Are Gaming Chairs Better Than Office Chairs?

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Sooner or later, every gamer considers the thought of buying a quality chair, at the latest, when the back hurts. But what to get; a good office chair or a gaming chair? Are gaming chairs better than office chairs, just because gaming chairs look great and are known to be very comfortable? What makes such a chair different from a classic office chair? Is a gaming chair really necessary or is it just an advertising hype to encourage players to spend money?

Why a Gaming Chair?

Every type of computer user ends up spending a lot of time in front of that device, but gamers, in particular, are known to spend hours upon hours enjoying their game. However, that also means they are prone to various back pain issues, and that’s why gaming chairs were created in the first place. They combine the benefits of comfortable office chairs with gaming-related design themes.

What is a Gaming Chair?

The best definition of gaming chairs is that these are dedicated ergonomic chairs created specifically for people that spend a lot of time in front of their computers.

Although made for gamers, almost anyone who spends hours in front of a screen will benefit from such a chair. Gaming chairs are designed to be very comfortable, easy to use, and to provide excellent back support for a healthy posture.

When to use a gaming chair?

The main benefit of gaming chairs is comprehensive back support, which lets you sit a lot better than ever before. A good ergonomic chair not only promotes a natural posture but also encourages dynamic sitting, both essential to reduce strain on your back muscles and spine. Benefits that reward you in years to come, by hopefully having fewer sitting-related back issues.

Whether it is for work or leisure, playing games or watching a movie, there are always benefits of sitting in a good chair. It is a misconception that gaming chairs are only for gamers. Sure, with its flashy or very colorful design, it does seem to be focused mostly on gaming, but the true benefit here is that such chairs are extremely comfortable and a pleasure to sit in. That’s the reason why it makes a lot of sense to use gaming chairs even if you’re not a gamer.

Defining features for gaming chairs

First of all, the design tends to be flashy and gaming-related. But there are lots of additional features you get with a gaming chair. For example, there are neck cushions, dedicated lumbar support, or more features depending on the model. Very popular are chairs with high backrests. Some models also include racing-style – winged backrests, and the seats will come with additional padding.

And then there’s the fact that you can slide this back and forth, you can individually adjust your positioning, and so on. Every detail here is focused on offering comfort and a great sitting experience, all while making sure that you are extremely happy with the results.

Yes, gaming chairs might be targeting gamers, but everyone can use them. If you’re spending a lot of time in front of the PC, then gaming chairs can benefit you greatly. Thankfully, they come in a large variety of models and price ranges, so you won’t have a problem finding the right model to suit your needs even if you have a smaller budget!

Finding a good gaming chair

There are also many models on the market from really dedicated manufacturers whose chairs have special features and benefits tailored to users of the eSports world. The challenge is to find the right gaming chair from the multitude of models and to ensure that you can really use all of the functions.

Using gaming chairs is beneficial

But gaming chairs have some great beneficial features. For example, ergonomic chairs offer excellent back support. They also have a headrest that is actually in the right place and dedicated lumbar support to let you sit in comfort with the feeling of efficiency and quality

Who needs a gaming chair?

Anyone who sits in front of a computer for more than 1-2 hours a day needs an ergonomic high-quality gaming chair. And the reason is simple: an ergonomic gaming chair offers not only comfort and user-friendliness, thanks to its active support when sitting helps promote concentration and productivity. A good gaming chair can also reduce back issues, thanks to the excellent back support and ergonomics.

For gamers and also the many employees who now earn their money in the home office, the advantages of a high-quality ergonomic chair cannot be overlooked. So if you are thinking about a new seat and if you are spoiled for choice, get a gaming chair. However, if you already own a quality office chair, you will find that a gaming chair is not all that different. Sure, it has some game-related features, but mostly nothing to call home.

Is a gaming chair needed?

If you have a very old desk chair at home and you lack any ergonomic support, then buying a gaming chair is a very good idea. Such a chair is designed to offer comprehensive results and it’s also known for being very efficient. You just need to make sure that you pick the right product and check it out as quickly as possible.
One thing is certain, a good gaming chair is a wonderful investment in your health. If you sit for hours and hours in front of the computer playing games, then it does make sense to acquire a good gaming chair. Sure, prices will differ, but if you make the right choice you will be quite impressed with the overall results!

Types of gaming chairs

Although gaming chairs might look similar to one another, there are always some differences and styles out there. In fact, there are plenty of gaming chair types that you should choose from. With that in mind, here are some of the most important ones.

Bean bags

These are very common and also super affordable. The idea is that you want to play in front of a console, you have some back support and you can easily move around as you see fit. The price is low, but there’s no real ergonomic support here.


