Do You Really Need A Gaming Desk

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Spending hours on a wobbly desk stuffed with your gaming gear is no fun and no good for your gaming performance. If you have already invested in a powerful gaming computer, high definition monitor, the best mechanical keyboard and the finest gaming mouse, then compared to the cost of your gaming hardware, computer desks are cheap and are a worthwhile investment considering how much time you spend on them. If you are still wondering “What desk should I get for gaming?” then this post will hopefully help with some tips that should be considered.

Do You Need A Gaming Desk

Gaming desks are designed to meet the demands of gamers and esports enthusiasts. These types of computer desks are sturdy and robust. They have a large tabletop that offers ample space for one or several monitors and all gaming accessories that are needed for the perfect gaming station. Everything is within reach of the gamer and can be reached quickly and easily, thus contributing to a truly ergonomic work and gaming environment.

What Makes A Gaming Desk Different

A well-thought-out gaming desk is a piece of highly ergonomic furniture designed to provide freedom of movement and accommodate gaming equipment, including a computer, peripherals, and cables in a neat and orderly system. A desk must be height adjustable for the perfect sit and arm position, and provide an order system for all cables as well as numerous storage possibilities for all kinds of equipment.

Features of the best gaming desk

  • Lots of space. You need room for all your gaming hardware. Any small and narrow table is not what you want.
  • Weight capacity and robust design. A gaming desk must be robust enough to carry all the equipment and stand rock solid on the ground. Even if it gets an angry whack on the table, nothing should move. A safe stand is most important, because who wants to play with a shaky table leg while playing
  • Must be multi-adjustable so that comfortable sitting in an ergonomic setup is assured

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Which materials are recommended for a computer gaming desk? What pros and cons do different materials have? The type of materials used for the desk also greatly affects the final price of the product. Common materials used for building a gaming desk are the same as everywhere in the furniture industry. Various wood, plastics, metal, and glass.


Wood is the classical material to build all sorts of furniture as it makes for a very sturdy solid product. The downside is that solid wood, its comparatively expensive, and the wooden gaming desk is quite heavy. So today usually press board is used. Advantages are:  pressboard is lighter than solid wood and it’s usually very scratch resistant due to surface varnishing. Due to the low weight of the plate, more equipment can be placed on the desk without having to worry about the legs giving way. Such a desk holds out every gaming PC.


Plastic, as well as wood, are the most popular materials for manufacturing gaming desks.  Often together with steel framing, it makes for very strong but lightweight tables.


Glass desks can be very stylish and elegant designs. A large glass plate that needs to be supported by a metal frame makes these desks are quite heavy.  The surface needs care and must be kept clean, they can be slippery when wet or sweaty.  Glass desks come at a higher price.


Most desktops require assembling, this affords the time, energy, patience, and a bit of craftsmanship. If one is not blessed with this, one should get help assembling the desk. It is important here that you go through the instructions step by step and have the necessary tools in the house. Make sure all screws and nuts are in the right place and tightened so that the outcome is a solid desk.


The tabletop is the heart of the gaming desk. In addition to the stability, the depth of the plate is important as well, as you don’t want to have the right upfront. There must be enough space and freedom of movement.

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What Desk Should I Get For Gaming

What layout and design gaming desk to choose, depends much on your personal preference, on the size of the room, and where in the room you want to put your gaming set up. So take some measurements of the room and consider exactly where the desk should be. Are there enough outlets nearby? Do I want to be near a window? When you have found the right location, you go to the next step and consider what desk should I get for gaming.

Corner Desk

Simple corner desks are usually rather small so they can fit into an unused corner. They may be suitable if you play on a gaming laptop only, otherwise, they are too small for the serious gamer.

L-shaped Corner Desks

They are a great design for a gaming corner desk, providing ample space for a desktop, gaming monitor,  keyboard and mouse, and further accessories that your gaming setup needs. They are convenient as everything can be within easy reach.

Standard Desk

The standard desk is the most common gaming desk. Bracing against a wall it has a solid stable stand. Those desks are cheap and are available in various widths and lengths so one can be found to fit any room. They provide great space so all hardware can be easily be stored.

U-shaped Desk

A good computer desk for gaming is a U-Shaped Desk, they provide “surround space” for your gaming setup. So you can have all your gear all around you with lots of storage spaces for your gaming station plus additional hardware like printers, CD racks, and speakers, …  If you got a spacious room just for your computer those are a good option.

What to put on your gaming desk?

Most importantly, a powerful gaming computer and a large gaming monitor with high resolution, a keyboard with a mechanical touch for a better feel, and a gamer mouse. For the best sound, you want to place a good pair of speakers. To complete your audio set up a microphone and a headset should be nearby. There may be more gadgets like a CD rack, a steering wheel, or controllers, there is a whole lot of stuff coming together. If you want everything close by, a normal desk may not allow you to position all the equipment correctly and to find space for all cables and accessories.

Real PCs and desktop gamers should be concerned about the creation of the perfect “workplace” where gaming chairs and gaming desks form one ergonomic unit to be functional and still have a top design.