Gaming Chairs With Speakers

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Gaming Chairs With Speakers

For most gamers, a gaming chair is an indispensable part of the whole gaming setup. But it is also worth considering for everyone who sits at their computer for a long time every day and wants to be comfortable. Buying the right gaming chair is a very individual matter.

Among other things, choosing a chair based on your height and weight is crucial for comfort. There are, however, a number of other features that may be taken into account to find an individual chair. For example, there are gaming chairs with built-in speakers.

Gaming Chairs With Speakers

A gaming chair with speakers, lets you listen to music, watch films and play games on your computer or gaming console, without the need of wearing a headset. In most models, the speakers are built into the upper area of ​​the backrest or the gaming chair, which ensures an all-around sound experience. Some models also have a subwoofer that is built into the lower part of the backrest or even vibrating motors for total game immersion. The connection of gaming chairs with speakers to console, computer, PS4, etc. is via wireless Bluetooth or cable.

X Rocker Vibe

You might want to check out the X Rocker Vibe, which is a floor rocker chair, meaning it sits squarely on the floor with no base or feet. The Vibe has built-in speakers but comes also with vibration motors in the backrest and base as well as with armrests.

X Rocker Pro with Pedestal 

If you prefer a chair that lets you sit a bit higher, then the X Rocker Pro with Pedestal might be of interest to you. This chair is a constant bestseller and very popular with console players. However, the chair is not only suitable for console gamers, it is also suitable for relaxing, reading a book, listening to music, or watching films. A comfortable gaming chair for chilling out, which is also versatile and looks really cool.

Comfortably padded backrest and seat

The backrest, the seat, and the armrests are comfortably upholstered. The comfortable sitting posture prevents muscle tension and back pain. The generously dimensioned seat (18.9″D x 20.9″W x 16.9″H) offers plenty of space to sit, even for the slightly bigger person. The black synthetic leather covers look good, is breathable but also easy to care for.

Built-in speakers and subwoofer

There are 2 speakers at the side of the backrest, and a built-in subwoofer in the lower backrest whose vibrations are transmitted to the whole seat. The volume and bass are regulated on the side. The cable connections are also located here.

Wireless via Bluetooth or cable connect

You can connect the chair’s speakers via Bluetooth or a cable (jack plug, cinch) to your gaming console, computer, TV, or other devices. If you want to play in a team, you can couple several chairs together

Available As Pedestal Base or Floor Rocker gaming Gaming Chair 

The X Rocker has a solid metal base that can hold up to 250 pounds. The backrest can be folded down for storage.

GTRacing Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers

GTRacing gaming chairs are affordable chairs that are highly popular. They have all the bells and whistles you could want from a gaming chair. GTRacing has a model line with a built-in speaker.

Ergonomic design

The GTRacing gaming chair with Bluetooth speakers is ergonomically designed and offers pleasant seating comfort. A neck pillow relieves the head and neck, and a pillow in the lumbar region gives additional support for the lower back. The chair has a rocking function, the backrest can be tilted backward by up to 170 degrees. The height-adjustable seat is standard. The armrests are adjustable up and down as well as left and right.

The chair is padded with high-density foam and has robust and easy-care PU synthetic leather covers.

Bluetooth speakers with stereo sound

Two speakers are built into the top of the backrest. These provide stereo sound and allow up to 6 hours of listening to music, enjoying films or playing games with a full charge. It is charged with electricity via a USB cable.

If you are interested in the Music Series chair from GTRacing, you can take a look at the chair on the GTRacing website and order it directly.

Can the speakers replace the headphones?

That depends heavily on personal perception and what you prefer. When gaming, headphones have the advantage that you can hear the game sound much more intensely. With online games, headphones are an advantage in terms of game intensity, experience, and communication with other players. In many games such as first shooters, headphones help to better hear the steps of other opposing players.

But you also have to note that there is a difference in quality in the speakers of the various gaming chair models. Some speakers are better and offer a more intense sound than others. You might want to have headphones ready at hand for games where the detailed
hearing of the faintest noises is extremely important.

Ergonomic gaming chairs with speakers aren’t just for gamers

Speakers built into the back of desk chairs may be a gamer’s preference. But the advantages of the speakers built directly into the chairs also have benefits in the office as well as in the home office chairs. Instead of wearing headphones or headset sound is heard via the speakers of the chairs so that one has a clear head. However, if you share an office with one or more people then this idea would be impractical.

Easy operation of the sound settings

The speakers should be as easy to use as possible via a control panel on the chair, or a control program on the screen, remote controls, or even via a mobile phone app. A control panel on the chair should be easily accessible from a seated position and should be designed to be straightforward, only a few pushes of a button should be necessary so that you can devote yourself to your work or the game.

What else matters when buying a gaming chair with speakers?

Having speakers built into the gaming chair is a practical feature that users won’t want to do without relatively quickly. But the speakers are not the only features of the chairs that need to be considered. In addition to all the sound features, it is also necessary to pay attention to features such as ergonomic design, multi-adjustability, chair size, and maximum load capacity of the chair.

The ergonomic design of the chair

Gamers who also have a sedentary job in an office know how important it is that the gaming chairs are ergonomically designed. A good and ergonomic gaming chair supports active sitting and provides additional support and relief when moving in the chair so that your chair is comfortable even when you sit for a long time. Some of the offers include additional lumbar supports that can also be easily removed if necessary.

You also want to find a chair made out of quality materials. A gaming chair is a piece of furniture that you will use a lot, so it needs to be durable and well made. So when choosing a gaming chair with speakers, make sure that you are not buying too cheap, otherwise, you may buy twice. Also, when you buy a cheap chair you will have the best after-sales service in case something breaks or the warranty may be short.