Guidelines For Setting Up A Gaming Chair

how to assemble a gaming chair

Most gaming chairs and office chairs come in a big box in pieces and you will not get around to assembling the chair yourself. The correct assembly is really important because a wrongly or carelessly assembled gaming chair can be dangerous as the stability can be compromised. After all, during a violent battle when playing video games, considerable stress can occur on the chair, you may fidget around in the chair excitedly and this can exert considerable stress and forces on the structure and the frame. So a good chair must be able to withstand extreme loads and force.

How to properly assemble a gaming chair

Clear and simple assembly instructions are important for the buyer. Usually, an easy-to-understand guide with depictions on how to set up a gaming chair is included. Read the instructions thoroughly and make sure you follow the recommended steps and use all the parts and screws.  As far as setting up a gaming chair is concerned, there are several steps involved. The assembly does not always have to be in the same order as some components may already be pre-assembled.

Setting up a gaming chair

The first step is unpacking the whole lot and best spreading all the parts on the ground, so you get an overview.

Check for completeness and integrity of the parts before assembling everything. The instruction pamphlet usually has a content checklist. If all is complete and no parts are broken start setting the chair up.

Wheelbase setup – Insert all five caster wheels into the designated holes in the wheelbase.

Gas Lift Spring – Turn over the wheelbase so that it stands on the rollers and insert the gas spring into the central opening. Then slide the telescopic cover over the gas spring.

Tilt Mechanism – If the tilt mechanism is not yet mounted on the seat, then that would be the next step. Usually, there are thick bolts that fasten the tilt mechanism to the underside of the seat. In some models this may be preinstalled, obviously, you can then go straight on to the next step.

Joining Seat and Wheelbase – In the next step, the seat with fitted tilt mechanism is now to be aligned with the gas lift spring which is already fitted to the wheelbase. Push the gas lift into the receiving aperture of the tilt mechanism. Nothing is screwed here. Even if this connection is only pushed together, once you sit down it will lock into place.

Backrest Installation – Next, the backrest can be mounted to the seat. This can be a tricky business. Be careful to keep your hands clear of the brackets. When the back tilt lever is activated the brackets will snap forcefully forward.  Usually, there are two bolts on either side of the backrest, which connect the same to the receiving brackets mounted on the seat. Cover the brackets with the provides plastic covers.

Armrests – If the armrests are not already pre-mounted to the seat, then this would be the next step. Pay attention not to mount left to right and vice versa. There are 3 to 4 bolts with which the armrests are fitted to the underside of the seat. The mounting brackets have long slits which are there to adjust the distance of the armrests.

If your new chair has head and lumbar cushions, you can attach them now.

Done. Before you sit on the chair for the first time, check whether all the screws are tight. Now sit down and enjoy sitting in comfort in your new gaming chair.

If you still have parts left after following the included assembly instruction, then you’ve done something wrong!!!

Inspect your gaming chair every couple of months for wear and tear and also check if all screws are tight. If you notice any part becoming defective, get chair replacement parts, and replace them in due time.