Top 5 Bestselling Super Affordable Gaming Chairs

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gaming chairsWhile the high-end chairs for gamers let you enjoy long gaming sessions in comfort due to their ergonomic design and features they provide, they can also be comparatively expensive. But there are also cheaper models that are also very good. Here are 5 of the most popular gaming chairs that won’t break the bank.

Overview 5 Budget Gaming Chairs

    1. Homall Gaming Chair
    2. GTRacing Gaming Chair
    3. Furmax Racing Style Chair
    4. Homall High Back Racing Chair with Footrest
    5. Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair

Homall Gaming Chair Racing Style High-Back PU Leather

Homall Gaming Chair, Office Chair High Back Computer Chair Leather Desk Chair Racing Executive Ergonomic Adjustable Swivel Task Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support (Blue)

Homall has become a popular brand in the gaming community. Homall Gaming Chairs are not only inexpensive, but they are also at the top of the list of best-selling gaming chairs for a reason.

This particular Homall Gaming Chair is also one of the most comfortable gaming chairs you can find in this price range. A high-density foam to cushion the backrest and seat provides firm but comfortable sitting in a healthy posture. It features a Class-3 gas lift verified by SGS that lets you adjust the seat height by 3.2 inches. Another great thing about its multi-functionality, you can tilt the back to a max of 180 degrees.

The overall dimensions make this chair pretty comfortable, the backrest is 22.5”, the backrest height is 30.5”, seat width is 14.5” and seat depth is 20.5”. The seat is rated to handle an occupant of up to 300 pounds. The overall built quality of the chair is very good. Its covers made of durable PU leather are easy to clean, but as always with faux leather, it could be a bit sticky on hot summer days if your room lacks air conditioning.

The chair’s high-quality steel frame makes it strong and solid and you will be able to use it for years. Homall Gaming chair also features rubber PU casters which are designed to withstand more than 10000 miles of smooth and quiet rolling on most floors.



  • High-Quality Chair
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • High-density cold cured foam for body contoured sitting
  • Weight capacity up to 300 lbs
  • Recline to 180° with lock mechanism
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • PU faux leather
  • Armrests non-adjustable

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Why should I buy Homall Gaming Chair

This Homall Gaming Chair is a great value-for-money deal. It is available in grey, white, red and blue colors.

GTRacing Gaming Chair

GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Ergonomic (Red)

GTRacing Gaming Chair Big and Tall is an affordable chair for large occupants, it is one of the bestselling gaming chairs on Amazon.

The appearance of this gaming chair is in line with the quite popular racing style design seats of racing cars which aim to provide the ultimate comfort to its drivers.

The durable PU Leather covers over a high-density foam are built around a solid steel frame that will last for years or stress-free sitting. The backrest reclines from 90 to 170-degree which lets you lean far back and will have you chill or nap in comfort. The headrest and lumbar support are removable if not needed, but together with the ergonomic backrest, it all ensures extreme comfort.

The chair has the usual  5-point base which unfortunately is made of Nylon, heavy-duty and smooth-rolling casters lew you move quietly on the floor. The GTRacing Gaming Chair Big and Tall is designed to support large guys with a large frame, it can support a weight up to 350 pounds.



  • Affordable chair for big guys
  • Attractive design
  • Ergonomically designed backrest which ensures extreme comfort
  • Metal frame
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Supports Every Body type
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Strong smell when new
  • Nylon base

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Why should I buy GTRacing Gaming Chair

GTRacing Gaming Chair Big and Tall is a good choice for large occupants that don’t want to spend a lot. Great for occasional gaming sessions. Not for pro gamers.

Furmax Racing Style Gaming Chair

Furmax Video Gaming Chair Ergonomic PC Computer Office Chair Racing Leather Adjustable Swivel Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support for Adults (Black)

Furmax Racing Style Gaming Chair is another bestselling chair on Amazon, it is geared toward the budget category. The design of the chair is familiar to that of racing car seats, its modern black looks are subtle and people who like simple yet comfortable chairs will appreciate the black theme.

