E-Win Gaming Chairs

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As one of America’s leading gaming chair brands, every esports enthusiast is probably familiar with the E-Winracing. E-Win has been providing luxury comfort to gamers with a collection of heavy-duty gaming chairs, giving you the option to choose one which perfectly matches your own style and customized needs.

The E-Win has been around since 2001, starting off as a manufacturer of car seats for high-end sports cars and office furniture. 2015 when the boom in the gaming industry was foreseeable, the founders of E-Win decided to use their years of experience in the field of ergonomics and sitting, to make luxury gaming chairs that are highly comfortable as well as affordable.

EWin Gaming Chair Models Overview

With five models from EWin racing in different colors available, prospective buyers will find exactly what they need, and within their means.

Knight Series

Although they may appear to be the most basic in design, the Knight series offers all the benefits of a good gaming chair without being too flashy or inaccessible. Their soft-glide wheels are engineered with PU-coating casters that provide a quieter operation with even and smooth-rolling on all floors.

The Knight Series has a 400 lbs max weight rating are and is recommended for users between 5’3”-6’1”.

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Champion Series

With a greater focus on comfort, the Champion is equipped with components that are all adjustable to provide a greater sense of versatility. Their hub-less wheels feature an all-metal ball bearing that reduces rotational friction and supports a great load – offering a smooth and soft glide.  This model has 4d armrests, an approximately 1 inch higher backrest and the seat can also be adjusted a little higher than in the knight series.

The Champions Series also has a maximum weight rating of up to 400 lbs and is suitable for users between 5’3”-6’5”.

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Calling Series

This series of chairs come equipped with a wide and comfortably curved base to provide the ultimate stability. The larger 3” soft-glider wheels add to the stability of the chair and roll effortlessly on all types of flooring. The Calling series chair has 2 D armrests, has a slightly narrower seat pan than the previous 2 models, the seat height is a maximum of 17.7 inches high.

Even if the maximum weight rating is quite high up to 400 pounds, the chair is more intended for less tall users between 5’3”-5’9”.

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Hero Series

The most luxurious chair in the E-WIN family provides a heightened level of back support to bring the ultimate comfort to gaming chairs. With a back that is adjustable to 180 degrees, this chair provides a leisure system that goes above and beyond, all in the name of functionality and comfort.

Although the Hero has a maximum weight rating of 350 lb, this is the smallest model from EWin and is recommended for users who weigh no more than 240 lbs and are under 5 feet 9 tall.

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Flash XL Series – Gaming Chairs For Big And Tall Gamers


Here is a really big chair the Flash XL is wide and big, and too big for average-sized gamers. The Flash XL has all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from a gaming chair, an even heavier, high-density padding than the previous range, and an extra-strong steel frame so it has a weight rating of up to 550 lbs.

As a consequence, it has been appropriately named the best heavy-duty gaming chair. It also has a wider and longer seat that one will not find in a standard gaming chair. This chair is recommended for anyone between 5’7”-7’0”.

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Why A Buy Ewin Gaming Chair

E-Win gaming chairs are ergonomically designed to provide premium comfort to professional gamers. Their wide range of products gives gamers the option to choose a gaming chair that is most suitable for specific and unique needs, supporting a maximum weight of 500 pounds, whereas most gaming chairs are not able to support a weight capacity of 300 pounds. This capacity to support a higher weight limit makes E-Win products perfect for heavy-duty users and is the distinctive feature that sets them apart.

Quality and Durability – Heavy Duty Gaming Chairs

A quick comparison of E-Win gaming chairs against most other brands shows how their superior quality output is way above the industry standard.

Manufacturing Technology

With experience in ergonomic design technology, the quality of E-Win chairs is visibly evident when compared with most other no-name gaming chairs. No cost is spared to ensure superior quality for a better customer experience.

E-Win combines luxurious comfort with heavy-duty technology to make strong, reliable gaming chairs.


A BIFMA-certified aluminum-alloy reinforced wheelbase offers extra smooth movement with high friction resistance while retaining the chair’s durability and steadiness. Another cool feature is the futuristic PRIME hub-less wheels with full-metal bearings that come in different styles and allow you to glide seamlessly across any surface.

Gas Lift

BIFMA-certified heavy-duty class 4 hydraulics lets you lift the seat with ease.

Tilt Mechanism

The SGS – BIFMA and ANSI-certified multi-tilt mechanism allows rocking back and forth, this tilt function is lockable to your desired setting.

Structure of Steel Frame

The steel frame of a gaming chair is like the skeleton to which other components are added, and is the key to its stability, reliability, and dependability. The backrest of E-Win’s gaming chairs has a steel frame with a thickness of 1.5mm and a steel tube diameter of 16mm, coated in an electrostatic powder that prevents rust, prolonging the lifespan of the chair. A steel plate t the bottom is added for extra strength. The average no-name gaming chair only has a flat steel framing without a rust protection coat. The steel tube thickness also doesn’t exceed 1.2mm.

