Gaming Chair Base Replacement

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gaming chair base

A good solid base in a gaming chair is essential for durability, stability, and safety. The lifespan of the chair base depends on the material it is made of. Common materials are plastics, aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber. But even the strongest gaming chair base can wear out and become defective after a few years of use.

If the time has come and the gaming chair base is worn out or defective then it is either time to buy a new chair or, if the rest of the chair is still ok, simply to replace the gaming chair base.

Gaming Chair Base Replacement

If you going to replace the gaming chair base you have the option to buy only the base without casters, or a complete base with casters. Before buying a replacement, check whether the chair is still under warranty.

Chair Base without castors

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Base with castors

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What is the best Base

Stability and sturdy footing are ensured with a strong gaming chair base and excellent casters. A plastic base is less expensive than a metal base, but it is also not as strong and less durable. When replacing the gaming chair base it is best to do so with a chair base that is made out of aluminum or steel.

How to replace the base of a gaming chair

Replacing the chair base is basically quite simple and requires neither a lot of tools nor a lot of manual skills. Maybe you still remember when you assembled your chair, that wasn’t particularly difficult either.

How to remove base from gaming chair

The various components that make up the base of a gaming chair are held together by simple push-fit connections.  This means that the gas lift cylinder is simply pushed into the central boring of the chair base and can usually be pulled out more or less easily

Lay the office chair on its side and pull the castors off the base. Then try to detach the base from the gas spring without tools. If that doesn’t work, because the gas lift cylinder is stuck in the base of your chair you need a penetrating oil like WD-40 spray or a similar penetrant and a rubber mallet.

Stand your chair in a normal, upright position and spray the penetrating oil on the gas lift cylinder where it is in the base socket. Let it act for a moment so that it reaches everywhere. Careful not to spill any on the floor.

Next, stand your chair on its side, firmly holding the base by one of the prongs while tapping the end of the cylinder with the rubber mallet. You can also tap on the base of the chair around the gas lift jack. Keep on taping until you notice the base coming loose from the gas lift cylinder.

Handle that gas lift spring with care! Never try to disassemble the gas spring. This is under high pressure and can explode, which can lead to serious injuries.

Fitting the gaming chair base replacement

Removing the old chair base was actually the hardest part. Attaching the new base is very easy and can be done in a few simple steps, without additional tools.

First, insert the 5 castors into the base, push them in until they click into place. Turn the base around and place it on the floor and check that all rollers are inserted evenly.

Insert the gas lift cylinder into the socket on the chair base. Because of the conical shape of the socket, the gas cylinder will lock itself firmly into place.

If the gas cylinder was still attached to the chair’s tilt mechanism, you’re done. Then you can now test if everything is sound and solid.

What to look at when buying a gaming chair base

Gaming chairs are available in all price ranges, different sizes, and different qualities. It is no different with accessories and spare parts. You have the choice to buy the cheapest or for a few dollars more something that lasts longer.


The material from which the base is made affects the weight-bearing capacity, durability, and longevity. Also important is the width – the diameter of the chair base for stability and a secure stand of the chair.

The base must be sized so that each arm fitted with a caster wheel protrudes at least 2 inches beyond the edges of the seat. If the base is not wide enough, i.e. the diameter is not wide enough so that the casters underneath the seat pan, the chair can tend to tip over when it rolls if it encounters a small obstacle.

28 inches is the most common standard diameter, but chair bases with a smaller diameter for correspondingly smaller chairs are also available.

Although most chair components are standardized nowadays, make sure that the gas lift bushing has the standard dimensions of 2 ” (50mm) and the sockets for the caster stem also fits the standard stem of 7/16″ x 7/8 ” (11mm x 22mm).

Material – How to select a gaming chair base replacement?

Gaming chair wheelbase is made of different materials, and they vary in durability and price.


nylon chair baseThis material is obviously the cheapest, it is easy to process and cheap to manufacture. Plastic is a generic term, usually, nylon or polypropylene is used to make the chair base. Plastic is very common in the cheaper kind of chairs also in standard size chair that does not have to bear very heavy loads.

As expected, most inexpensive plastics are not as strong and durable as metal. Common problems in plastic chair bases are: the stem bushing that breaks the casters, or the bushing that holds the gas lift breaks and the lift slips onto the floor, or one of the 5 prongs breaks. Some manufacturers reinforce the chair base with wire struts or fiber struts to increase stability.


gaming chair base

One of the most prevalent materials utilized to manufacture gaming chair wheelbases is aluminum. It looks fantastic whether it’s brushed or powder-coated.

Aluminum is a lightweight, strong, and adaptable metal. It is a robust and long-lasting material that is ideally suitable for a gaming chair wheelbase.

Of course, aluminum costs a little more than a plastic base, but it will last for many years and you can expect fewer problems with it.


Steel is well-known; anything that has to be highly sturdy and bear huge weights is made of it. Steel is also a popular material in gaming seats, especially for the big and tall.

It is also a robust material that might be utilized. A chair with an excessively thick base would likewise be unattractive. As a result, steel is a good low-cost option that offers great stability and durability.

Aluminum is also strong and could be used too. However, the material would have to be thicker, which will drive up the price. A chair base that is too thick would also look a bit unsightly. Steel is therefore a good inexpensive alternative that promises high stability and durability.


Spares and parts, whether ist the chair base, casters, gas lift springs, etc, everything should be safety tested and certified by independent testing institutes, like BIFMA or a similar institute.