Evolution Of The Gaming Chair

gaming chair and gaming deskNow that comfort has become a topic of discussion in the world of technology, there is no denying the fact that the demand for gaming chairs is skyrocketing in almost all parts of the world. Gaming chairs are mainly designed to ward off inconvenience and provide video game players with maximum comfort throughout the day so that they can focus more on gaming efficiently. Unlike in the past, gaming chairs have now become a necessity and they are used by streamers as well because of the matchless benefits they offer.

It is important to note that most old-school gamers in the early 2000s were gaming on standard chairs that lacked ergonomics, comfortability, and style. This was something that triggered the need for an advanced chair. Now, things have significantly changed with the advent of modern gaming chairs that boast everything from stunning looks to great build and are available online at highly reasonable prices. The nicest thing about gaming chairs is that they facilitate a healthy posture and help alleviate physical pain that arises from long sitting times, thereby ensuring a comfortable experience.

In a good gaming setup, space utilization is very important and this is something that the majority of tech enthusiasts agree upon. To optimize your gaming hardware, you might go for a compact computer chassis, ergonomic mouse, and keyboard, along with a right-sized monitor and a premium gaming chair. All the aforementioned things combined can make a nice and powerful gaming setup. In this article, we will familiarize you with some of the most important facts about the gaming chair market and other useful information to help you choose wisely.

The Gaming Chair Market – History And Future Outlook

Having come into existence just a couple of years ago, the gaming chair market has a brief history that may still be fascinating. It all started when the world’s first gaming chair was developed in the year 2006 by a newly established luxury car seat company called DXRacer. After being launched, the chair was well received by people as it looked stylish and was built with top-quality materials. Since DXRacer launched a chair that was the first-of-its-kind, it was priced a little high at that time yet it was purchased by plenty of people.

Despite being the first gaming chair on planet earth, the masterpiece launched by DXRacer had thick padding, adjustable armrests, a high backrest, and lumbar cushions for a comfy experience. It would not be wrong to say that the chair played a pivotal role in simplifying the lives of gamers at that time by allowing them to play for longer than usual. Fam, you would be surprised to know that the DXRacer gaming chair serves as a blueprint for other gaming chair brands even to this day.

After the legendary revolution was started by DXRacer, another company known as Homall released the cheapest gaming chair in 2012. Likewise, many brands came into the industry and launched gaming chairs with varied features. Though people were a little skeptical when the chairs were released initially, the market later succeeded in capturing the interests of people. As of now, the future outlook of the gaming chair market is positive and the growing demand says it all.

More importantly, the global gaming chair market is projected to grow at a notable CAGR of 6% and reach great heights in the years ahead. As a matter of fact, the chair market is expected to grow by $71.3 million during the forecast period. Considering the large number of customers investing in gaming chairs for different purposes, it is guaranteed that the gaming chair market will progress fast.

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The Growth Of Esports And The Gaming Chair Market

Based on most accounts, the first Esports event took place in the year 1972 at Stanford University where gamers were invited to play a space combat game which was popularly known as Spacewar. In 1980, Esports began to grow in popularity amongst the common masses as events started to attract tens and thousands of players back then. With origins dating back to the 20th century, the rapid growth of the Esports industry in the last few years has widened the reach of digital gaming globally.

As Esports is making its way into the mainstream and winning the hearts of so many fans, it is poised to become a multibillion-dollar market in the coming time. Since the first generation of Esports players used to play on standard chairs whose ergonomics were horrendous, this is what paved the way for the emergence of gaming chairs. Gamers have become more health-conscious than ever and gaming chairs are their big favorites.

Boasting $1 billion in sales alone in the year 2019, the gaming chair industry has made a big name.
What’s noteworthy is that the growth in recent years has been so great that the gaming chair market has become financially capable to sponsor the biggest world tournaments as well. There is a lot of scope for the gaming chair market and it is bound to expand with the passage of time.

Moreover, the investments being made for the advanced development of ergonomic gaming chairs will further boost the market’s growth, thereby creating more lucrative opportunities. While the industry is flooded with numerous brands that claim to offer the best gaming chairs, the wisest thing to do is to choose a well-known brand. Some big players that you can consider in the gaming chair market are Secretlab, Corsair, GT Omega Racing, DXRacer and so on.

