Most Comfortable Gaming Chair

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A gaming chair has to offer a lot, it should be ergonomically designed, you want it to be the most comfortable gaming chair, it must be affordable, and it should be flashy and look good.

Well, the most comfortable gaming chairs have all one thing in common. They are ergonomically designed to be more adjustable, more comfortable, and more supportive than an ordinary office chair in the same price range. Seats for gamers are desk chairs with additional features that are intended to enhance your video game fun. They look way better too. As long as you pick the right size, you can be sure that you will sit comfortably in it.

The Most Comfortable Gaming Chairs


The seats from AKRacing are very popular and are a top choice among esports enthusiasts. In terms of workmanship and seating comfort, the chairs belong to the upper league available on the market.

AKRacing offers a large selection of high-quality gaming chairs in different models and sizes that are perfectly ergonomically designed so that you still have enough power to be productive even after sitting for many hours.

The AKRacing Core models are ideal for gamers of average body size and offer all the important features that one can expect from modern, high-quality seating furniture.

The popular AKRacing Master series are the premium models from AKRacing and offer ergonomic seating in comfort for big and tall gamers.


Noblechairs has three different chair models which are available in many colors and in several special edition models. The chairs from this maker stand out due to their design and high-quality workmanship, attention to detail, premium materials, and durable mechanical components. They are really good value before money.

noble chairs are the perfect choice for anyone who spends many hours sitting at a desk working or gaming on a computer. However, you have to get used to these chairs. For two years now I have had an Epic in which I sit for many hours every day. The first couple of weeks I found the padding a bit too firm, but since I got used to it I don’t want to sit on any other chair. I am 5’9″ and weigh 202 pounds.

The noblechairs EPIC is intended for the average gamer with a body size of 5 ‘6 “to 6 feet 3”, and a weight of no more than 260 pounds. Anyone smaller than 5’6 “should order the Epic with a shorter gas lift spring.

The noblechairs Hero has a slightly taller backrest, wider seat base, larger armrests and also a higher recommended maximum weight rating of 330 pounds. The Hero is recommended for users from 5’5 “to 6’6” if you are smaller you need the shorter gas spring otherwise it will be problematic to reach with your feet on the ground.

RESPAWN 900 Recliner Seat

Respawn is better known for affordable chairs in the budget range, and here the company delivers. After all, the Respawn-110 is a best seller and one of the most sold racing-style desk chairs.

Respawn also has a great and really comfortable seat in the program that is mainly intended for console players. The Respawn 900, admittedly, looks more like a cross between a racing seat and grandpa’s armchair. But this recliner is really comfy and the price is also reasonable too.

So unlike desk chairs, the Respawn 900 isn’t really meant to be pulled up to your computer desk. Instead, the Respawn-900 Recliner is intended more for a sedentary life in your living room. It allows you to lean back and chill while your legs rest on the footrest. It even has a cup holder in the generous armrest so you don’t even have to get up to quench your thirst.

The Respawn-900 is excellent for comfortable gaming fun with your Xbox or PS on a big screen.

Herman Miller Aeron

Given the amount of time we spend sitting, one should really strive to sit in the most ergonomically advanced chairs. The Herman Miller Aeron was one of the first truly ergonomic office chairs to revolutionize the standards of comfortable and dynamic sitting.

Granted, the chair doesn’t look like what you would expect from a flashy chair for an esports enthusiast, but if you don’t need flair, this one won’t disappoint.

The Herman Miller Aeron comes in three different sizes, pay attention to the correct size.

The only disadvantage is that the chair does not have a headrest, which unfortunately has to be bought separately.

Body size and weight are important criteria to consider

Of course, you can’t just judge the quality of a chair by its flashy, colorful appearance. To sit really comfy, here are a few things that you have to pay attention to.

For an optimal sitting experience and to benefit from the ergonomic properties, the chair needs the correct size, so that the seat and backrest fit your body and everything can be precisely adjusted.

The perfect size chair provides just the right amount of space so that you do not feel constricted, but also not so wide that you feel lost in it.

Size of Seat And Backrest

The seat pan should offer enough space and be well padded. Side wings can provide support but must not put on your buttock and thighs. So pay attention to the seat width and length. As a rule of thumb, the distance from the edge of the seat to the hollow of the knee should be about two to three fingers.

The backrest should hug your back nicely, but the side wings must not push your shoulders forward. The headrest should not end less than 2 inches below your head to provide enough support for the head.

Recommended weight rating matters!

Another essential to note is the specification of the recommended maximum weight rating. Regular gaming chairs are usually designed for the average occupant. The average American woman weighs 170 pounds and stands at 63.7 inches, the average American man weighs 197 pounds . If the gamer seat is regularly burdened with a weight that goes well beyond the manufacturer’s specifications, this has a negative effect on the gas spring, tilt and rocking mechanism, castors, on the internal frame, even the padding will wear down faster. In a word, overloading reduces how long your gaming chair lasts.

