Rocket League Free to Play and Tips

Rocket League is an incredibly entertaining and addictive multiplayer game, and starting on September 23rd, it’s free-to-play! Originally released in 2015, this wacky sports/racing hybrid has risen from a mostly unknown indie to an absolute eSports hit. If you’re unfamiliar with Rocket League, the rules are very similar to soccer, except the athletes are replaced with super-fast cars! There are multiple game modes available, including single-player career, split-screen and online multiplayer, as well as a variety of tutorials and practice drills. Due to its simple concept and easy-to-learn controls, Rocket League is a game that’s accessible to everyone, no matter their skill level. Rocket League is available on almost every platform, including PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox, so you can play regardless of which system you own.

Free-to-Play Rocket League Coming Soon

When Rocket League becomes free-to-play on September 23rd, you’ll want to be prepared. Competition is fierce and despite its easy mechanics, there’s a lot of nuances to learn. Especially if you’re considering online multiplayer, Rocket League can be pretty overwhelming at first. Don’t worry though! We’ve whipped up a list of five tips that will help you get ahead of the competition. The game features cross-play between all platforms, along with cross-platform progression, so feel free to challenge your friends no matter what they’re playing on. If you follow these tips, you’ll be blasting to the top of the Rocket League leaderboards in no time!

Five Tips For Learning Rocket League

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

This might sound obvious, but the key to getting good at Rocket League is lots and lots of practice. Although Rocket League has easy controls and a simple concept, even something as easy as hitting the ball into the goal can be tough. Getting used to the physics, rolling, and boost mechanics take some time, so be sure to use every tool available. There’s a large selection of tutorial drills available that teach you fundamental skills in scoring, saving, and general gameplay, so play every single one. Additionally, you can drive around in Practice mode any time you’re waiting in a match queue, so don’t waste those precious seconds!

4. Pick Whatever Car You Like

No matter how many of your friends tell you otherwise, the car you choose in Rocket League doesn’t really matter. Whether you favor the sleek Breakout or the beefy Dominus, no car is simply “better” than another. There are small differences between each car, affecting their hit-box and turning. However, these differences are incredibly small, providing no clear advantage either way. Generally speaking, you’ll want to pick a car that aligns with your play style. If you’re going to be aggressive and try to bump other players, pick a bigger car. If you’re planning on weaving through the competition and dribbling to victory, a car with a flat top will suit you well.

3. Experiment With Different Modes

Rocket League offers a nice selection of multiplayer modes, including both ranked and casual playlists. There’s also the “Extra Modes” category, which contains sillier game-types like Hoops, Hockey, Rumble, and Dropshot. We recommend you try out every mode available, especially the Extra modes. Learning the controls of Rocket League is only one piece of the puzzle, as you’ll also need to know how to work with teammates or survive in one-on-one duels. Extra modes like Dropshot will also help you familiarize yourself with boosting and hitting the ball in mid-air, a precious skill to have.

2. Use Quick Chat During Multiplayer

There’s nothing worse than lining up a perfect shot, boosting towards the ball with accuracy and precision, only to have your teammate interrupt your play with their own shot. This is a common occurrence in low and mid-level Rocket League play, as many players are more concerned with hitting the ball than passing it. Luckily, Rocket League includes a handy quick-chat feature, allowing you to easily make call-outs with a few button taps. Sending out a quick “I got it!” or “Defending…” during intense moments will help your teammates and hopefully, improve your win ratio. You can also customize your quick-chat messages using a long list of different phrases, so there’s no excuse to use them. If you want to reach the top of the Rocket League leaderboards, quick-chat will be your best friend.

1. Follow Rotation Rules

This is the most advanced tip on our list, but a good one to be aware of early on. Although it’s not explicitly stated within the game, most teams and players you’ll encounter online follow a basic rotation during gameplay. Especially in 3-on-3 matches, knowing the flow of player rotation is vital, as it ensures that you’ll be in the right place at the right time, both on offense and defense. You can look up lots of videos online that will teach you the nuances of rotation, but the basics are simple. Space yourself apart from your teammates, ensuring that there’s proper coverage of the field. If you go for a shot and miss, turn around and quickly head back to your goal and defend, letting the next teammate attack the ball. If you’re the middle player in the rotation, hang behind the striker in front and get ready for passes. As long as everyone follows their role and rotates quickly, you should find the strategy to be very effective.

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