From Cheap Chairs To Premium Chairs, Why Quality Matters

Although it is true that a lot of gaming chairs offer a large variety of features at a low price, going for a cheap alternative can prove to be disadvantageous in the long run. It cannot be denied that even cheap gaming chairs look stunning and they are designed to provide comfort. But upon giving a closer look, you will find out that gaming chairs in the lower price segment, are made with low-quality materials that are not at all durable.

Bear in mind that a cheap gaming chair will not last for a long time even if you consider regular maintenance and take good care of it with all effort. Using a low-priced gaming chair for prolonged periods of time might not be the best idea as it can trigger back problems and similar issues. These are some of the major reasons why you should avoid cheap chairs.

On the other hand, a premium gaming chair costs more because it is made using top-notch materials, which have a pretty long lifespan. Another good thing about premium gaming chairs is that they have better firmer padding and thus, they can make it possible for people to experience comfort at its best and boost wellness at the same time. Once you purchase a premium chair for yourself and get used to the comfort it offers, your gaming experience will improve to a great extent.

While both cheap and premium gaming chairs are designed to serve the same purpose, expensive chairs usually come with more reclining features, adjustable armrests, and lumbar support.

Irrespective of whether you have a small or big budget, you should never purchase a chair that is ultra-cheap yet promises optimal comfort. You should always invest in a premium gaming chair that is composed of high-grade materials and is durable enough to last at least a few years.

Where Are The Best Gaming Chairs Made?

People often wonder where in the world are all these gaming chairs made. Just to quench your curiosity, there are actually numerous factories on every continent. Gaming chairs are made in the USA, Canada, Singapore, UK, Australia, Southeast Asia, and in several countries in Europe.

But it is also a fact that many brands that are based in North America or Europe, have manufacturing partners in South East Asia. But they must produce to high manufacturing standards and the quality control is tight. You have to look carefully.

With the gaming chair industry growing at such a fast pace, it is evident that factories are being set up all across the globe to effectively meet the changing comfort needs of the new breed of gamers and technology enthusiasts. No matter where you live, you can easily buy a “locally” made gaming chair online and get it delivered to your doorstep all thanks to modern-day technology.

Are All The Gaming Chairs Made In China?

Many people believe that all gaming chairs are made in China. However, we just saw that this is not always the case. But it is undeniable that China has a heavy concentration of gaming chair manufacturers.

You might have noticed that many chairs look quite similar. The fact is that there are a lot of factories in China that manufacture to order, so basically everyone can try to start their own gaming chair label. Simply look for a company in China that can produce the chairs to order, or you can buy one of the existing product lines and have your label attached to it. Big dollars are needed for marketing, getting to get your brand known, and surviving in a highly competitive market.

What To Expect From A Premium Gaming Chair?

In this huge market and such a wide selection of products, even some tech-savvy people find it difficult to make the right choice when it comes to choosing the right chair to take advantage of the various benefits.

Next-Level Build Quality And Design

The main reason why people purchase high-priced chairs is that they want a highly durable product that will last for many years to come without requiring much maintenance. As you are going to spend a whole lot of your valuable money on a premium chair, you would definitely desire excellent build quality because that is exactly what you have paid for. Chairs come in different types of materials and choosing the best one is a matter of preference.

Crafted with the finest quality materials sourced from around the world, premium gaming chairs are known for their robust build that is meant to withstand the wear and tear resulting from daily usage. Some high-end chairs are made with faux leather, which is also known as PU leather. The best part about artificial leather is that it does not get stained even if you accidentally spill food or liquid on it while enjoying your favorite games.

Diehard gamers who play all day long should go for a leather gaming chair without a second doubt. However, one major problem with PU leather is that it can make gamers sweat excessively during long sessions as it lacks good breathability. This is where genuine leather chairs take the plus point because they are completely water-resistant and they also facilitate coolness by constantly absorbing moisture, thus keeping you sweat-free.

