Finger Tracking and the Future of VR Gaming

vr finger tracking

Virtual reality has been booming for several years. The idea, which was previously limited to science fiction, has been turned into a well-founded reality. Which is now being commercialized for wider use in industry and gaming. Finger Tracking and the Future of VR Gaming The tech companies, now, have the means and the incentive to … Read more

Good Gaming Headsets

really good gaming headsets

  Finding a gaming headset that is best for you may be difficult, as there are so many really good gaming headsets to choose from.  You not only have to consider a number of technical features but also your gaming habits and personal requirements.  Prices of really good gaming headsets can vary a lot, so you don’t … Read more

Whats A Good Gaming Headset For PC and Console

So, now you have the best gaming chair and the best gaming keyboard, how about the best gaming headset to maximize your gaming experience? You might ask, what is so special about a gaming headset? We want to answer it with a counter-question. Do you enjoy watching movies at the theater with immersive surround sound … Read more

Virtual Reality Headsets – Virtual Reality Video Games

Virtual Reality, or simply VR, are computer-generated three-dimensional worlds. With the help of  VR Glasses or VR Headsets, the user can be immersed in theses artificially created virtual reality worlds. VR technology is rapidly evolving and finds new applications almost every day. Besides having started a new trend in video gaming, it’s used in medicine, … Read more