The seat base is designed for constant rigorous movement, being wide and flat with curved sides so that you can even put your legs up or sit cross-legged without any fuss.

Backrest Recline

The angle-adjustable backrest allows you to recline up to 155 degrees and lock the backrest in any position, enough to enjoy a comfortable power nap between gaming sessions or during a work break.


E-Win manufactures their 4D lifting armrests with high quality and high elasticity PU that is molded to the shape of an arm. Their adjustability allows your arms to swivel left or right, move up or down, slide forwards or backward, and rotate inwards or outwards. An 8mm steel plate sits at the bottom of the armrest. No name armchairs are not able to lift and are made from PVC at a low cost, providing poor comfort.

Comparison of PU Leathers

There are different types of PU leathers on the market with vast differences. The PU leather determines the wearing coefficient, environmental aspects, antioxidation, and flexible fullness. E-Win chairs are made of 1.2mm thick PU leather, as opposed to many no-name chairs with a PVC thickness not exceeding 0.8mm. The high-quality spring bandage at the bottom of the chair provides comfort and elasticity; other brands tend to use discarded wood or wire rods, which may cause discomfort.

E-Win’s SoftWeave fabric is technically woven with interlacing loops of high-strength yarn fibers that allow the engineers to incorporate more minuscule detail into each stitch—making them able to integrate multiple layers of different colors, shades, and hues. The complex stitching also enables the manufacturers to implement multifaceted designs into the fabric, including a 3D layered gradient on the side wings of every chair.

Padding – Foam

Foam padding is a key aspect of gaming chair specifications, providing benchmarks for comfort, antioxidation, elasticity resilience, cushion density, and service life. E-Win develops foam chair molds independently using their own machines by sourcing raw materials from large petrochemical companies. This integrated foaming and cold vulcanization technology meet every different need. The foam in most gaming chairs is cut from low-density foam (often without a mold) that doesn’t cover most of the chairs in order to reduce costs.

E-Win has put time and effort into manufacturing their own 2.0 PU leather which is flex, scratch, and abrasion-resistant. The 2.0 PU leather is also hydrolysis resistant and has a fleece lining made of 3D polyurethane microfiber, enhancing durability, maintaining coolness, and facilitating moisture absorption for improved breathability. This TÜV SÜD certified PU leather lasts for more than 200,000 abrasion cycles, which is 10 times more than the industry standard of 20,000 abrasions cycles.

E-WIN utilizes cold-cure foam technology in all their chairs, creating a high-density foam padding that puts it well above the standard. This memory foam-like characteristic improves the elasticity and retains the firmness of the chair’s padding to increase its lifespan – meaning a more comfortable seat for longer.

Covers -Upholstery

All seats are manufactured with either PVC (Knight) or stain-resistant PU leather (Champion, Calling, Hero, Flash XL), allowing it to be cleaned repeatedly without creating any surface damage. These materials are closely regulated and must pass performance standards for strength abrasion, hydrolysis, and UV stability. All series have multiple design styles and color options, with the Champion series boasting the largest collection of variations.

Standard neck and lumbar support pillows are coated in a velvety plush cloth and easily detachable with an elastic strap.


Such an upfront promise of quality requires a guarantee of quality. It is to this end that E-WIN provides a two-year warranty on all their chairs – replacing or repairing any product or component that is found to be defective in material or workmanship. This excludes the metal frame which has a warranty period of ten years.

Brand Overview

E-Win  North America was founded in 2015, soon followed by branches in Mexico, Canada and Europe, the distribution capacity of the brand keeps growing, making them able to supply gaming chairs to further reaches of the world.

There has been an ever-increasing demand for gaming chairs that support players of all body types and preferences—a demand that wasn’t being properly met until 2016 when E-Win a demand that was addressed in 2016 when E-Win presented gaming chairs that were specially tailored to the needs of large and heavy esports fans.

But E-Win’s chairs are comfortable and stylish and support a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs (check out the review of the Flash XL series below). A team of experienced engineers who understand how people interact with different textiles use a combination of high-quality materials to manufacture chairs with precision, keeping in mind strict quality control measurements.

Consumer and industry recognition

E-Win’s dedication to respecting strict high-quality management has resulted in over 1,000,000 million satisfied customer reviews, most users recommending them as the brand of choice for gaming chairs. Their continuous testing, extensive experience, and professional approach have led the brand to adhere to the requirements of EN1335-2-3, SGS and Bifma verified by UL.

Partnerships and sponsoring

E-Win currently hosts open applications for sponsorship within the gaming and streaming industry. Esports teams (like Red Reserve, Aporia and Exon Nation) and gamers or streamers (such as Echo ThruMe, Holly Wolf, and Medalcore to name a few) are all sponsored by E-win Racing.

Since its inception in 2015, E-Win has participated three times in the largest video game exhibition, the E3 Expo, in North America. In June 2019 they were elected as the official designated gaming chair brand by PC Gaming Show. Through sponsorship of the below global esports teams, E-Win has also made a significant contribution to the growth of the gaming industry worldwide.