Design, color, and material of the covers

First of all, a good esports seat should be ergonomically designed, taking into account the latest knowledge about workspace productivity..But the chair should also look good and appeal to you visually.

These days, all sorts of gear and gadgets are available in different designs, colors, and special editions. Gaming chairs are no exception, they too come with covers in almost all colors and styles so that everyone can find a chair according to their personal taste. However, the different materials from which the covers are made and the types of padding that are hidden underneath make a difference in quality and durability.

The material from which the covers are made are fabric (synthetic, seldom natural fabrics), artificial leather, and genuine leather. Which material you choose depends on your personal taste and budget. Each material has advantages and disadvantages.


Fabrics are cheap and versatile. Synthetic polyester fabrics or mixed fabrics are mostly used, pure natural fiber covers are rather rare. Fabrics are comfortable and always give you the feeling of a pleasant temperature when you sit down on them, be it winter or summer. Fabric covers are also particularly breathable, which allows moisture and body heat to dissipate easier, which is particularly advantageous on hot days because you feel less sweating. Cleaning is usually easy, simply brush off or vacuum, stubborn soiling or stains require the use of a fabric cleaner.

Synthetic leather – faux leather

Synthetic leather is the most common. Modern, good faux leather can look very high quality and imitates the noble look of real leather so that it is difficult to distinguish it from real leather, even for experts. But it is much cheaper to produce and, what is interesting and important for vegans, it is just not an animal product. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU) are the plastics of choice, of which PU is usually of higher quality. High-quality synthetic leather is perforated and breathable and is hardly inferior to real leather in terms of its comfort.
Cleaning and care are uncomplicated, simply wipe off dirt with a cloth, a little colorless detergent helps with stains. For maintenance, you can use an artificial leather conditioner so the material lasts longer and does not flak even after years.

Genuine leather

Real leather looks expensive and noble. It is very durable, resilient, and resistant to wear and tear. Its natural breathability and the ability to absorb and release moisture ensure a very pleasant feel-good climate even if it can feel a bit cold in the first moment of sitting on it.
It is best to wipe off dirt with a damp cloth. Avoid harsh cleaning agents and use special leather cleaners for stubborn stains. Maintain the leather with a good leather balm and avoid direct sunlight to protect the leather from drying out and fading.


Under the fabric, synthetic leather, or genuine leather cover, foam upholstery ensures pleasant seating comfort. The quality of the padding depends on the type of foam used and its density. The padding is made of polyurethane, this is easy to process and can be manufactured in different degrees of density. The lower the density, the easier it is to sink into the chair. The higher the density, the more firm or harder the padding is. For best seating comfort, you should neither sink too deep into the chair nor should it feel like sitting on a hard wooden board.

Chairs that are designed for light people therefore usually use lower-density foams, the higher the weight rating of the chair, the higher the density is. This is another reason why the recommended weight rating of a chair is so important.

Lumbar support and head pillow

Extra cushions for the head and lower back support pillows are standard accessories in most models throughout almost every price segment. These support pillows are usually attached to the backrest with straps and can be individually adjusted in height. Lumbar support integrated directly into the backrest is not that common and often found in particularly high-priced chairs.

The head or neck pillow supports the head and provides more comfort. Especially when leaning back, the pillow cushions the head and can significantly increase seating comfort by providing relief and relaxation for the shoulder and neck area.

The support in the lower back the so-called lordosis support provides slight pressure to the natural s curvature of the spine and is intended to help prevent slouching and to promote sitting in an upright posture.

Features the most comfortable gaming chair should have

The covers with their colors and designs are of course the first to catch your eye. However, other structural properties of the chair are also of great importance and should not be ignored. The structural design features of the chair affect ergonomics and dynamic sitting, factors that are really decisive for comfortable healthy sitting.

A good solid Chair Base

The base and the castors are the foundation of the chair. And as a foundation it is of course important that it is sound and solid, after all, the whole weight of the chair and the chair occupant rests on the base. For a secure stand, it is star-shaped and has 5 arms to which the chair casters are attached. In the middle, there is a socket into which the gas pressure spring rests.

The most stable chair base would be made out of metal such as steel or die-cast aluminum alloy or strong reinforced carbon fiber. In cheap gaming chairs, the base is often made of injection-molded plastic or nylon. This material may be good for chairs with a low weight rating, but for heavier rated chairs, material fatigue can occur under long-term stress.

Typical would be that the central gas spring socket cracks and the gas spring sags to the floor or one of the five arms buckles, or the socket for the caster stem pin breaks out.