Rockers are quite good too, they tend to have speakers either on the side or near your shoulders for complete immersion. That being said, rockers do require you to put some pressure in order to stay in place. Otherwise, they will move back and forth, which can be distracting for a player.


Pedestals are basically rockers with a base. They can’t be moved back and forth, but you still receive the rocker style as well. A lot of people like these for console gaming, because you get to stay put and enjoy the game without distractions. Some of these chairs also have a rocker mode too.

Armchair-style gaming chairs

Imagine an armchair with some very comfortable materials and some speakers on the side. Now you know exactly how this style of gaming chair looks like. It’s actually quite interesting, a pleasure to use and it delivers some amazing features for what it is. Yes, you get to have more comfort, but you mostly need to be immobile, so that can be an issue for some people.

Swivel Chairs

Chairs with a swivel wheelbase are created specifically for office use. Good chairs are ergonomic, comfortable and just a pleasure sit in. Many gaming swivel chairs have a headrest pillow and a lumbar support cushion.  A multitude of adjustability features allows customizing the sitting as one desires.

Simulator Seats

If you want to go to the next level, then simulator chairs are great. Usually, they are connected to a simulation desk where you can add the console/computer, keyboard, and monitors. It’s great if you are very invested in video games and you want something enjoyable and fun.


These are also known as pod chairs, basically, the entire workplace is built around the chair and you enter that pod when you want to work. It’s interesting as it is exciting and a pleasure to use all the time. You do need to check it out, as it’s very impressive!

One thing is certain, there’s no shortage of gaming chairs out there. All you have to do is to browse all these styles as you try to figure out what style suits your needs. There are many of them out there, so give them a shot and then pick and choose based on your own requirements!

Important features when buying a gaming chair

Purchasing a gaming chair is a very good idea, especially if you’re sitting in front of the computer for many hours each day. Picking the right chair however is a different story. You will need to spend a lot of time studying the market, comparing models, features, and so on. With that in mind, what features should you focus on when you want to buy a good gaming chair? Here are some ideas to consider.

Adjustment features

Prime gaming chairs come with a multitude of adjustment features. Even though you may think you never need all this, you may after a while of sitting find a reason to tweak a bit here and there to optimize comfort. Things like tilt and recline adjustments, armrests, and so on, are very common. Ideally, you want as many adjustment options as possible.


There are many types of gaming chairs, and finding the right design might take time. The most common design is the racing-style chair.

Height and weight

Standard chairs are designed with the average person in mind. But gaming chairs must come in all sizes and dimensions. To be effective and to provide the intended benefits, a gaming chair must be chosen considering the body size and bodyweight of the occupant. Avoid getting a gaming chair that’s big or too wide, otherwise, you won’t be comfortable.  Check the specifications and dimensions of the chair, to make sure you will sit in comfort.

Premium Gaming Chairs        Gaming Chairs for Big Guys       Gaming Chairs for Small People

Vibrating chairs

Some models have motors built-in. The idea is that a vibrating chair provides the occupant with additional sensory input, which creates a more immersive gaming experience. Whether you need this or not is a personal preference. Most people won’t really need such a system. It might be a nice gimmick to have, if not needed, you can still just turn it off.

Back support

Since most people get their gaming chair for back support, you do want to make sure that the back support is really good. Of course, any additional padding or special features to keep your back safe will be very helpful for sure.


There are gaming chairs with multiple colors and themes, but you can also find monochrome gaming chair models that look good and are representative in any office.

Quality is very important, but colors and design may be crucial too. Some gaming enthusiasts want to set up their gaming den to match their favorite game or their action hero. If you are one of them, there are many theme chairs to choose from.

Gaming Chairs FAQ

Knowing the most popular questions about gaming chairs will make it easier to figure out what chair you should buy and how much you should spend on it. Thankfully most gaming chairs are not super expensive, so with the right approach and knowledge, you should do just fine. The trick here is to know what to ask and what you should be looking for. And here are some ideas to focus on.

The Origin of the Gaming Chair?

The thought of dedicated gaming chairs came up soon after the first racing games. The idea behind it was to create a more realistic racing environment so that the gamer felt really immersed in the game. The player should feel like in a real car. With the increasing popularity of computer games, demand for chairs grew. Today’s modern gaming chairs combine ergonomics and comfort with gaming-related themes and designs. The popularity of gaming chairs speaks for itself.

How much should you spend on gaming chairs?

That’s up to you. Some people have a budget of $150, others are willing to spend $500 or more. It’s important to set the budget you want and then check on the features provided by each chair to find which option suits you really well. That will help you immensely as you try to find the best bang for the buck.

