Dynamic Lumbar Support

Dynamic Lumbar Support is the top-of-the-line lumbar support that you will find in premium office chairs. Chairs with dynamic lumbar support are designed in a way, that they automatically adjust the depth and firmness of lumbar support according to your posture. Premium chairs such as Herman Miller Embody and X- Chair come with dynamic lumbar support. The only downside of those super chairs is the fairly high price tag.

External Lumbar Support

lumbar support External Lumbar Support is the one that you will find in the majority of the gaming chairs. Height adjustable external Lumbar and Head pillow provide support to your spine. The effectiveness of external lumbar support depends on the shape of the pillows and the padding used.

The standard lumbar cushion that is common in most gaming chairs is a standard size memory foam cushion that hangs on straps and so can be moved in height.

However, some companies also add larger or specialty support pillows to their chairs, which are a great option if you are a tall guy or need extra support for your spine.

One of the reasons why Gaming Chairs don’t come with dedicated lumbar support is that racing-style seats are already designed in a way to provide the most comfort to their users. If you pick your gaming chair in the right size then most probably you won’t need external lumbar support. However, please note that racing gaming chairs are designed in different sizes. Make sure to read the specification and reviews of the gaming chair before spending your money on it.

Which type of Lumbar Support is best for you?

When it comes to the type of lumbar support that may be best for you, you should consider the following factors.

Bottom Line

Having good lumbar support can help you reduce or prevent back pain. But if you spend hours working on the computer then it is important to get up regularly and do some exercise. There are countless tutorials out there that will teach you different exercises that promise benefit or relief. Some say it is even irrelevant what kind of sitting furniture you sit on, it is more important that you get up in between to move and stretch.  But a good posture while sitting must not be underestimated. If you are looking for a gaming chair then do visit our chair guides that will help you select your next chair.


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