The quality of the chair is good and in spite of it being a budget-priced chair, it has a good finish and it doesn’t look cheap. However, if you have used premium gaming chairs in the past you will feel the difference. Furmax Gaming Chair features PU leather which you will find in most gaming chairs. The seat has firm padding which makes long sitting sessions comfortable. The backrest is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort and there are two holes in the back to ensure the max airflow. The chair is rated to support occupants of up to 300 Lbs. Its seating area with dimensions of 20.4” x 20.86” provides comfortable sitting also for people that need a bit more space. The backrest tilts to 180 degrees and it is height adjustable from 16.5″-22″. Furmax gaming chair features an a5-point base which comes with PU casters to prevent marking and scratching.



  • Decent Build Quality
  • Great Value for Money
  • Racing Style
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Good Armrests
  • Lack of premium look
  • If you are a tall person then it may not be the right chair for you.

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Why should I buy the Furmax Racing Style Gaming Chair

Furmax Racing Style Gaming Chair, is a really cheap chair for gamers that are on a real tight budget.

Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair with Footrest

Homall Gaming Chair Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair Pu Leather Bucket Seat,Computer Swivel Office Chair Headrest and Lumbar Support Executive Desk Chair with Footrest(Blue/Black)

Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair with Footrest is a super popular chair in the budget range of seats, and it is one of the bestsellers on Amazon. The quality of the chair is decent and its features totally justify its price.

This Homall Gaming Chair has covers made of a PU synthetic leather material and thick padding of high-density foam underneath it to let you sit in comfort. The chair also comes with a Head pillow and Lumbar cushion to provide additional support to your body. The material used on the chair is also fade-resistant so they will hold up for years.

The chair reclines and is lockable in 4 different tilt modes including Working Mode (90-degree), Gaming Mode (120-degree), Napping Mode (150-degree), and sleeping Mode (180-degree). The internal steel frame is very sturdy, it comes with class-3 explosion-proof gas spring which is verified by SGS, UL, and BIFMA. The height of armrests is adjustable and it is also suitable for tall people.

Its dimensions and its max weight rating of 330 pounds let large occupants of  250lbs and 6 foot 2 find comfort. Overall, Homall Gaming Chair Ergonomic High Back Racing Chair chair offers great comfort in a good package.



  • Premium Quality Chair
  • High-Quality PU Leather
  • Best Build Quality
  • Feature Racing Style Design
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Good Armrests
  • Come with Head Pillow, Lumbar Cushion and footrest for extra comfort.
  • Great Value for Money
  • Not for sitting all day in it

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Why buy The Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair with a Footrest

If you are looking for a good chair that provides comfort for a couple of hours and is an awesome value for money, then the Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair is worth considering.

Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair

Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair Racing Computer Chair Adjustable Massage Lumbar Cushion Retractable Footrest and Arms High Back Ergonomic Leather Office Desk Chair

Here is a very popular massage gaming chair. The Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair has a massage feature build into the lumbar support cushion.

The high backrest of the chair is tiltable from 90 degrees to 155 degrees and can be locked in any position. The headrest and lumbar cushions provide great support while you may enjoy the massage function. The retractable footrest is easy to fold out when needed. The rocking function of the chair is an added benefit to provide a  more dynamic setting.

The Blue Whale Gaming Chair has not only an internal metal frame but also a metal base which is not all too common in budget gaming chairs. Its weight rating is fairly high at up to 350 pounds. The dimensions of the chair are generous, with a backrest width of just over 23 inches and a seat width of almost 22 inches. Large plus-size occupants should find enough space to sit comfortably on the memory foam padding.



  • Affordable massage style chair
  • Head pillow, massage lumbar cushion, and footrest support
  • Racing Style
  • Large chair – wide seat and backrest
  • The chair has a metal base
  • Armrests are only height-adjustable.

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Why Should I Buy The Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair

This is a cool chair and one of the best value gaming chairs with a massage lumbar cushion that pampers the lower back with a vibrating massage effect.