Who can use gaming chairs?

Gaming chairs are ergonomic chairs, designed to be used by anyone that spends time in front of a computer desk. While sizes will differ based on age, the reality is that everyone can use a gaming chair, regardless of their age.

What are sitting-related Problems?

The physical symptoms and health problems that can result from sitting continuously without breaks include:

Back and neck problems, intervertebral disc problems, joint pain, poor blood circulation, bowel disorders, repetitive strain injury (RSI), and many more.

An ergonomic chair may relieve or prevent some of those problems, but the most important are regular breaks and exercises in between.

Can gaming chairs help you with back pain?

Technically gaming chairs will help you ease back pain, but they are not a treatment. They are just a chair that you can use to eliminate back pain naturally. It will take quite a lot of time to handle this correctly, so you must know what you are getting into with this type of stuff.

Will gaming chairs make your gameplay better?

This is not the simplest question out there, because everyone uses gaming chairs differently. Ideally, you will have better comfort with such a chair. And if you feel comfortable and you don’t have to worry about back pain you should play better. Will this increase your skills at that game? No, but it will allow you to perform at your highest level.

Does the design matter when it comes to gaming chairs?

You need to find a gaming chair that’s comfortable and easy to use. Of course the design matters, but in the end, the overall comfort and value offered by that chair are way better, so try to keep that in mind as you try to find the right option. You should be fine if you know what you are getting into and what you can expect.

Am I too tall for a gaming chair?

The right size gaming chair is the key to comfort. They come in all sizes, suitable for the average person as well as for chairs designed for taller people. But there are also chairs for shorter people and kids too.  So be assured to find a good chair that suits your needs.

Is a good office Chair Not Just as Comfortable?

The ergonomic design is crucial to provide comfortable sitting in a healthy posture. High-end office chairs are designed to support the sitting occupant while maintaining work productivity throughout the 8 hours day. A good office chair will also promote the well-being of a gamer. But good office chairs cost as much as good gaming chairs.

Bestselling Gaming Chairs

The market is bustling with manufacturers. Competition is fierce and stimulates the price fight and choices for the consumer. Some of the best-known and most popular manufacturers are:


They started the whole gaming chair approach pretty much, at least from a marketing standpoint. So they are the ones that have the flashy and visually enticing chairs. Besides cool designs, they are also comfortable providing full spine support and high backrests. This kind of feature is very important, and it will help you immensely to sit in comfort.


AKRacing is also popular, as it emulates DXRacer in many ways, but the products are more affordable. They are known for bringing a solid metal foundation and they do support quite a lot of weight with their chairs which makes them a very good option. Akracing has various model series of gaming chairs that all focus to combine design with ergonomics and functionality.


Arozzi has models that suit all budgets. Some of their models can be very expensive, but they are of consistent quality and provide outstanding back support. They are a great option, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. You do get multiple lockable positions, backrest, metal frames and pillows.


Vertagear has also been around for quite a while and their collections are premium. They have similar designs to the other companies, but at the same time, they work on the seating surface and back support. It’s a great company with nice gaming chairs.

Nitro Concepts

As a popular alternative to the major manufacturers, the manufacturer Nitro Concepts is represented on the market today. In terms of price, the models are located in the middle class and offer a variety of modern chairs with high comfort and an attractive appearance.


Furmax is a low-cost gaming chair brand. In this case, you do get what you pay for. Usually, when you want higher-tier results, that will cost you. And you need to be willing to shell out some of the cash for that. Just make sure that you go with the right company and you will be just fine.


AmazonBasics is actually one of the cheapest gaming chairs out there and you will enjoy it a lot most of the time. It’s unique and interesting, not to mention very rewarding. That being said, patience is needed here, as you will get some amazing value for money all the time thanks to this.


The manufacturer Nobelchairs mainly has premium chairs in its program.  The products score points in terms of design as well as comfort. However, Noblechair’s products are, as the name suggests, usually quite expensive and can definitely be classified in the upper price categories.


The racing seats by Playseat stand out by providing realistic gaming simulations. They are a prime manufacturer of racing seats, racing and flight simulators.

Which chair is the best for gamers?

This question is hard to answer, it all comes down to personal preference. For many, the design and looks of the chair are important. But keep in mind it is not the optics that make a good gaming chair. The comfort of the gaming chair is the most important.

Whether you should decide on a gaming chair or a quality office chair doesn’t matter. Keep the above considerations for comfort and ergonomics in mind and I am sure you find the chair that suits you best.