And that’s not all, some high-end gaming chairs are even composed of other materials like fabric and mesh that have a solid cooling mechanism. Lack of durability is the biggest issue with fabric chairs that also tend to attract dander and mites. Furthermore, mesh gaming chairs easily get stained and they demand heavy maintenance. This simply means that people who buy mesh chairs will have to put in a lot of effort and go the extra mile to take good care of the product.

Aesthetics And Design

While a large percentage of customers are only concerned about bodily comfort, there are multitudes of people to whom the aesthetics of a gaming chair matter a lot. Apart from being user-friendly and robust, premium game chairs come in a wide variety of colors and they look pretty cool and attractive too. If aesthetics are missing, the chair will not be a feast for the eyes and hence, it is not going to embellish your rig.

When picking a chair from the online market, you should only purchase products that match your preferences and computing needs simultaneously. There is nothing wrong with buying the coolest-looking gaming chair but you should check in advance whether it has all the necessary features and is worth the money or not. Lastly yet most importantly, the premium gaming chair of your choice must have a stunning appearance and it should also pair well with your gaming setup.

Apt Size And Weight

With the large selection, it can easily happen that you buy the wrong one. When buying a gaming chair, it is of the utmost importance that you pay attention to the correct chair size and weight rating.  But the specifications might not always give a clear and precise description of the product’s weight rating and size recommendation. Be patient and look at the specifications thoroughly to determine what chair size and weight rating suit you best.

Wide Range Of Technological Features

Depending on what kind of gaming you are into, you might want a chair to have a wide range of built-in features or additional gadgets that will make your gaming experience smoother and seamless. A large number of gaming chair makers have started equipping their chairs with additional features for maximum convenience. This has notably simplified the life of today’s gamers.

Many chairs for esports enthusiasts boast advanced control features, built-in massage motors for comfort, vibrating motors for enhancing game immersion, and Bluetooth support to ensure A1 connectivity. Whether one needs a chair that does have all such features is hard to say and depends on preference. But keep in mind that a feature-rich gaming chair might have more that can break or needs to be repaired. So choose quality so it will remain useful even after years of rough usage.

Adjsutability Options

A good ergonomic chair must always feature plenty of options to accommodate individual adjustments to promote dynamic sitting. It goes without saying that this must include setting the height and advanced reclining and tilting ability so that you can easily make the needed adjustments while gaming.

Outstanding Comfort

A good chair for your home office of the gaming room must be able to effectively deliver outstanding comfort and cater to the needs of people who work at the desk or play competitive games for a number of hours. All this will be feasible only if the gaming chair has the required ergonomic features such as a high backrest, mesh siding, optimum lumbar support, etc., all of which have a significant role to play.
In addition to making your long gaming sessions more enjoyable, a premium gaming chair having great ergonomics is good for both your neck and back as it is capable of preventing physical issues.


Back in the early days when the gaming chair market was just emerging and had just stepped into the industry, the chairs had limited features and they could not be customized in any way as the technology was still advancing. In today’s era of digital transformation, top-of-the-line products now come equipped with all sorts of features, gadgets, and designs, so customers can style up their chairs.

Some gaming chair companies have tapped into the themed gaming chair market offering chairs customized with your favorite games and characters, thus adding life to your day-to-day gaming experience. Many fans identify with their game and are willing to spend more money to purchase a chair that sends a fan message. Fan merchandise is also extremely popular in basketball, football, or other sports, so why not in esports.

The Take-Away

As we all know, people who are gamers at heart can spend hours in front of their desktops (office workers do basically the same) or consoles and play their favorite gaming titles for multiple hours. This is the main reason why investing in a quality, ergonomic gaming chair, is extremely important. More though as in today’s sedentary life,  where people of all age groups complain about back issues, which is often not the result of some underlying disease but of bad posture. Once you have a high-end gaming chair to spend your time sitting in, you will be able to reduce discomfort and play games for even longer periods of time without experiencing any bodily pain.

However, it is necessary that you partake in some self-research and analyze the best gaming chair brands in the market before arriving at the final decision. See to it that you make the purchase only after determining whether the chair suits your body type and day-to-day requirements. Also, if you feel somewhat confused and require assistance, just get in touch.