Nokaxus Gaming Chairs

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Nokaxus is another of the big names among the budget gaming chair brands. Their top seller is the Nokaxus Classic Series YK-6008 gaming chair. It has all the important features that a video gamer would want from a gaming chair; they look good, are comfortable thanks to their ergonomic design, are stable and durable, and most of all, the price tag is very competitive.

Gaming Chairs by Nokaxus

Nokaxus concentrates on a very small product range and only has four different chair models in its range. However, these are available in many different color combinations and editions. Nokaxus currently has 4 different chair series.

  • Classic Series
  • Elite Series
  • Sports Series
  • Racing Series

Classic Series

The Classic series is Nokaxus’ bestselling gaming chair line. There are over 10 different models available which actually only vary by color, but the overall features, ergonomics, and build quality are the same.

Like most gaming chairs, the chairs of the Classic series have ergonomic design features and elements of traditional desk chair elements that are combined with a sporty racing style. This gives the chair the typical gaming chair look and the ergonomic aspects should offer comfort so that you can sit in it for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

The classic series also has an integrated massage function in the lumbar support cushion, which you can use to massage your lower back to prevent or relieve tension. The massage device can be connected via a USB port to your computer, power bank or other resources.

The model also has a fold-out adjustable footrest, if you recline the backrest, which is possible up to 180 degrees then you can stretch out on the chair for a power nap. Unfortunately, the armrests are only 2 D adjustable, but for the bargain price, you can’t expect everything.

Classic Series is built on a robust metal frame that, according to the manufacturer, can withstand 396 lbs. The wheelbase from the 2020 series is made of sturdy cast aluminum, a big improvement compared to the old series which only had a nylon wheelbase.

The chair’s large-sized wheels are covered in a PU leather covering that prevents scratching of floor surfaces, while also providing stability and anti-movement during gameplay.

The chair padding of the seats is generously 5 inches thick of a high-density foam covered with polyurethane synthetic leather which is perforated for breathability.

When it comes to colors of the upholstery, the Classic Series offers you a choice of different colors, including all pink, black,  black/white, black/blue, black/red, blue/red, white/black, black/red, white, and many more. All in all, if you are looking for a comfortable gaming chair with an ergonomic design and robust construction at a very reasonable price, you cannot go wrong with the Nokaxus Classic Series Gaming Chairs.

The Bestseller Nokaxus YK-6008 Gaming Chair

As already mentioned above, the Nokaxus YK-6008 is a real bestseller. This is due to the fact that the chair has all the important amenities and features and is simply unbeatable value for money.

Features of the YK-6008

Chairs SizeStandard/Large
Recommended Weight~150 to 350 lbs
max rating 396 lbs
Recommended Height5’8″ to 6’5″
Chair Cover MaterialBreathable PU Faux Leather 
Foam TypeHigh-Density Foam Padding
BaseCast Aluminum
Adjustable Back Angle180°
ExtrasHead Pillow & Lumbar Pilow with massage feature
Warranty Length Lifetime

Appearance and Design

The model is available in several different color options so that everyone can find their favorite color that will fit into your gaming setup.

With regard to the shape and design of the chair, the YK-6008 comes in the typical racing style, with a bucket seat and winged backrest like most gaming chairs.


Of course, in chairs for gamers, it is all about being as ergonomic as possible to offer good seating comfort. While the Nokaxus Gaming Chair is affordable, it still focuses on the most important ergonomic design features. The shape of the backrest is that of the human back to provide the best comfort and to hug you snug. In combination with the lumbar support pillow, it gives you support where you need it most, and as a bonus, it even has an added massage function.

All in all, there is nothing to complain about here, the YK-6008 from Nokaxus is a practical chair that is very inexpensive in view of all its features, and comfort settings. You are getting a good deal mid-range chair that costs considerably less than some comparable chairs.

The only real disadvantage of the Nokaxus chair are the 2D armrests, also that it smells quite strongly of plastic in the beginning and that the chair is really not suitable for small people.

Elite Series

Elite Series features some of the best Gaming Chairs by Nokaxus. Compared to the Classic series, the Elite series offers a small upgrade in terms of comfort and comes with a premium design and features. The appearance is a simple all black or a subtle black and white, that makes the chair look good in a home office too.

Compared to other models, the Elite series has slightly thicker upholstery in the seat and the backrest is also a bit thicker and the side wings are slightly deeper and wider. Most of the other amenities are very much the same as in the classic series. The chair has a class 4 gas lift and also the wheelbase base of the Elite series gaming chairs is slightly different from those you get in the Classic series.

The Elite series is available in two models: black and black/white. Overall, the Nokaxus Elite series is a reasonable option for you if you are looking for a decent chair that can be used for gaming or home office. But if you have to spend a full eight working hours in your home office, then the chair would not be very suitable.

