2022 has been a big year for games, but in a surprising turn this summer, a free-to-play, underdog indie game has become one of the hottest titles of the year. Developed by Player First Games, a relatively new indie studio working under the banner of Warner Bros. Studios, MultiVersus is the new game that’s got everyone talking. Available on all major platforms and with over 20 million players already onboard, MultiVersus has arrived with a bang and has major potential moving forward.

MultiVersus is the Hottest Free Game of 2022

MultiVersus plays very similarly to Super Smash. Bros, the iconic platform-fighting game that popularized the genre. Supporting up to four fighters at a time, players battle against each other on a centralized platform, attempting to knock the other fighters off. The roster is composed of licensed characters from Warner Bros. properties, including DC superheroes, Cartoon Network protagonists, and more. The game can be played in 1-on-1 format, but the main mode is 2-on-2 team battles. Similar to games like League of Legends, characters have vastly different yet balanced special abilities, and can synergize with each other for maximum power.

Of course, like any other modern free-to-play game, MultiVersus contains microtransactions and other forms of monetization. While new characters can be purchased using in-game currency that’s easy to earn, the fanciest cosmetic items cost real money. Alternate costumes can cost upwards of $20, which can feel a bit pricey. There’s a premium battle pass for purchase as well, which grants you extra cosmetic rewards throughout the season. As it stands, MultiVersus doesn’t have the most offensive pricing in the free-to-play business, but it’s still slightly more expensive than expected.

Keeping the Competitive Edge

While MultiVersus is fun to play and easy enough to learn, the fact that the game has already found a footing in competitive eSports speaks volumes to its early success. While other fighting games struggle to gain the attention of major competitions, MultiVersus already had a massive tournament at EVO 2022, the largest fighting game event in the United States. Better yet, the tournament offered more than $100,000 in prizes for top players, one of the biggest bounties in EVO history.

Fortunately, the tournament was spectacular to watch and full of hype, signaling the acceptance of MultiVersus into the greater fighting game community fold. Two players, Nakat and CLG Void, mounted a huge assault with their team of Wonder Woman and Tom & Jerry, becoming the Grand Champions in the process. Judging from the turnout and reaction this year, MultiVersus appearing at EVO 2023 is a surefire bet, putting it miles ahead of the competition.

MultiVersus Season 2 and Beyond

The first official season of MultiVersus started on August 15 and has been a blast already. Although the game launched with a solid roster of seventeen characters, new combatants are being added on a regular basis. The most recent addition was Morty from Adult Swim’s Rick & Morty, while other characters like Black Adam and Stripe from Gremlins will further expand the roster in the weeks to come. The developer has also confirmed that a classic arcade mode and ranked matchmaking will also be available soon.

So far, MultiVersus has proven that it’s an excellent fighting game backed by a developer who values and responds to community opinion. 20 million players have already given the game a go, while thousands more pour in day after day. The vast collection of potential characters also has the internet ablaze, with fans discussing their ideal next fighter. We’d love to see some classic cartoon characters like the Animaniacs or Johnny Bravo, but the sky is really the limit. If you haven’t tried MultiVersus yet, it’s a great game and well worth your time. Sit in your favorite gaming chair, make yourself comfortable and download the game. It’s available on all major systems, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, and it won’t cost you a dime.

MultiVersus FAQ

When does MultiVersus come out?

The free-to-play online game is already out. The beta version was released in July 2022 and the official version on August 15, 2022. In a short time, the game now has over 20 million players, and its popularity is growing fast, let’s see where it goes.

What platform is MultiVersusrunning on?

As for the platform on which MultiVersus is on, all major platform options are available. Console or gaming rig, it runs on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X.

Is MultiVersus really free to play?

Yes, you can download and play MultiVersus for free on all major platforms available. But it also has in-game purchases. To do this you need to buy Gleamium currency which you can use to buy characters and items.

Is MultiVersus crossplay?

The developers have also thought of it, crossplay is available so gamers on different platforms can compete against each other.

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