GTRacing Gaming Chairs

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GTRACING Gaming Chair 350 lb Weight Capacity Big and Tall High Back Computer Office Ergonomic Racing Chair Reclining Chairs with 4D Armrests Swivel Tilt Rocker Seat Height Adjustment Black

GTRacing gaming chairs are among the best-selling eSport chairs in the world, probably no other gaming chair manufacturer has sold so many chairs. The most popular is the Pro Series, which is available in a couple of different models in various colors, all have pretty much similar features because they are built on the same base frame.

The premium Series ACE comes with slightly more elaborate features, and better raw materials, the ACE series promises greater comfort and more durability than the Pro series. All that for a price that is hard to beat.

GT Racing- An Industry Juggernaut

GT Racing started its operations in 2011 by offering office and gaming chairs. However, the company relished its first success in 2013 when one of its gaming chair models (initially developed as an office chair) ruled the American markets. Since then, GT Racing has now expanded its operations to Japan, Canada, and Europe. As per the official website, GT Racing has more than 2,000,000 users from all parts of the world.

One of the best things about GT Racing is its diverse range of gaming and office chairs. But that’s not it. GT Racing is also famous for giving premium quality at very affordable prices as well.

Gtracing pro series gaming chair – the best seller

GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Ergonomic (Red)

If you are looking for a gaming chair that is not only comfy and enduring but cheaper than your imagination, then the Pro series from GT Racing is something you must consider. To make their case stronger, here is what you should know; GT pro series is arguably one of the most famous chair collections in the gaming chairs industry.

Features And Specifications


  • 2D armrest
  • Tilt and rocking function
  • Backrest reclining up to 160 (170) degrees.
  • heavy-duty chair base and nylon smooth-rolling casters for great stability and mobility
  • Weight support up to 330 pounds (149.6 Kg)


  • Lumbar cushion
  • Removable headrest pillow
  • High backrest for comfortable and ergonomic seating position
  • A dense padded seat and back that adds extra comfort during your gaming sessions or office use
  • Added seat cushion
  • Adjustable seat height

Material and foundation

  • Heavy-duty metal base
  • Steel frame
  • Class 4 gas lift
  • Nylon rolling casters
  • Ergonomic design


One-year warranty (you can register for a 2-year warranty as well).

Why Buy The GT Racing Pro


The price factor is again a key selling point for the GT pro series. It is simply impossible to find this type of satisfaction, endurance, and elegance in such a cheap price range. The price range of the GTRacing Pro Series lies between $100 to about $179.

Elegant Design

One of the most loveable features of the GT pro series is its racing car style that can add a unique elegance to your office or gaming setup.

Suitable for gaming, study, and office use

GT pro series is not only suitable for gaming needs.  It can be an excellent addition to your workplace or study room. Besides, its amazingly low price makes it a feasible choice for everyone.

Who Is the GT Racing Pro Series Gaming Chair For?

Pro series is highly suitable for gamers, office workers, and students. It can easily support up to 149 Kg weight. However, its height support is slightly limited because it is recommended for a height range of 5’4″ to 5’11”.

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GT- Racing ACE L3

GTRACING Gaming Chair 350 lb Weight Capacity Big and Tall High Back Computer Office Ergonomic Racing Chair Reclining Chairs with 4D Armrests Swivel Tilt Rocker Seat Height Adjustment Black

To be honest, who can forget the famous Titan 2020 Series? The elegance and level of comfort were simply exceptional, but so was their price. Yes, price is a factor you cannot ignore, but what if you could get something exactly like Titan Series at affordable prices? Yeah, this is what ACE L3 gives you- unparalleled comfort at a very reasonable price.

Apart from its premium ergonomic framework, there are two worth mentioning things about this gaming chair model from GT Racing.

