What’s the Best Vertical Gaming Mouse

ergonomic vertical mouse

A good gaming mouse is one of the major components of the whole gaming hardware setup, it can make or break the whole gaming experience. When it comes to a gaming mouse, many users prefer the traditional design of the gaming mouse which has served us well for years but we all know that it … Read more

Benefits Ergonomic Mouse

Ergonomic Mouse vs Regular Mouse

The mouse is a fundamental input device that is inevitable for work or gaming on a computer. Choosing the type of mouse does not seem to be a big deal until the moment you notice some strange discomfort in your hand and arm. A conventional mouse forces the hand and forearm into an unnatural position. … Read more

The best computer mouse for gaming

If you are PC gamer spending long gaming sessions comfortably seated in the best gaming chair, then you can’t use a cheap mouse with a $2000 PC right? You could not even compete successfully against other eSports players. A high-performance gaming mouse is a key tool every gamer needs. Let’s have a look at some of … Read more

Finding the Best Gaming Mouse

best mouse for gaming

A regular PC mouse with two buttons and a wheel does the job in the office, but for the serious gamer, only the best gaming mouse will do. But which computer mouse is best for gaming: a laser or optical mouse? For the perfect playing experience, it requires a precision device, which not only reacts … Read more