Gaming Chairs With Fabric Cover

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fabric covers

Whether a gaming chair with a fabric cover or a synthetic leather cover is better, can not be generally said. Much depends on personal preferences since both types have their advantages and disadvantages. Synthetic leather is the most common but shortly followed by gaming chairs with fabric covers. Fabric material has its advantages and is liked by many users because it is pleasant to sit on and is also inexpensive.

Gaming chairs with fabric covers are available in many different designs and types of fabric. Mostly synthetic materials such as viscose, polyester, polyamide, or polypropylene are used. Natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, or linen are also available. Natural fibers are often processed with synthetic fibers into mixed fabrics. By combining them, the advantages of the individual fabrics add up to a particularly tough and durable material.

The Most Popular Gaming Chairs With Fabric Covers

It is astonishing that synthetic leather is apparently so much more popular than fabric covers in chairs for gamers. Chairs with fabric covers have many advantages, not only is it often cheaper but it is also pleasant to sit on.

If you look at office chairs you will find that the majority come with fabric covers. Fabric is very comfortable to sit on, especially when you have to spend a whole workday sitting. But also among the gaming chairs, there are many manufacturers who have models with fabric covers in their product series. The most popular are the DXRacer Formula Series or AKRacing Core Series as well as CORSAIR T3 RUSH.

Gaming Chairs with Fabric Covers have Benefits

  • Fabrics are particularly breathable
    The woven structure of the fabric results in a very air-permeable material property that is far superior to that of synthetic leather. This leads to a very pleasant sitting climate because moisture and heat do not accumulate so easily but are wicked away from the skin. These advantages are especially beneficial on warm days or when one generally sweats a lot. On hot summer days, you sweat less on a fabric chair than on a leather chair, and you don’t “stick” to the chair when your bare skin touches against the fabric.
  • Fabrics are pleasant for the skin
    As I just said, fabrics don’t stick to bare skin, so the feel of the fabric is very pleasant. But this is not only the case on hot days. On cold days, gaming chairs with fabric covers create a particularly pleasant, cozy feeling to sit on because the fabric always feels warm when you sit down. Fabric always feels warm and soft.
  • Fabrics are tough and durable
    The combination of different fabrics, whether is natural fibers with synthetics or different synthetic fabrics, combines the material properties and can thus increase the resilience, durability, and tear resistance of the mixed fabrics. This enables particularly robust and long-lasting fabrics that can also be dirt-repellent, water-repellent and stain-repellent
  • Comparatively inexpensive material with high quality
    Compared to synthetic leather, fabric covers are easier to manufacture and also use less resources. Fabrics are long-lasting because, in contrast to artificial leather, no plasticizers are required, which evaporate over time and lead to flaking and cracks. Hence the price difference if the manufacturer passes these savings on to the customer.
  • The widest range of colors
    Even if synthetic leather covers are also available in many colors, there are not near as many colors as woven fabrics. Fabrics can also be used to create very subtle nuances in the color swatches when interweaving different colored threads. In this way, fabric covers are not only available in a very wide range of colors, but fabric covers can also be designed in intricate patterns.
  • Vegan product
    Especially covers made from natural fibers such as cotton or linen are more environmentally friendly than synthetic leather. And in contrast to genuine leather, fabric covers are also an animal-free product. In view of the increasing environmental problems, this is becoming an ever more crucial aspect for many consumers.

Disadvantages of fabric cover

  • Stains
    Fabrics are breathable, but that also means that they are porous. This makes it easy for spilled fluids to soak into the fabric. Depending on the type of fabric, this can lead to stubborn stains.
  • Itchy on skin
    Not all fabrics are skin-friendly. This can be due to the type of fabric as well as individual reactions to certain materials. Of course, the manufacturers know this and pay attention to the skin-friendliness of the covers.
  • Static
    With covers made of synthetic materials (e.g. polyacrylic and polyamide) or blended fabrics with high synthetic content, static charges can occur when wearing clothing made of synthetics or fur.
synthetic fabric
The synthetic fabric cover of a DXRacer gaming chair

What to Consider When Buying a Gaming Chair With Fabric Covers

Fabric covers can differ greatly in their quality and material properties. Here are some answers to some of the questions that arise when buying a fabric chair

Fabric quality

Synthetic fibers are often extremely durable and resistant, easy to care for, dimensionally stable, and hardly wrinkles. Synthetic fiber dries very quickly because the fiber does not absorb moisture. However, this can lead to moisture and heat build-up, which is a disadvantage in terms of comfort and breathability.

Natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and wool offer the most pleasant properties in terms of comfort. They are breathable and wick away moisture.

Mixed fabrics are particularly robust and resistant. They combine the advantages of both materials which increase longevity and resilience. This is why blended fabrics are so popular and widely used.

In the case of synthetic fibers or mixed fabrics, the weaving should be checked for an evenly smooth surface. Protruding threads and pilling indicate cheap fabrics. You should also do a smell test. If the fabric smells too chemical, pungent, or musty, that’s not exactly desirable either.

Easy care: Especially with large pieces of furniture, it is important that they are covered with easy-care fabric. While the covers of sofa cushions or bedspreads can simply be removed, this is often more difficult with sofas or armchairs.

