Lorell Executive High-Back Chair – A Top Chair

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Lorell® Ergonomic Mesh/Fabric High-Back Multifunction Chair, Black

Even though people who don’t experience it on a daily basis wouldn’t think it, office work can take a serious toll on one’s health over time. There’s no universal fix to the stresses and mental challenges that accompany being tied down to a desk job. But a lot can be done to address the physical discomfort and outright medical problems brought on by this sedentary lifestyle with an appropriate office chair. The cost of premium grade office chairs can exceed one thousand dollars, but is this price really justified? Can office chairs under 200 dollars like Lorell’s have much greater value?

Lorell Executive High-Back Chair, Mesh Fabric, Computer Desk Chair

Making the chair as comfortable as possible for a very affordable price was the manufacturer’s chief concern, and that’s really where Lorell’s office chair shines. The excellent seating experience easily rivals more talked-about chairs and is the result of two complementary factors – the chair’s ergonomic construction, and the materials used in creating it.


  • Ergonomic and stable construction
  • Adjustable seat and backrest
  • Synthetic mesh upholstery
  • High back for complete support
  • Five-sided nylon base with caster wheels

Lorell® Ergonomic Mesh/Fabric High-Back Multifunction Chair, Black

Workmanship and Design

Everything from the nylon chair base to its high back is built to last. Synthetic mesh fabric has been used for covers – it’s an airy material that keeps your behind cool under pressure and is breathable enough for sweat to quickly evaporate from it. Even more breathable is the backrest, which is actually transparent and barely phased by a sweaty back in summer.

Sturdiness and proper aeration would mean nothing if the chair’s seat cushion and back weren’t designed to keep up with the demands of a busy work environment. Both have been made with the long-term in mind. There are definitely chairs out there which feel better to sit in for the first hour or two, but get progressively flatter and more uncomfortable the longer they’re used. This one maintains a constant shape from the start of a shift to its finish.

The Backrest

While the backrest does adapt itself to the contours of one’s body adequately, that alone won’t be enough for an 8-hour workday if you experience severe back problems regularly. Some lumbar support in the form of a cushion would have been nice, but it is understandable why this was not a top priority. More of an effort should have been made in strengthening the mesh it is built from as its thin layer is prone to tearing if not handled carefully. For an office chair, its range of motion is surprisingly wide. One of its best-selling points in that regard is the angle at which it can be tilted.

Lorell® Ergonomic Mesh/Fabric High-Back Multifunction Chair, Black

A set of controls found on the chair’s right side allows you to tilt the seat downwards and to the front, and the backrest can be reclined too, giving you more enjoyment during a coffee break or a small breather. Both adjustments spring back once you get up, but can also be locked in, meaning that you can fine-tune the chair’s position to your unique preferences.

Height Adjustment

A common feature among office chairs, pneumatic height adjustment is also present. Able to make the chair as short as 17 or as tall as 21 inches, its reliable gas cylinder should provide enough of a boost for the average person. It might not be so great for women of a shorter stature since the back was designed with a regular person in mind and maybe uncomfortable. Adjustable armrests are another matter, one which Lorell’s chair is quite good at. Not only do they have a variable height for better positioning relative to the keyboard, but they can also be moved horizontally.

Lorell’s chair’s biggest flaw is also a subjective one. The chair does not appear “executive”. If you place high importance on an office chair’s aesthetic appeal, it might not exactly be at the top of the list. Conversely, if that’s a trait you don’t care for nearly as much as the comfort and value this office chair provides, its appearance becomes a non-issue.



  • Very comfortable to sit and work in, especially for extended time periods
  • Considerable adjustment options to customize every part of the chair for the individual user
  • Mesh upholstery handles sweat well and requires only light cleaning to stay in good shape
  • Outstanding value for the money
  • Stable caster wheels with good traction
  • Some people might not find it appealing
  • No dedicated lumbar or head support


This chair is one of those products people are skeptical about until they get some hands-on experience and become happy converts. Its strong and durable ergonomic design provides sitting comfort one wouldn’t expect. The  Lorell Executive High-Back Chair is a great choice when looking at office chairs under 200 dollars.

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Verdict of Lorell Executive High-Back Chair

Displaying prestige and success is an important part of office culture. A luxurious chair is often an expected part of that display. For the utilitarian workplace, where the comfort of sitting is much more important than the sum that was paid in order to achieve this, Lorell’s executive chair ought to be embraced warmly.

You wouldn’t think that a chair that looks like and costs as little as this one does, could hold up against chairs that cost twice as much, but firsthand testing and a slew of satisfied customers speak for themselves. If you’re looking for a chair to furnish your home office with or want to give your workers affordable seating, this chair will definitely not disappoint.