Problems with the chair base are not too uncommon, which can be seen in the numbers of replacement chair bases sold. The reason for this is that chairs in the lower price segment are sold in much larger numbers which are not as stable and durable as higher-priced products are.

The casters

The casters provide mobility to the chair and its occupant. They must run smoothly no matter whether on parquet or natural stone or a soft floor such as laminate or carpet.

There are of course hard and soft floor casters, but most chairs are equipped with universal ones as standard. They do the job, but whoever has tried special casters will not want to miss them. So-called rollerblade wheels have proven to be really good. Their running surface is made of rubber, which not only provides a better grip on smooth surfaces but also protects the flooring. Rollerblade castors are primarily recommended for hardwood floors such as parquet.

The difference lies in the degree of hardness of the casters. Hard floor casters have a softer running surface and give in when there is resistance. This way the floor will not be scratched.

Soft floor castors are usually larger and stronger so that they turn better on carpeted floors. If you have a very sensitive floor, you should definitely consider buying a floor mat.

Gas lift spring matters

The gas pressure spring is a central component of a gaming chair. With the help of the gas lift, the height of the seat can be adjusted quickly and easily. It also provides gentle cushioning at the moment you sit down, which should be gentle on the back as well as the chair. It is also a determining factor with regard to the maximum weight rating of the chair. Make sure that the maximum load capacity of the gaming chair is not exceeded, otherwise, the gas pressure spring can break. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s information.

The gas pressure spring connects the seat with the base. The standard built-in gas pressure spring is designed for people of normal height. Very tall or short people have the option of installing a short or long gas spring. So before you order, pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions as to whether a size recommendation is given.

A worn-out or defective gas lift spring can be replaced quite easily. Follow the instructions exactly and take care not to damage the gas springs. Inside there is compressed gas that can explode when opened. Do not try to open the gas pressure spring, otherwise, there is a risk of serious injury.

Rocking And Tilt Mechanism

The Rocking/Tilt Control Mechanism is the connecting piece between the lower part of the chair and the upper part, which consists of the seat pan, backrest, and armrest.

Single Point Tilt – Center Tilt Mechanism

The simplest of all tilt mechanisms is the Single Point Tilt, Swivel Tilt, Center Tilt, it has many names.  Strictly speaking, this is a simple Swivel Rocking Mechanism. This mechanism is actually the standard that most gaming chairs come with.

In a gaming chair with a single-point tilt (a simple rocking mechanism), the backrest and seat pan are connected to one another so that the seat pan and backrests tilt in tandem when you lean back. The angle between the two remains constant. (However, the angle of the backrest can be set separately via the tilt control lever on the side of the seat)

When swinging back and forth in a chair with a simple tilt mechanism, this rocking chair effect may cause the knees and feet to be lifted off the floor. Depending on the incline, the feet hang freely and the seat pan edge may cause uncomfortable pressure against the inside of the thighs, a footrest can help.  Another cause of being uncomfortable is when the knees are pressed against the underside of the desktop as you swing back.

Disadvantages that can be avoided with a real synchronous tilt mechanism:

Synchronous Tilt Mechanism

In a chair with a synchronous mechanism, is the inclination of the backrest is coupled with the inclination of the seat. However, it differs from the single-point tilt in such a way that when you lean back in a chair with a synchronous mechanism, the seat pan and the backrest tilt differently. This different rate of inclination causes the angle between the upper body and the lower body to change, thereby promoting dynamic sitting. The ratio of the change in inclination of backrest and seat pan is usually between 1: 2 and 1: 3 depending on the chair model.

A desk chair with a synchronous mechanism has several health benefits from an ergonomic point of view. The back is not only optimally supported in every position, but it also minimizes the lifting of the seat pan when tilting so that your feet can stay on the floor.

Office or gaming chairs that cost under $ 500, are rarely fitted with synchronous tilting mechanisms. The synchronizing mechanism has an elaborate mechanical design that hikes the price up, so you have to look at the higher prized chairs for it.

Permanent mechanics

In a chair with permanent mechanics, the seat pan and backrest are decoupled. While the backrest tilts backward, the seat pan remains in the same position. The backrest can be locked in various inclinations or can swing freely and is kept permanently in contact with the user’s back by a spring. The spring pressure with which the backrest presses against the back of the user and thus the effort to lean back can be adjusted individually.

The permanent mechanics are more likely to be found in very old chair models or in desk chairs in the very lower price segment.

Multifunction Tilt Mechanism

Most gaming chairs are equipped with a tilt mechanism that is a combination of a rocking single-point tilt mechanism. Together with a reclinable and lockable backrest, is this the best solution to combine ergonomics with the economy (so that the chair remains affordable).

The rocking function allows you to rock to or from the monitor or desk. This mechanism must have an adjustment knob with which the rocking resistance can be adjusted to the body weight. The mechanism must also be lockable so that you can sit at a preferred angle.