Specifications And Features of the T- Racing ACE Series


  • Multi-function tilt mechanism that can easily support reclining from 90 degrees and up to 170 degrees.
  • The 4D armrest offers you maximum adjustability.
  • 360-degree swivel and adjustable seat height.
  • Tilt-lock function.
  • Class 4 gas lift which can easily support up to 350 pounds (158.7 Kg) weight.
  • Removable backrest and headrest.


  • Neck pillow support
  • High density and durable foam padding that gives you more convenience and a plush feel.
  • The cold-cured foam cushions can mold according to your body shape, making you feel more relaxed.

Material and foundation

  • 60 mm PU-coated casters
  • Steel frame
  • PU leather that can withstand hours-long wear and tear on a daily basis.
  • Ergonomic design
  • 5-star aluminum base


One year but it can be extended up to 5 years.

Why Buy GTRacing Ace

Flat and Wide Seat Style

The other models (S1 and M1) of the ACE series had bladed seat edges which means the user will have limited leg movement. However, the ACE L3 solved this problem by providing plenty of legroom because of its flat seat style.

Yes, it is true that limited legroom means the user will have to sit in a good neutral posture. However, it is impossible for a gamer to sit in that posture for longer periods. Honestly, it can be very annoying as well. That is why ACE L3’s flat seat is a better option because you can adjust your position as you want. You can splay your legs, sit cross-legged, or switch back to the neutral position.

Lumbar Support

For those of you who don’t know, lumber back support is a feature that helps you in keeping a good sitting posture by removing any gap between the seat and the lumbar spine. ACE L3 offers lumbar support and allows you to decrease or increase the intensity of lumbar support by turning on the dial on the seat.

Great Value

Pricing has been one of the strongholds of GT Racing. The company consistently produces quality at affordable prices, and the same is the case with ACE L3. Its price for an ACE Series chair starts at around $200.

Who should buy ACE Big And Tall?

ACE L3 is generally suitable for every body type and can support body weight up to 350 pounds (158.7 Kg). It is highly suitable for medium to tall height users. However, someone with a height of less than 5’9″ or more than 6’5″ may not find this chair that comfortable.

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Why Buy GTRacing gaming chair

GTRacing gaming chairs are ideal seats for working, studying, and gaming. The two series in their model and color variety allow everyone to find a chair that will blend in every game room or home office with its modern and stylish look and will keep you comfortable during long sessions of game or work.

GT Racing is simply a top choice for every pro gamer. The level of luxury, ease, and sturdiness is simply unparalleled. On top of that, their pricing is something very hard to resist. Whether you are a pro gamer, student, or office worker, GT Racing gaming chairs (especially GT pro series) are an option you must consider.

Brand Overview Who Is GTRacing

GTRacing is dedicated to its efforts to produce the most satisfying gaming chairs. They pride themselves as being a “Gentle Tiger” brand specializing in the manufacture of racing-style gaming chairs to support, encourage and comfort you—customer satisfaction and all-round wellbeing, therefore, remain their biggest priority.

GTRacing manufactures ergonomic gaming chairs and strives to take the gaming experience to the next level.

Founded in 2011, with a devotion to team collaboration, brand strategy, and product R&D, GTRacing has delivered trendy, state-of-the-art, and comfortable gaming chairs to millions of users around the world for years. Its mission is to “make KILLER ergonomically designed gaming chairs that transcend your gaming experience to the next level”.

In 2013 GTRacing broke into the market with the introduction of its first line of office chairs. Just two years later, in 2015, the brand expanded its market reach and branched out into the US market with a wider product line. After gaining great success in Canada and Japan in 2016, GTRacing grew its reach to enter the European market in 2018, with vigorous enthusiasm.

Consumer and industry recognition

GTRacing is well known within the gaming chair industry by insiders and users alike. Forbes, PC Gamer, IGN Entertainment and Tech Radar have all hailed the GTRacing brand for providing premium quality gaming chairs, with Tech Radar naming their gaming chairs “some of the best-selling options you’ll find”.

PC Gamer, in particular, has praised the brand for providing many of the features of other gaming chairs that cost twice as much. Stating GTRacing’s dedication to providing comfortable gaming chairs that look the part, PC Gamer recommends these adjustable chairs to “definitely do the job”.

