Fitness Exercises For Gamers

Not only in traditional sports but also in professional esports, physical fitness, and mental fitness can be promoted through individually tailored training. Well-being and physical fitness are crucial factors for the performance of a gamer.

Physical fitness in Esports not only helps to prevent overload injuries but enables the gamer to deal with mental stress during the game as well as benefits the complex coordinative demands that esport athletes and gamers need to master in order to perform successfully. 

Physical Fitness

Esports offers the same potential to train coordinative skills outside of the actual game, but so far very little attention has been paid to it. In addition, sport offers the esports athlete additional advantages in improving cognitive performance, reaction, communication, and general fitness. As a result, the gamer can stay focused for a long time.

Sports training is complicated because it is not just about increasing physical performance through targeted exercises, but also about coordination, correct movements, the right diet, and mental strength.


Neuroathletics training takes it to a new level by stimulating the brain and nervous system and aligning the training according to neuronal laws to unlock further potential from the body.

Neuro Athletic Training is based on the disciplines of athletic training and neurosciences. In the early 2000s, athletic trainer Eric Cobb began to develop a training system for trainers and therapists based on neuroscientific findings. The aim of his Z-Health Performance Education System was to integrate the motion-controlling systems into classic athletic training, which had previously been controlled and designed purely biomechanically.

Their training concept includes a holistic view of the developing body and considers everyone as an athlete. The “9S model” is built around this: Accordingly, a person needs Strength, Sustainment, Skill, Suppleness, Stamina, Structure, Spirit, Style, and Speed in order to become a complete athlete.

What you can do

Whether you are into FPS, MOBA, MMO, RTS, …, even if all games have different requirements, your performance can benefit from physical and mental fitness. Being able to react quickly, having a good peripheral vision, good perception, and quick processing of instructions and concentration for a long time enduring stress, and planning in the long term, all require a high degree of fitness and resilience which is encouraged by physical training.

exercises for gamers

Make A Fist

Simple hand and finger exercises can help strengthen your hands and fingers and maintain mobility.
Start with this easy exercise.

Form a light fist and wrap your thumb over your fingers.
Hold for 30 to 60 seconds. Let go and spread your fingers.
Repeat at least four to five times with both hands

Finger lift

Improves mobility and flexibility of your fingers

Place your hand flat on the desk, palm down
Lift one finger at a time from the table and then lower it.
Lift fingers and thumbs simultaneously and then lower them.
Repeat 10 times

Thump Touch Fingertips

Increase concentration under stress, improve finger coordination

You use your thumb to tap the index finger, then the middle finger, ring finger, little finger, and back again, ring finger, middle finger, and index finger, and again from the beginning. Start slowly Increase your speed as you go on.
Repeat for 2 to 3 minutes. Perfect to do during break or while walking around.

Stretching the forearms

Stretches tendons and muscles for the fingers

Hold arms stretched out, fingers pointing upwards, palm facing away from you. Right-hand fingers pull left-hand fingers towards you and feel the stretch in your forearms. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds. Change hands.
Repeat 5 times

Relaxation of the shoulder muscles

Tense shoulder muscles are loosened by the principle of tension followed by relaxation

Move free from your desk. Let your arms hang down. Both shoulders are pulled up towards the ears, hold tight for 10 seconds, then let both shoulders fall down while exhaling and enjoying the relaxation.
Repeat 10 times.

Shoulder Circles

Relaxation of the tense shoulder muscles

Sit on the chair a little distance from the desk, your arms hang loosely down. Raise shoulders and move in a circular motion. First in one direction, then in the opposite.
Repeat 3 times for 30 seconds each

Leg calf muscle pump

With the help of the so-called muscle pump, you can get your blood circulation going and promote the backflow of blood in the veins.

Sit upright. Tilt the pelvis forward. Place both feet on the floor. Raise and lower your heels. The tip of the foot remains on the floor.
Then alternately lift the feet and put them back flat on the floor as if you were walking.
Extend one leg and pull the tip of your foot up. You lean your upper body forward. This way, both the calf and the back of the thigh are stretched.

Sit in a Proper Posture

If you have a quality gaming chair and you sit in good posture, your muscles can work more efficiently, and your wrists and hand muscles are less stressed and do not tire as quickly. A good fatigue-free sitting position allows you to concentrate better on the game and will lead to better performance.

Doesn’t it make sense that if you sit all day, be it to work or to play video games, you put a one-sided strain on your body? This starts with neglecting the leg and back muscles and continues to the inner organs. Regular breaks in which you do some fitness exercises and also avoid junk food are extremely important to avoid all such problems and be a better gamer.