Are Gaming Chairs Important For You?

Gaming and esports have turned into a mass phenomenon and not just among the young generation. Gaming is highly popular in every age group. Games are easily available to everyone through mobile phones, consoles, desktops, laptops, and other gadgets. And if one spends hours of gaming, there is a good reason why only the best and most comfortable gaming chairs will do.

According to a survey taken by Limelight Networks in 2019, there is a considerable increase in gaming hours as compared to previous years. The surveyed group of 4500 consumers belonged to different countries and were 18 years or older. These were some interesting facts that I took from the survey result.

  • An average gamer spends 7 hours plus on gaming each week!
  • The hours have hugely increased for the people ages between 25 and 35, that spend 8 hours plus on gaming each week—this a 25 percent increase as compared to last year.
  • Globally, gamers spend more time on mobile phones, but people aged 45 years or older spend their time on desktops, laptops, and gaming consoles.

Spending this much time gaming, most likely also means sitting that long. But this is only the average. Hardcore gamers and esports enthusiasts can easily top that on a single day. And sitting that long poses a threat to the health of the gamer.

Sitting is considered to be the new smoking in our generation. In 2018, the W.H.O defined ‘The Gaming Disorder”, which is impaired control over gaming activity and giving top priority to games. This sedentary lifestyle can cause a lot of problems like bad posture, weight gain, and muscle wasting.

But Gaming is Fun And Has Benefits Too

But despite the bad physical effects, video games are one hell of an amazing adventure. They are fun and they are beneficial too.

The positive effects of video games affect brain tasks such as attention, perception, multitasking, decision making, and memory.  The gamer has to process many optical and acoustic stimuli simultaneously and make decisions in a fraction of a second. Video games can also improve hand-eye coordination.

To support these positive aspects of gaming games and to maintain performance throughout many hours of sitting, it needs a good chair that actively supports the body when sitting. That means avoiding pressure points or restricting blood circulation in the lower extremities. Providing back and neck support are particularly important in order to prevent symptoms of fatigue. This is the only way to maintain performance.

An ergonomically designed chair can fulfill all of these tasks. Either you buy a good office chair or a quality gaming chair.

Gaming chairs

Gaming chairs

Gaming chairs are a kind of modified office chairs, specifically designed, with cool colors or inspired by gaming themes. They are especially helpful in maintaining a healthy posture and proper circulation while sitting for long hours. The chairs include adjustable armrests, winged shoulder support, and a highly padded backrest including neck and lumbar cushions to keep the spine aligned.

Disadvantages of not using a gaming chair

Everyone has probably sat in a bad chair before, so everyone knows bad that can be. The butt starts to hurt, the back feels tense and you just don’t want to sit anymore and can’t wait to get up.

The following are some of the disadvantages of not using a gaming chair.

  • There may be no armrests, or they may not be adjustable. Adjustable armrests provide a more comfortable position for the arms and provide support for your upper body, and relieve tension and stress from the shoulder and neck muscles.
  • The backrests are either too low or unpadded, and they are not padded according to your natural body curvatures. This disrupts the spine alignment and decreases the comfort level, and hence, also the productivity.
  • There are no neck and lumbar pillows. These pillows in gaming chairs are specially designed to provide support to the highly stressed areas whilst sitting, which include, our neck curves and lumbar curves of the spine. With no support in these crucial areas, a bad posture develops which leads to backaches and headaches.
  • No proper shoulder support, which results in shoulder pain.
  • Bad quality upholstery. It may feel really hard and stiff to sit on and cause pain in the muscle of the buttocks. Or it may not be breathable enough and will cause sweating and discomfort
  • The routine chairs are not adjustable. Contrary to this, the gaming chairs come in various designs and can be adjusted in a variety of ways, assuring the comfort of the individual using them.
  • No head support. A highly padded backrest with a headrest provides the head with much-needed support, and this prevents headaches and relieves the stress on the neck muscles reducing the risk of a headache.
  • With the routine chairs, eye-level computing is disrupted, and you might have to move your head in order to adjust to the level of the screen. This causes extra stress to the neck muscles.

Best gaming chairs you can buy right now

So we don’t want any of that. Only a chair of good quality which enables good posture and relaxed comfortable sitting helps.

A good chair is characterized by an adjustable headrest, adjustable armrests, and reclinable backrest with lumbar support gives your back optimal support and relieves it all day long. It is also important that the chair is selected in the correct size and according to the individual weight.

The chair should be ergonomic, which means that the chair supports an upright and healthy posture and at the same time adapts to the occupant’s movement and posture needs.

Really good chairs are not cheap, there is really nothing reasonable to buy under a hundred dollars. After all, it is about your health. Here are three popular chairs from affordable to well worth it, to the best.

GTRacing Gaming Chair

This gaming chair is very affordable but it got all the bells and whistles you would want from a gaming chair.  GTracing chairs have become bestsellers, with a whole range of models in various sizes and weight specifications all available in various colors and styles.  If you don’t want to spend a wad of dollars on a chair have a look at GTracing Gaming Chairs.

AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

This is a high-end chair, providing you with luxury and comfort. AKRacing gaming chairs stand for premium quality, workmanship, and ergonomic seating comfort for demanding customers. The higher price is absolutely justified for the beautiful and ergonomic design, the precise workmanship, and the use of quality and robust materials. Akracing Gaming Chairs are designed for durability and will outlast many other chairs.

Ergohuman High Back Office Chair

This high-end chair provides comfort with all the ergonomic features that you can find in a chair. The Ergohuman is designed for the office, a complex ergonomic design that provides maximum comfort. If you spend eight or more hours a day on the computer, then you should also sit in one of the best chairs, your back will thank you. The Ergohuman is a really good chair that is worth the investment. Durable and robust, build with the best materials and designed for longevity without losing its quality. A top-of-the-line office chair, but it will be super comfortable for gaming fans too.