Types of fabric

Synthetic fabrics

Are made for durability and easy care and cheaper manufacturing costs than natural fabrics. Synthetics are made of fibers obtained from oil-based or natural products. Common fabrics are made of acrylic, polyamide, and polyester, to name a few.


Polyacrylic is a synthetic material with properties similar to wool. Acrylic occurs in its pure form (e.g. in knitting yarns or fabrics) or as a mixed form with wool. Polyacrylic significantly improves the care properties of wool and prevents matting, for example.


Polyamide is an umbrella term for various fibers with a mostly petrol-based origin. Polyamides are usually very robust and very versatile. Nowadays all sorts of things are made from this material. Well-known brand names are, Cordura, Nylon or Kevlar.


Is a large group of synthetic polymers (plastics), which also include polycarbonate (PC) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Polyester is a synthetic material and is made on the basis of petroleum. In some cases, polyester fabrics are made from recycled old plastic, mainly from PET bottles.

Polyester fibers are very popular because it is a very robust material that can be made in many different types of fabric with different properties. Examples of the diversity of polyester fibers are fine microfibre, popular functional fabrics, or warming fleece.

the raw material for cotton fabric covers

Natural fabrics

Are made from pure raw materials made from plant or animal fibers, such as cotton, hemp, linen, bamboo or wool, and silk. Natural fabrics of particularly high quality that are also environmentally friendly should be made from pure, completely untreated, or environmentally friendly dyed and not chemically treated natural fibers.


Cotton is one of the popular materials for clothing of all kinds. Cotton is a purely natural fiber that is harvested from the fruit pot of the plant of the same name. Cotton consists largely of cellulose, which thanks to its fine fiber structure can be ideally processed into fabrics. Cotton often has a positive image as a natural material. However, the ecological balance of cotton is questionable because of the high water consumption.


Linen is a natural fiber and is made from flax. It is often processed pure or mixed with cotton. Linen has a very long history and was the typical material for clothing in the Middle Ages. Linen is very robust and pleasant to the skin. Because of its cooling effect, it is particularly popular in summer. Linen is more environmentally friendly in its production than cotton


It is similar in structure to cotton and is also of natural origin – but man-made. Viscose consists entirely of cellulose and is often used in mixtures.


Wool covers give your upholstery a classy aura. As a purely natural product, wool has a pleasantly temperature-regulating effect and therefore never feels too warm or too cold on the skin. With the right additional coating, wool is even insensitive to stains and moisture.


Silk is obtained from the cocoons of the silkworm. Silk fabric is probably the finest and highest quality fabric available on the market. Silk is very light and has excellent wearing properties, but it also needs to be cared for carefully. Rather unsuitable for seating furniture

Ergonomic design

In gaming chairs with fabric covers, as with all other desk chairs, attention must be paid to an ergonomic design. Only if the chair is designed with the best possible individual adaptation to the personal needs of the user in mind can the chair assist dynamic sitting and thus help to improve efficiency and maintain productivity. Such a chair will certainly help to achieve a better overall performance, especially during very long video game battles which require the highest concentration.

Ergonomic features of gaming chair to consider

  • Headrest: Ideally, this should be adjustable in height and incline to optimally relieve the neck and cervical spine. Gaming chairs usually have a head/neck pillow that can be adjusted with straps, the pillow should be big enough and well padded.
  • Backrest: Should be adjustable in the angle of inclination and have height-adjustable lumbar support that ergonomically adapts to the back and spine. Premium chairs have lumbar support integrated into the backrest, gaming chairs often come with a lumbar cushion that can be adjusted with straps. Unfortunately, this is often very small and loses its power of deflection after a short time.
  • Synchronous mechanism: This seat tilt mechanism ensures dynamic sitting by adjusting the backrest and seat to the natural movements of the body. The tension of the rocking mechanism should be adjustable and the seat angle should be lockable at different positions.
  • Armrests: Should be adjustable in all directions and have soft well-padded surfaces for comfort.

Build Quality

A good seat with fabric covers should ideally last for several years and also be able to cope with the various requirements and demands of everyday gaming.

So that this is the case and the chair does not falter after a few months, you should definitely pay attention to high-quality workmanship and the use of robust and durable materials. Also, pay attention to test seals and certifications for stability and security.

In the case of very inexpensive chairs, one can assume a short lifespan, and the warranty period that the manufacturer provides on the product is often not particularly long.

In the case of higher-priced products from the big, well-known brands, one can confidently assume that the chairs last much longer without causing much trouble. Manufacturers include a warranty of several years which goes far beyond the minimum legal requirement.

Features for comfort

Comfort is the highest priority in a piece of furniture that you spend the whole day on. In addition, the cover must be kind to the skin and feel pleasant to the touch. The padding under the cover must be flexible and supportive. This means it should adapt to the contour of the person sitting without looking deeply into the poster. This is the only way to evenly distribute the body weight and avoid uncomfortable pressure points on the back and buttocks.

Cold cured high-density memory foam padding is best suited to absorb the pressure of sitting down and deflecting to the original shape when you get up again. This must be the case even after many years. In the case of inferior foam paddings, however, the cushioning effect diminishes after a short time. The armrests should be adjustable in four directions so that they can be adjusted individually. Here too, care should be taken to ensure that there is sufficient padding.