Backrest incline: The adjustable backrest prevents a permanently monotonous sitting posture, which leads to tension. You can adjust the angle depending on your needs and preference. It promotes movement and stimulates blood circulation. Some chairs allow a decline of up to 180 degrees, so you can occasionally take a break to recharge your batteries for the next game.


The backrest is the most important component for the comfort of the gaming chair. The backrest of a chair must be of the correct height to suit the user and it must be ergonomically shaped. Only then can it adapt to the user’s back and relieve the spine and back muscles. Compared to most ordinary office chairs, an extra high design is common, so that the head is also comfortably supported when you lean back. The head is quite heavy, neck and shoulders muscles can be relieved by leaning on it, and tension and headaches can be prevented.

The lumbar support should be an integral part, it supports the lower back area and promotes upright sitting. Expensive chairs have this feature often build into the lower backrest. Most gaming chairs, however, have a lumbar cushion that is externally attached to the backrest.

Gaming Chair Frame, What Is It Made Of?

There are big differences in quality when it comes to the internal frame. After all, this is where manufacturers can easily cut costs. Steel tubes for the superstructure and steel rods for the struts are the most common materials used for the frame. Some premium models like the Cougar Argo have an aluminum frame. However, Aluminum frames are really only to be found in high-end chairs.

In any case, the quality of the steel (or aluminum) and its flawless workmanship are decisive for the stability and service life of a gaming chair. Good quality and workmanship in a steel frame mean homogeneous metal without inclusions and corrosive foci, clean weld seams, and a final anti-corrosion coating that protects the frame from rust.

What the frame is really made of and whether it is properly processed requires trust in the information provided by the manufacturer.

Good Armrests With Padding Are Best

A comfortable gaming chair also needs good armrests, which is definitely what most people want. But the debate among ergonomics scholars about whether armrests are really needed has been going on for ages. Well, in any case, if they are there, then they must also be large enough to provide sufficient support. It is also very important that they can be adjusted individually to the user’s size requirements and needs. The best ones are those that can be adjusted in all 4 directions, i.e. up and down, back and forth, to the right and left, and can be swivel by about 30 degrees in the horizontal. If they can be adjusted in these 4 directions, we speak of 4D armrests.

For an ergonomic sitting posture, the angle between the upper and lower arms is 90 °, the forearms should be at the same height as the desk. The forearms should rest loosely relaxed on the padded armrests so that both shoulders are horizontal and the shoulder and neck muscles are relaxed. Make sure that the upper arm “hangs” loosely enough to avoid the shoulder being pushed upwards. In the long run, this would lead to shoulder problems.

A day is long and the strain on the elbows and forearms is not insignificant. So it is important that even after many hours of sitting and resting your arms on the armrest there are no pressure points or discomfort. The support surface of the armrests must be sufficiently padded but neither be too soft nor too hard. Most of the armrests have a PU foam coating which provides a more or less cushioning effect. In any case, you can easily fit additional padded armrests if you are not entirely satisfied with the original armrests.

Now You Have The Most Comfortable Gaming Chair, But How To Sit Properly?

A good chair is largely responsible for how well we sit in it. However, this only works if the chair is perfectly adjusted and the entire work environment is correct in its ergonomic setup. Here is a summary of what is important.

  • Seat height – your feet should be flat on the floor, or on a footrest. Adjust the height of the seat until the angle between the thighs and lower legs is 90 °
  • Seat depth – The distance between the front edge of the seat and the back of the knees should be about an inch. In chairs where possible, adjust the seat depth accordingly
  • Backrest angle – Sit upright as it seems best to you, in any case, so that your back is in contact with the backrest most of the time
  • Rocking mechanism and tilt mechanism – if not in a locked position, the counterpressure of the spring must be adjusted according to your body weight. The resistance must not be too hard or too soft. Try different levels for the best support
  • Lumbar support – adjust so that a slight pressure in the lower back pushes forward and supports the natural curvature of the spine
  • Head/Neck rest – The upper pillow can fulfill two different tasks. Either it serves as neck support or as a headrest. Choose what you feel most comfy with, better even change from time to time.
  • Armrests – Let your arms drop and rest them relaxed on the armrests so that both shoulders are relaxed and horizontal position without being pushed up
  • Desk height – The top of the desk is at the same height as the armrests so that the arms can rest horizontally
  • Mouse, keyboard – place both close enough in front of you so that you can easily reach them from your comfortable sitting position without having to lean forward or stretch
  • Monitor – Place the monitor about 1.5 to 2 feet (about an arm’s length) from your eyes. The top edge of your screen should be about eye level or slightly below. When looking at the center screen, your eyes should look slightly downward