AndaSeat Kaiser 3

Gaming chairs are constantly evolving and developers strive to improve features. For avid and professional consumers, the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 gaming chair takes the gaming experience to the whole next level. AndaSeat is one of the pioneers in the gaming chair industry and has been dominating the esports scene since 2016. It’s a global company … Read more

Noblechairs Gaming Chairs

leather gaming chair

Prolong gaming sessions on a normal chair kill one’s back. And not to mention those excruciating neck aches that bother you throughout the day. To overcome this discomfort and enjoy a first-class, comfortable gaming experience, you need the best and most ergonomic gaming chair. That’s why we’re taking a look at the gaming chairs from … Read more

Nokaxus Gaming Chairs

Nokaxus is another of the big names among the budget gaming chair brands. Their top seller is the Nokaxus Classic Series YK-6008 gaming chair. It has all the important features that a video gamer would want from a gaming chair; they look good, are comfortable thanks to their ergonomic design, are stable and durable, and … Read more

GTRacing Gaming Chairs

gtracing gaming chair

GTRacing gaming chairs are among the best-selling eSport chairs in the world, probably no other gaming chair manufacturer has sold so many chairs. The most popular is the Pro Series, which is available in a couple of different models in various colors, all have pretty much similar features because they are built on the same … Read more

AndaSeat Gaming Chairs

The name Andaseat stands for top-notch gaming chairs of first-class workmanship. AndaSeat looks at what gamers and esports athletes need, and then designs customizes and manufactures stylish and ergonomic chairs that provide extreme comfort. This philosophy has made Andaseat one of the world’s leading suppliers of esports chairs within a few years.ndaSeat Gaming Chairs When … Read more

EWin Gaming Chair

e win chairs

As one of America’s leading gaming chair brands, every esports enthusiast is probably familiar with the E-Winracing. E-Win has been providing luxury comfort to gamers with a collection of heavy-duty gaming chairs, giving you the option to choose one which perfectly matches your own style and customized needs. EWin Gaming Chair has been around since … Read more

Gaming Chairs With Fabric Cover

fabric covers

Whether a gaming chair with a fabric cover or a synthetic leather cover is better, can not be generally said. Much depends on personal preferences since both types have their advantages and disadvantages. Synthetic leather is the most common but shortly followed by gaming chairs with fabric covers. Fabric material has its advantages and is … Read more

Most Comfortable Gaming Chair

how long does a gaming chair last

A gaming chair has to offer a lot, it should be ergonomically designed, you want it to be the most comfortable gaming chair, it must be affordable, and it should be flashy and look good. Well, the most comfortable gaming chairs have all one thing in common. They are ergonomically designed to be more adjustable, … Read more

Gaming Chairs With Speakers

Gaming Chairs With Speakers

For most gamers, a gaming chair is an indispensable part of the whole gaming setup. But it is also worth considering for everyone who sits at their computer for a long time every day and wants to be comfortable. Buying the right gaming chair is a very individual matter. Among other things, choosing a chair … Read more

Gaming Chairs With Footrest

gaming chair footrest

Sitting comfortably is essential if you spend most of the day sitting at the computer. A Gaming chair with a footrest may be just what you need. Whether you are gaming or working, sitting all day can be very exhausting and extremely demanding for the entire body. Everything that optimizes comfort and provides an additional … Read more