have well-padded armrests.

How Long Do Low-Price Gaming Chairs Last?

How long a gaming chair lasts depends on how the chair is used or abused and, to a large extent, on the materials used from which it is made. You need to be aware that when you buy a budget model seat, you have to compromise on quality and material and that affects its usability. So don’t be surprised if the most inexpensive chair lasts for only 1 or 2 years.

Warranty and Customer Support

If your chair breaks within the warranty period, you should contact customer service. With low-cost brands, it can sometimes be difficult to get a hold of their customer service, if they have one at all.

After the warranty period has expired you might just buy replacement parts online and repair the chair yourself. That can save you a bit of money.

However, whether it’s worth it to repair cheap gaming chairs under $50 or $100 is debatable, you have to weigh up what the spare part cost is or whether you would be better off buying a new chair. Sometimes there is some truth in the saying “buy cheap, buy twice”

So should you buy a super cheap chair?

Well, that’s something you have to consider carefully and weigh up the cost for value. But if you are a bit strapped for cash at the moment because you spend too much on your gaming rig, you may have to fall back on a cheap alternative.

One also always has to consider the long-term cost of items. If you buy things and have to replace the items regularly, you won’t save any money, even if they are more affordable in the first place. In the long run, you save with the motto “buying for life”