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Sports Series

As the name suggests, Nokaxus Sports Series Gaming Chairs come with a sporty look, but when it comes to built quality, it’s just like the other gaming chairs by Nokaxus.

The main highlight of Sports Series Chairs is the typical racing style as inspired by the seats in sports cars. Sports Series comes with more padding and a comfortable headrest and lumbar support, which provides extra comfort. The sports series is built a little narrower, i.e. the backrest and seat hug the occupant a little more thanks to the slightly more forward-drawn side wings. Like other Nokaxus Chairs, Sports Series also features the built-in massage motor in the lumbar pillow, which will make sure that your body is relaxed even after extended hours of gaming.

When it comes to built quality, Sports Series is really good. It comes with a metal frame and durable base, which means that you can use this chair for years and you won’t experience any problems with it. Sports Series comes in two colors: Red/Black and Black/white. Overall, if you want a gaming chair with a sporty look, you can’t go wrong with Nokaxus Sports Series Gaming Chairs.

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Racing Series

Racing Series is another very comfortable gaming chair by Nokaxus. This model is, so to speak, the premium version of the Sports series.

When you look closely then it falls on that the chair is a bit wider and the backrest of the Racing Series is a bit curved and the side wings are also slightly more prominent as compared to other models. The racing series also has the obligatory lumbar pillow with massage function and headrest support for extra comfort.

The Racing Series is only available in one color, namely red/black. If you are looking for a particularly comfortable gaming chair with a good appearance, the Nokaxus Racing Series is your choice.

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Nokaxus Gaming Chair Assembly

Detailed assembly instructions are included in the scope of delivery. Here is a short time-lapse film that shows the individual steps of how the chair is assembled.

Why Buy A Nokaxus Gaming Chair

Nokaxus gaming chairs are ideal for casual home use whether it is in your gaming room or home office.

Although the chairs have everything you can expect from a chair that comes at such an affordable price, hardcore e-sports enthusiasts may expect a little more and probably don’t mind spending a bit more money on a gaming chair. Also if you have to spend the whole day in your home office, then the amenities and comfort that the chair offers may not be sufficient to maintain productivity and concentration throughout the day.

The manufacturers have a team of professional engineers who have developed the product line and are constantly developing and improving it. Nevertheless, the Nokaxus brand is always striving to offer its worldwide customers the ultimate gaming experience while paying attention to the price so that everyone can afford a chair.

Despite everything, you have to be aware that when you buy a Nokaxus chair you are purchasing a gaming chair in the lower price segment. With such inexpensive chairs, you cannot expect the same luxury, comfort, and high-quality workmanship as with a higher-priced premium gaming chair.

Design and Workmanship

Nokaxus chairs are made with a structural steel frame that creates a solid foundation. The cushioning of Nokaxus chairs is made with a cold-molded, high-density foam, providing a soft seat that retains its shape and cushioning over long periods of gaming play. A perforated PU leather upholstery with foam backing provides a soft and resilient seat for extra comfort and breathability. Nokaxus chairs are tailored to perfectly fit your body shape with a 90-180 degree adjustable back. A cushioned lumbar pillow provides added support to your lower back during long hours of play, while a fold-out footrest enables you to lift your feet up for a comfortable gaming experience without heavy legs.

Warranty and Customer Service

Nokaxus offers a warranty for manufacturing defects, damage and missing parts if the contents are incomplete when you receive the product. Nokaxus offers free shipping on all products within the US and a 30-day return policy if any delivery defects are found. All products are covered by a two-year guarantee. If something is wrong,  contact customer service via the Nokaxus gaming chair website for details.

Brand Overview – Who Is Nokaxus

Gaming Chairs are pretty popular these days, and many gamers prefer to use gaming chairs because they offer extended comfort and durability. When it comes to Gaming Chairs, Nokaxus is a well-known name, they have been around for a couple of years, and are known to be very affordable chairs that are great for casual gamers.

As you can read on the Nokaxus gaming chair website, they say that they are one of the largest gaming chair manufacturers in the world. Nokaxus is part of Anji Leisa Furniture Company, a large, state-of-the-art gaming chair factory in Shenzhen, China. The well-known gaming chair brand Dowinx also belongs to this company. Surprised that the chair is made in China, you shouldn’t. The fact is that over 90% of all gaming chairs that are used worldwide are made in Asia. Even the popular, well-known American brands are largely manufactured in Asia. The production capacities there are simply enormous and hardly anyone can produce as cheaply as the countries in far-away Asia

Like most big Chinese brands, the company has local warehouses and distribution centers in the countries where the main market is. The US presence of Nokaxus is in Savannah, Georgia. Orders are quickly dispatched from here and complaints or warranty claims can also be dealt with quickly.