Should I buy a Low Budget Gaming Chair?

Budget gaming chairs can be good. But as with anything you spend money on: You get what you pay for. In that aspect gaming chairs are no different from any other product: quality comes at a price.

High-quality chairs offer more ergonomics and are more durable than cheap ones. If the price is crucial, it may be better to look for a simpler model made of high-quality components.

5 signs to tell a good gaming chair

You can find gaming chairs in a wide range of styles, models, prices, and qualities. These options are overwhelming, and they can make it difficult to choose a gaming chair. A cheap chair can ruin your gaming experience, whereas a good chair that is comfortable and meets all your needs, can take your gaming to new heights. Ordering the appropriate chair online, on the other hand, isn’t as straightforward as going to the store, trying out a chair, and taking it home. There are some factors that you need to consider in order to recognize a good gaming chair.

1. Comfort factor

You cannot ignore the comfort factor when it comes to gaming chairs. It is because you don’t want your back and neck cramping up in the middle of a long game. You’ll also want qualities that keep you from developing chronic pain from simply playing video games.

This is where ergonomics comes into play. Ergonomics is a design concept that takes human physiology and psychology into consideration when creating products. An ergonomic gaming chair, for example, is one that is meant to increase the player’s productivity and efficiency. An ergonomically designed gaming chair also assists in keeping proper posture, supporting motions, decreasing back discomfort, and boosting game reaction speeds.

2. The material used in the gaming chair

You need to check whether the gaming chair has durable materials that will last for many years or not. Chairs are often made of leather or cloth. Both of these materials have pros and cons. So, you need to decide which feature you want in your gaming chair.

For gamers who prefer to nibble while they play, PU leather seats are a great choice. It’s unlikely that your chair will stain if you drop a drink or eat something. Although the leather may eventually tear, it is a fairly resilient material that can last for years. For avid gamers who play frequently, a leather gaming chair is an excellent purchase.

PU leather, on the other hand, does not breathe properly and might make a player sweat more. Excessive sweating might make it difficult to grasp the controller or make your chair uncomfortable to sit in. As a result, it can make gaming an unpleasant experience. You can also get fabric chairs as they are less prone to create sweat. Thus, the material feels less sticky and comfortable.

3. Adjustable gaming chairs

A perfect gaming chair also needs to be comfortable and adjustable for individual users. You can find adjustable armrests, lumbar support cushions, and headrests in a perfect gaming chair. You can also get a lot of ergonomic features that are found on most gaming chairs. These components aid in maintaining proper posture and optimum comfort. In addition, there is a high degree of flexibility. You should be able to modify the chair height, back angle, and armrests, for example, to better accommodate your body proportions. It’s best if you can make as many changes as possible.

4. The appearance of the gaming chair

It is true that the most attractive gaming chairs aren’t usually the best choice for gaming. But, you should select one that you enjoy looking at. It is because the chair will become a highlighting part of your setup. It is easy to get tired of your gaming chair if it does not match your tastes. Furthermore, when others come over to play or when you’re broadcasting online, they may notice your chair. It’s sometimes just good to have a beautiful-looking piece of furniture, especially if you use and see it frequently.

Many chairs are available in a range of colors. There are options to personalize your gaming chair with fictional characters and quotes. You will see a lot of manufacturers who offer customization for gaming chairs. So, you should ask the manufacturer to customize your gaming chair according to your requirements. These personalization options will almost certainly cost extra, but because you’ll be sitting in that chair for years, it could be worth it.

5. The price tag

The estimated price of a good-looking and comfortable gaming chair can be around hundreds of dollars, if not thousands of dollars. Added equipment such as subwoofers or speakers is frequently the cause of these exorbitant charges. As a result, it’s a good idea to sit down and figure out exactly which things you want and are prepared to pay more for. It’s pointless to purchase one of these features if you already have it through your game system or other technology. Certain features are a must-have in order to improve gaming experiences. That’s why you shouldn’t dismiss a chair based on its price; instead, look at the characteristics it offers and decide whether they’re worth the money.