American Made Gaming Chairs 

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Are you looking for a gaming chair made in USA? These days it seems that everything comes from abroad, commonly China, even when you buy American brands there is a good possibility the product itself was made overseas. This applies to gaming chairs as much as any other product.

The gaming chair market has rocketed in recent years and that has created fierce competition as manufacturers try to grab as big a share of the market as they can. Market forces affect prices and that, in turn, forces companies to try to cut overheads to survive economically. One easy way to do this is to move production abroad to countries where labor costs are lower.

Gaming Chairs Made In USA

If you’re looking for a high-quality gaming chair that is manufactured with passion in North America, then it is difficult to see past the good people at LF Gaming, a Canadian company that has been manufacturing since 1976 using only North American-made components.

Another consideration for American-made gaming chairs is the Mavix range of chairs, a relative newcomer on the block but they produce high-quality and well-designed chairs.

MAINGEAR is an American private company founded in 2002 by Wallace Santos and headquartered in Kenilworth, New Jersey. Maingear specializes in custom computers, game computers, custom laptops and workstations, and gaming chairs that are designed and built in the USA. Take a look at the high-quality chairs from MAINGEAR.

Are there any more gaming chairs made in USA?

The short answer is yes. Although unfortunately not that many, the fact is that currently most gaming chairs are manufactured abroad.

While many American brands claim their product is manufactured in the USA, the sad truth is what they mean is assembled in the USA. But there are some brands that do assemble in the USA using entirely USA-sourced materials and components.

That isn’t to say that manufacturers who import materials and components produce inferior products. And it can be hard to blame producers who go down this road, the gaming chair market is fiercely competitive and manufacturing or sourcing materials from abroad reduces overheads.

Are US-manufactured chairs better?

The market for gaming chairs is ultra-competitive and this has driven the price down and the quality up. Many foreign manufacturers are producing high-end chairs that are well-built, well-designed, and innovative. The manufacturers are doing this on behalf of American companies because, in order to be sold on the US market, certain standards must be met.

Effectively this means that foreign-manufactured chairs are now of extremely high quality. But is a gaming chair made in USA better?

It’s down to simple economics, the reason most brands move production abroad is to cut costs. Those that choose to continue making everything from scratch in the USA are doing so because they want to produce high-end top-quality chairs while maintaining high standards.

By keeping their manufacturing base in the USA, they have more control over the quality of the components, the training and efficiency of the workforce, and ultimately the quality of the chair that comes off the production line.

It is difficult for gaming chair manufacturers to retain their American production base when most of the competitors have moved production abroad. But for the ones that do, there are benefits and hopefully, this will persuade them to keep making American chairs and ultimately encourage other manufacturers to follow suit.

American made gaming chairs

Why buy an American-made chair?

There are several benefits of buying a gaming chair made in USA, but not all of them are immediately obvious. Below are some of the reasons that buying an American-made product is a good choice:

Support American manufacturers and businesses

The decision to keep production in the USA is a difficult one for every company. By shifting production, they can cut overheads, increase profit, and pass the hassle of production onto a third party. The fact that they have opted to keep the production in the States is a testament to the fact that they have put quality and retention of local jobs above profit. This on its own is a fantastic reason to source that American-made gaming chair.

Get the best quality

American chairs are made under the scrutiny of the people who have the most at stake i.e. the company owners, the designers, and the employees. There is also pride at stake, if you are invested in an organization you want to make sure the product is as perfect as it can be. Many of the overseas manufacturers will produce chairs for several companies, who then slap a badge on it and call it their own. Quality control under such circumstances cannot be as high and the employees simply aren’t as invested in the future of the company. After all, if one company ceases to produce chairs another can fill that production gap. They are invested in their own future, not the future of the company which ultimately puts their badge on the chair.

Compliance with occupational safety regulations for safe and fair working conditions

While it isn’t the case that American companies would have their products manufactured in sweatshops, it is definitely the case that worker conditions, health and safety, and worker pay rates are not of the standard that would be required in America. By buying American-made chairs you can be sure that the employees who built the chair receive a fair wage, work in a safe environment, and are protected by American employment law.

Environmental considerations help save the planet

Shorter transport routes and stricter environmental protection regulations reduce the negative impact on the environment caused by short-lived consumer goods.

The key benefit of regionally made is the reduction in pollution by reducing the transportation required to initially get the chair to the company’s country-specific distribution center. Then, in many cases, the goods have to go to smaller distribution centers before it is taken to logistic centers, from where it is finally delivered to the customer’s home.

But shorter transport routes are not the only benefit. Foreign manufacturers often don’t have to follow the strict pollution and environmental controls that are placed on American manufacturers, this is one of the ways that costs are kept minimized.

Keep your money in America

One of the big problems with buying products that are manufactured abroad is that a large chunk of the cash you spend is leaving these shores. By buying American you are supporting the national economy and increasing tax revenue and supporting jobs. In addition, every manufacturing job generates several other positions that support the manufacturing employee.

gaming chairs made in usa

Where to buy American-made gaming chairs?

The online range of gaming chairs is huge and it can be difficult to find the right one among the myriad of different models. The largest online retailers have chairs of all sizes and in many different price categories in their product range choose from.

Many of the large department stores have gaming chairs in their product range, here you can view and test different chair models.

But where are the gaming chairs made? In this article, we set out to explore what gaming chairs are still manufactured in the USA and whether they are of better quality than imported chairs.

Buying American-made products has benefits they are generally of better quality than imported chairs, it protects American jobs, and it cuts down on transportation and therefore is better for the environment as well!