IGN Entertainment has applauded GTRacing gaming chairs for their relatively easy assembly that takes only 25 minutes to complete when using the manual, while Wise Pick has praised GTRacing’s adjustability and backrest that can be lowered from 90o all the way down to 170 o.

And if this still doesn’t convince you, a quick search on GTRacing’s customer review page shows why hundreds of users are satisfied with GTRacing chairs.

Partnerships and sponsoring

GTRacing’s affiliate program offers many benefits. The brand operates on the notion that everyone’s feedback is important so that GTRacing can provide the most cost-effective products. They have a wide social media presence, and engage with customers on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook and Pinterest—showing how dedicated they are to customer satisfaction.

Whether you are a major influencer with a huge social media presence or just a passionate reviewer, GTRacing believes that as long as you have some achievements in your channel you can join their affiliate program. Through the placing of referral links on their social media pages or websites, you direct potential customers to their website, and if they make a purchase, you could earn a generous commission with the option of upgrading to a full sponsorship if you have a wide social reach via Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and INS.

Why Are GTRacing Gaming Chairs So Cheap To Buy?

GTRacing gaming chairs are best sellers. In fact, the Pro Series GT002 is the most sold gaming chair in the world. The reason for being such bestsellers is likely the very affordable price, you pay considerably less money for a chair from GTRacing than for many other brands. Considering the dollar-for-money value, those chairs do a great job. Why are they so cheap? If a manufacturer sells an extremely large number of chairs, then he can run his production plant at maximum capacity and he gets better prices for raw materials because he buys in such large quantities. All of this helps reduce production costs, which he can pass on to the customer. If he then sells with a lower profit margin (because he makes enough profit by selling large quantities to be viable) then he can offer his products to customers so cheaply. So if you are looking for a budget gaming chair of acceptable quality, then the GTRacing is for you.

Another factor that helps to keep production costs low is when the manufacturer only focuses on a small variety of products. At GT Racing there are only two different gaming chair series. These are built on the same frame, essential parts are standardized and interchangeable. This is how you get by with fewer machines and the existing machinery is fully utilized, the manufacturer saves machine costs, which in turn also keeps the sales price low.

Are GTRacing Gaming Chairs Comfortable?

While the GTRacing chairs are cheaper than most of their competitors, their ergonomic design allows for comfortable sitting, as is the case with higher-priced models of other brands. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t expect the sitting comfort of a Mavix or a Herman miller, considering the affordable price.

Are GTRacing chairs worth it?

There is hardly a perfect gaming chair, it is a question of what demands and expectations you have from a chair. If you have the feeling that you are seated well and have paid a fair price for it then this is a good chair for you.

How long does GtRacing take to ship?

No matter where in the world you order from, it only takes a few days for Gtracing chair to ship. At present, the company has warehouses in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, from where orders can be shipped quickly.

When your order is directly from GTRacing, expect 3-7 days until delivery. If you order from Amazon it does not take long to ship if the ordered product is in stock, thanks to Prime you might receive the product within one or 2 days.

GTRacing Gaming Chair Replacement Parts

Should something break on your chair after the warranty is over, then you can easily replace the GTRacing gaming chair parts yourself, because the components are all standardized, i.e. bushings and fittings are compatible with each other. In the rare event that something causes a problem then it is probably limited to the lifting mechanism, the casters, or the tilt/rocking mechanism, these are the chair parts that are exposed to most mechanical wear and tear. The base is made of metal so it is actually quite unlikely that something will break here as long as you don’t overload the chair extremely. You could just order spare parts online and quickly repair the chair yourself.

GT Racing- Affordable Top-Notch Gaming Chairs

Alright, there is no doubt that if you are a gamer or spend a lot of time sitting in your office, you really need a good gaming chair. If you want a comfortable and stylish look with a gaming chair then you are in good hands with the GTRacing seat.